50 Best French Tip Nails to Try in 2022

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French Tip Nails


A traditional French manicure, defined by the white polish across the nail’s tip, is a look that is timeless and chic. It oozes sophistication and can be worn in a variety of different settings, from casual to corporate. That said, there are many modern takes with bright, bold tips. The interesting use of color, spacing, accents, and designs will inspire you to get super creative. Pastel shades are always a favorite; you can paint each nail with a different dreamy lacquer and finish the look with red tips for a real statement. There are other fuss-free but fun options like cobalt blue tips; this color is associated with calmness and peace. Keep reading and get inspired by these modern French manicure nail designs.


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1. Classic French Manicure

There are many fun and creative nail art designs, but the traditional French manicure is a look that is sophisticated and timeless. Created using white tips applied to a light pink or clear base coat, it is a design that has been around for decades and recently enjoyed a big comeback. The simplicity makes it easy to create in the comfort of your own home with little effort, but it is also the perfect look for various occasions, from casual to formal.


Classic French Manicure


2. Arty French Manicure

Opting for arty nails is a wonderful way to express yourself and get your creative juices flowing. There are many different interpretations of what makes an artistic French manicure, but one of the best options is to have fun with colors and shapes. If you love mint green or baby pink, use this color for your tips. You can then create an interesting design on your nails; whether that is a black S-shaped line and a white circle representing a yin yang symbol or a series of tiny polka dots, the choice is yours. There are no rules with this nail art, so have fun and make it meaningful to you.


Arty French Manicure


You’ve likely seen logo nail art on social media because it is one of the biggest trends over the last few years. This is for a good reason, too; adding logos to your nails is an excellent way to express your personality and interests. You can feature your favorite brands; whether you are into sportswear brands like Nike or prefer luxury fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, the choice is yours. It is also a way to get designer gear on a budget; we all know how expensive these products can be! You can get creative with the color of your tips, choosing from a selection of pastels or opting to match them with the shade of your logo.


French Manicure With A Logo


4. Black Nails With Red French Tips

French manicures don’t have to be the classic clear and white combination; there are many ways you can have fun with the look, for example, black nails with red tips. The color combination is striking and reminiscent of Christian Louboutins, the stylish shoes with the red sole. It is one of the easiest and most effortless ways to make a statement and is incredibly sexy. There is a feminine quality to this look, and black is a color that is often associated with power and sophistication, while red represents passion, love, and danger. Wear this black and red nail art if you like to stand out and embrace your femininity. For added drama, try out a winged makeup look and deep red lipstick.


Black Nails With Red French Tips


5. Classic French Manicure with Pearls

If you are a fan of tradition but also want something a little more fun, the classic French manicure with pearl details is the look for you. The only difference between this look and the original is the addition of the little pearls at the base of your nail. Pearls are a gemstone associated with elegance and femininity. They also represent purity, wisdom, and peace; it is not hard to see why this would be a welcome addition to nail art. There is no denying that it is classic and beautiful. Wear them with pretty oversized earrings or even a pearl hair clip for a matchy-matchy look that is dreamy without being too flashy.


Classic French Manicure With Pearls


6. Fluro Matte French Tip Nails

Why not embrace your favorite bold colors and update your tips with fluro polish? Vibrant yellows, hot pinks, and lime greens are a fantastic way to add some color to your nails. It also looks particularly striking when paired with a nude matte base coat, which allows for the bright shades to pop. This is an option for those who want to have some fun with their nail art; such intense colors are likely to draw attention to your hands. For this reason, always ensure your nails are buffed and well-groomed so as not to detract from the beauty of your manicure. If you want your talons to be the focus of your appearance, tone down the rest of your look by wearing solid, neutral shades. If you prefer to make a statement, then, by all means, embrace garments in your favorite patterns and colors.


Fluro Matte French Tip Nails


7. Color Block French Manicure on Two Sides

Color blocking, just like the name suggests, is when you create blocks of solid colors. This particular nail art is created by using two contrasting shades and placing them at the tips of your nails and the base. You don’t need us to tell you how striking this nail art is because it is easy to see for yourself. Something so simple can be so effective. You can play around with various colors, picking your favorite to create a personal and meaningful look. That said, try to limit yourself to four or five shades so that the artwork is not too overwhelming. In the true art of color blocking, it is also a good idea to pick different shades that complement each other.


