5 Ways to Accessorize a Little Black Dress

5 Ways to Accessorize a Little Black Dress

Every woman should have at least one little black dress in her wardrobe. It’s a fashion staple and a garment that is so versatile you can wear it anywhere. But whilst a little black dress is the hardest working garment you are ever likely to own, you do need to accessorize it properly if you don’t want to look the same each and every time you wear it. So what are the best accessories for little black dresses – or indeed any dresses?

Kinky BootsKinky Boots

Footwear is a great way to accessorize a little black dress. LBDs are so versatile that you can wear pretty much any type of footwear with them. It is common to see ladies wearing a pair of sexy heels with their little black dress,. Particularly if it’s date night or they are attending a work function, but don’t be so boring!

Kinky_BootsInstead of dragging your trusty pair of heels out of the closet, go for a pair of Lane boots instead.

Women’s cowboy boots look fabulous with slinky black dresses and can be worn in just about any scenario, although you may wish to draw the line at wearing vintage western cowboy boots to a funeral.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any cowboy boots, pull on a pair of sexy thigh high lace-up boots instead. When worn with a thigh-skimming black dress, over the knee boots are extremely sexy and if Kendall Jenner can rock the look, so can you.

Quirky Jewellery

Quirky jewelry can transform any outfit, including a little black dress. For best results, choose a bright statement necklace to draw attention to your décolletage. And if the dress is a strappy, sleeveless number, don’t forget to add some pretty bangles and cuffs to complete the look.

A Stylish Scarf

Stylish ScarfA pretty scarf is a good way of brightening up a plain dress. If the dress is black, you can accessorize it with any color under the sun, so don’t be afraid of selecting a loud, gaudy patterned scarf and matching it with some colorful heels. There are lots of ways to tie a neck scarf. Check out videos on YouTube if you need some inspiration.

Pull on a Jacket

Jackets are a useful accessory if you are wearing a dress. Jackets can be used to dress up an outfit – go for a stylish blazer made from wool, linen or even leather. Alternatively, if you prefer to dress down your little black dress, team it with a denim jacket instead.

Woolen Wear

Woollen WearWhen it’s cold outside but you don’t want to wear a jacket or coat, accessorize your little black dress with some thick, woollen tights and a cardigan. Woollens don’t need to be something your granny would wear – there are plenty of stylish designer knitwear ranges to choose from, so look for slinky cardigans made from silk threads or gorgeous pashminas.

A little black dress is perfect for weekends away. It takes up virtually no room and as long as you buy a dress in a crumple-free fabric, you won’t need an iron.

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