Color Block French Manicure On Two Sides


8. Dainty Black French Tip Nails

Sometimes the most simple looks are the best, and dainty black French tips are a subtle yet fun approach to nail art. Not only are they relatively easy to create at home, but they also require minimal tools and polish. Black is a powerful color associated with sophistication and strength. If you want to remind yourself that you have these qualities, this is a great way to do that. This artwork’s beauty is also its versatility, and it should lend itself well to casual and semi-formal occasions and events. Wear it with confidence and a winged liner or smoky eye to complement it.


Dainty Black French Tip Nails


9. French Manicure With Stripes

Stripes are an attractive option for nail art. The classic French manicure is all about the white stripe across the tip of your talons, but why stop at one stripe when you can have three? A black base option and a baby pink line in the middle. This look is super girly and effortlessly chic. Black and white are always a great combination, but pink adds softness and cuteness to the artwork. It is a modernized approach to a classic and will work exceptionally well on longer nails as the added length ensures that there is enough spacing between each line.


French Manicure With Stripes


10. Cobalt Blue French Tip Nails

If you are a woman who loves simplicity but also wants a bold look, then the cobalt blue French tips are the perfect combination of these two things. It is effortless to recreate at home and ideal for various occasions and events. Plus, blue is a color that evokes calmness and peace. The shade is often associated with nature, reminding us of the ocean or the sky, but is also linked with wealth, friendship, and even trust. For a more statement appearance, put on your favorite cobalt eyeliner or blouse and head out the door with confidence. Alternatively, you can tone down the rest of your look and instead opt for oversized earrings in a similar shade.


Cobalt Blue French Tip Nails


11. Colorful Nails With French Manicure

Experimenting with various colors is a wonderful way to create a statement look. It is also an opportunity to wear your favorite shades; these colorful nails with French manicure artwork will likely bring a smile to your face. If you opt for varying pastel hues as the base coat, pick bold and bright shades for the tips, such as red. This will allow the tips to stand out and become the focus of the look. Don’t be afraid to play around with a color combination that works for you, and enjoy the attention and compliments you will likely receive because of your manicure.


Colorful Nails With French Manicure


12. French Tip Nails in Winter Shades

Darker, cooler tones have their appeal, and if you’re a fan of the cold months, then this is the artwork for you. The best thing about this nail art is that it is interesting without being too flashy. The winter shades are not so bold, making it more of a wearable and versatile look. Although these nails may not be suitable for the office, you can wear them just about anywhere else. Plus, they will mix and match nicely with most things you already own. If you want to draw even more attention to your hands, then wear your favorite chunky rings.


French Tip Nails In Winter Shades


13. Gold Tip French Manicure

The easiest way to add some sparkle into your life is with gold nail tips. Gold is such a luxurious hue, and it is also perfect for all seasons and events. This is a nail art design that is all about sophistication but also has a modern twist, making it look like you’ve just walked off the runway. To create this artwork, start how you would with the classic French manicure and opt for a clear or light pink base coat. Then apply a thin layer of gold lacquer at the tips. If you find it hard to get the line perfect, you can purchase strips that are designed for this exact thing. Alternatively, you can also look for nail stickers.


Gold Tip French Manicure


14. Holographic French Tip Nails

Holographic nails have such a cool, futuristic appearance. If you want a look that sparkles in the sunlight, then this is the one for you. The highly reflective polish, which contains a special pigment, is a look that celebrities and fashion icons have favored, and for a good reason, it makes an effortless statement. That said, even the holographic polish can do with a modern update; adding a different color to the tips will do just that. Two-toned nails are a great way to try out this iridescent lacquer. Pile on your best bling, and leave the house with confidence!


Holographic French Tip Nails


15. Pastel French Manicure with Feature Nail

Choosing to swap out the white from the traditional French manicure with a pastel shade is a wonderful option. It is pretty and feminine and will look good on almost every nail shape and length. That said, designs that highlight your tips tend to work best with longer talons. In addition to dreamy lacquer on your tips, you can make your artwork even more interesting by adding a different design to just one of your nails, making it the focal point of your look. The feature nail can be anything you wish for it to be, whether cow prints, a butterfly, or a tiny heart. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various shades of nail wraps to achieve a fun manicure and let your personality shine.


Pastel French Manicure With Feature Nail


16. Pastel Pink and Purple French Tip Nails

Pink nails remain a timeless classic for many women. Pastel pink is one of the best-selling hues of all time, and you can wear it everywhere. The shade is soft and pretty and is perfect for a date or a fancy event. That said, if you want to update your usual pink look, you can do so by using the color on your nail tips and then adding a lovely purple hue to the base. These two shades pair so well together, and this exciting take on the traditional French manicure makes pastels feel fresh and modern.


Pastel Pink And Purple French Tip Nails


17. Pastel Shades French Tip Nails

Pastels are a timeless option for nail lacquer because they are so dreamy and girly. The soft shades suit most nail shapes and lengths, and instead of painting your whole fingernail in one or multiple of your favorite shades, you should try out the pastel French tip look. It is a little more subtle than painting each nail with a different lacquer, and this makes it even more versatile and wearable, lending itself well to various settings. That said, pastels tend to complement neutral colors, so let them become the focus of your look. It is a great way to add a little pop of color to your appearance, and you will likely enjoy looking at your hands thanks to your cute manicure.


Pastel Shades French Tip Nails


18. Tie-Dye Inspired French Tip Nails

Few nail art designs demand attention in the way that tie-dye French tips do. The brightness of the colors and the combination of them all on each talon is interesting and striking. There are multiple looks to choose from, with different slants and angles and various shades being used. You can also create a rainbow effect in honor of Pride. It creates an especially summery effect and will look great for all your adventures in the sun. That’s not to say you cant embrace the design in the cooler months, too, letting it bring some warmth and brightness into your life.


Tie Dye Inspired French Tip Nails


19. Unique Black French Manicure

Black is a color associated with strength and sophistication. It is a strong hue that is a favorite for nail art and has inspired some very creative designs. You can paint your tips black and then play around with various shapes and spacing, opting for detailed artwork or something simple like a curved line. Black nails lend themselves well to multiple settings and pair well with every color garment. If you want a toned-down look, stick to solid neutral shades, or you can opt for a super bright outfit; the choice is yours.


Unique Black French Manicure


20. Black and White French Tip Nails

Black and white nails are a color combination that is classic and elegant but also fun and bold. It is hugely popular for nail art because it demands attention, and there are many different options to try out. You can opt for stripes, exciting shapes, checks, a yin yang symbol, or all of these combined for a truly daring appearance. It makes for a very cool and modern approach to the classic French manicure. It is also easy to wear and will mix and match with almost everything you own. The color combination is classic but also makes a statement. For added effect, pile on your favorite bling to draw attention to your hands.


Black And White French Tip Nails


21. French Tip Coffin Nails

The appeal of the French tip manicure is that it is sophisticated and timeless. It will lend itself well to various settings, including more formal ones. That said, there are many ways to make the French tips feel more modern and exciting, and this includes experimenting with different colors, nail lengths, and shapes. Longer nails are fantastic for this look because they give you space for your nail art and highlight the tips. If you love long nails, then consider the coffin shape. Coffin nails are super feminine and stylish and are loved by celebrities and style icons because they are versatile. They can elongate your fingers and make even the most simple look stylish and fun.


French Tip Coffin Nails


22. V French Tip Coffin Stiletto Nails

If you are looking for a modern approach to the French manicure, consider the V-shaped tip. This creates a more interesting finish than the standard straight line and looks great. It can be done in the color of your choosing, keeping it simple with white polish, or going for a bold and bright option like purple or red. This look also works best on longer nail shapes, which give you the space you need to make the V-shape standout. Coffin nails are an excellent option for those who want fabulous nails and have a feminine appearance. They are more durable than stiletto nails, which have a pointy tip and resemble a stiletto heel, hence the name. You can also try combining these two shapes for a fresh and modern look that gives you long, pointy nails that come together with a straighter tip.



V French Tip Coffin Stiletto Nails


23. French Tip Almond Nails

The beauty of a French manicure is that it looks great on nails of all shapes and lengths. It lends itself well to different settings and can be changed to suit your preference, giving it a modern feel with different colors and interesting finishes. If you are looking for a versatile and glamorous shape, consider almond nails. Almond nails are long and tapered to a point, resembling the almond nut. It is a flattering style for women of all ages and on all finger shapes. It can make your nail beds look slimmer and elongate your fingers. In addition, the French manicure looks great on this nail shape, complimenting it by drawing attention to the tips. Paint each nail a different pastel hue for a pretty and girly feel, or stick to the classic white tips for a timeless and sophisticated look.


French Tip Almond Nails


24. Square French Tip Nails

Square nails are one of the healthiest nail shapes and are strong and durable. You do not need to worry about nail breaking or snagging on clothing with these nails. Plus, the square ends are visually interesting. If you have naturally narrow and flat nail beds, this is the perfect choice for you. Painting square nails with French tips will have a much more subtle appearance than creating it on coffin or stiletto shapes, but this can be part of the appeal. If you find the classic white tips are not your liking, play around with your favorite colors. To draw even more attention to your hands, you can pile on your favorite jewels.


Square French Tip Nails


25. Oval French Tip Acrylic Nails with Flowers

French tip designs are simple but chic; however, consider flower nail art if you wish to add to them and want a more detailed manicure. Florals have a lovely effect and are a fantastic way to experiment with different colors, allowing you to pick your favorites. You may also want to include an image of your favorite bloom for a manicure that has more meaning. When combining floral nail art with a French tip, you can get creative with the placement, either over the tip itself or lower down on the nail. You can also mix and match colors which can either be contrasting or complementary, depending on how eye-catching you want your nails to be. Lastly, there are several shapes to choose from, including oval nails. Oval nails have a rounded tip and are flattering, making your fingers look slimmer.


Oval French Tip Acrylic Nails With Flowers


26. Round French Tip Nails

Round nails are simple and gorgeous. As the name suggests, the nails have a rounded shape, which is incredibly versatile. You can have long or short nails, both are flattering with this shape, and it can lend itself well to different settings, including corporate and formal ones. Although stiletto and coffin nails look great and can make a statement, they are not always practical and can easily snag and break. Round nails provide you with a great alternative and are sophisticated. When it comes to your French tip manicure, you can paint it white for a timeless look. Or, if you want something subtle but modern, try painting your nails with nude shades.


Round French Tip Nails


27. Long French Tip Nails

Long nails make a statement, and they can also be incredibly flattering, helping to slim and elongate your fingers. In addition to looking great, longer nails are also versatile, and you can choose from a wide range of shapes and nail art. The only downside to long nails is that they are often prone to breakage. French tips look great on longer nails and will highlight your chosen shape. They are also appealing because you can include other artwork or patterns, and there is more space for your French tip-inspired style. If you want a fun and expressive style, you can try leopard print nail art which will appeal to those who want to get their hands noticed.


Long French Tip Nails


28. Medium French Tip Nails

If you cannot decide between long or short nails, why not opt for the best of both and pick medium nails. Medium-length nails are incredibly versatile; they are feminine and pretty but lower maintenance and not prone to breakage. Choose a shape that can elongate your fingers and make them look slimmer. It would be best to consider your finger shape and nail bed width to find the perfect nail shape; common choices for medium-length nails are oval, almond, and coffin. Your French tips can be the color of your choosing, and you do not have to stick to classic white. Have fun by mixing and matching pastel hues, or get creative by combining the tips with other nail art such as stars or flowers.


Medium French Tip Nails


29. Short French Tip Nails

Short nails are an excellent option for trying out the French tip manicure but keeping it simple and subtle. Your nails will not leave you with as much space to experiment with nail art as longer nails would, but the pro is that this length is easy to maintain and very durable. You will not have to worry about breakage, and your nails will not restrict you from your activities. In addition, short nails are often favored for corporate environments, and this can be the perfect look for every day. The classic French manicure is sophisticated and timeless.


Short French Tip Nails


30. Bright Pink French Tip Nails

Nail art is a wonderful way to express yourself, and although the French tip manicure can be simple and subtle, you can also experiment with different colors and details. This lets you achieve the manicure that best reflects your personality. Bright pink is a color that demands attention and is often associated with femininity and love. This is great for someone who wants to honor their female energy while having fun with their nails. You can add a pink stripe to the tip and use a clear or light pink base coat, or you can add some sparkle to your manicure with glitter polish. Add details for personalization, such as cute lightning bolts or florals.


Bright Pink French Tip Nails


31. Red French Tip Nails

Red is a color associated with love, passion, and seduction, and it is the perfect addition to your nail art. This is a guaranteed way to draw attention to your fingers, and red French tips will highlight your chosen nail shape and length. For this reason, some women find it intimidating to try out this rich lacquer, but painting only your tips is a more subtle way to try out the bright color. You can also keep the stripe at the top of your finger for a more delicate appearance. Wear it over a nude or clear base coat, or, for those who want a more dramatic contrast, you can paint a bold base color such as bright pink or purple. Finally, you can also wear your red nails with matching lipstick for a complementary look.


Red French Tip Nails


32. Lavender French Tip Nails

Lavender is a soft and pretty shade of purple, and it will look great on nails of all lengths and shapes. This color is easy to wear, perfect for women of all ages, and complements most skin tones. Lavender French tips will leave you with nails that are pretty and feminine. The color is muted, making it easy to wear and lending itself to different settings, including date nights, weddings, and formal functions. You can also try out other nail art ideas with your lavender tips for a more expressive look. This could be anything from little heart details or flower artwork, including images of lavender sprigs. Feel free to experiment with different polishes; try matte for a more textured look or glossy lacquers for a shiny finish.


Lavender French Tip Nails


33. Baby Blue French Tip Nails

Baby blue is a pretty and muted color, making it easy to wear and gorgeous when created with a French tip-inspired look. The hue will flatter all skin tones and look dreamy and feminine. You can opt for a clear or nude base coat and decide on just baby blue tips, or you can mix and match with other blue tones. Paint different patterns or keep it simple and subtle. You can also finish your look with glitter polish or add rhinestones for a sparkly effect. Plus, blue represents calmness, and you may feel at ease when you look down at your manicure. This is a wonderful way to remind yourself to slow down and take a deep breath every day, giving you a moment to contemplate your life.


Baby Blue French Tip Nails


34. Royal Blue French Tip Nails

Royal blue is a color that is associated with luxury, sophistication, and royalty, and adding it into your nail art is a guaranteed way to get your hands noticed. It will suit all nail shapes and lengths and look great for special occasions. This is a hue that is bright and bold and will draw attention to your fingernails. Although painting the entire nail with this color is a great option, a more subtle way to try it out is with French tips. You can also try different textures and finishes, including matte or glossy ones. In addition, royal blue looks great with silver, so use this as an opportunity to show off your favorite silver jewelry.


Royal Blue French Tip Nails


35. Burgundy French Tip Nails

Burgundy is often favored during the fall and winter months, and the rich, dark hue is excellent for nail art. It can make you think of seduction and power and is versatile when it comes to nail art. It is not bold or bright, making it easier to wear and lends itself well to various occasions. Opting for burgundy French tips is another great choice because it is a more subtle way to try out the reddish-brown color. You can paint your base coat with a colorful polish for a more contrasting appearance. You may also want to use gold or silver accents, both of which look great against this color. Alternatively, you can paint your entire nail burgundy and then opt for gold or silver tips for a fun and standout look.


Burgundy French Tip Nails (1)


36. Cute French Tip Designs

Nail art is a great way to add some color to your appearance, and it is also an opportunity to have fun and express yourself. The great thing about the French tip manicure is that there are many ways to interpret it; this includes more modern approaches with different colors and added details. If you want something bound to bring a smile to your face, add cute nail art such as smiley faces, fruits and flowers, and little hearts. You can also mix your favorite colors, including red and pink, for a feminine look. Or several shades of pastel; paint each fingernail with a different color.


Cute French Tip Designs


37. Ombre French Tip Nails

Ombre is a technique that blends two colors, often one light and the other dark. The finish is a pretty gradient effect. The colors you choose can be anything, from bright and bold, contrasting hues, or classics like white and pink. If you opt for muted shades, this will create a subtle look that can be worn anywhere, including weddings and work functions. Sometimes the more simple approach is the best. To add to the effect and draw attention to your nails’ shape, paint the tips white. White is a timeless and classic option and looks very sophisticated.


Ombre French Tip Nails


38. Purple French Tip Nails

French tip nails can be created in your favorite color, and if you love rich hues, then purple is the choice for you. Purple has a luxurious appearance and is often associated with power, strength, and royalty. There are various shades to choose from, some dark and others more muted, depending on your preference. You can let purple be the focus of your manicure by opting for a clear, white, or nude base coat, or you can make a statement with clashing colors as your base coat. For example, purple and green is a daring and unmissable combination. The great thing about this nail art is that it is simple but still offers plenty of opportunities for creativity.


Purple French Tip Nails


39. Orange French Tip Nails

Orange is a bright and bold color that demands attention. It is fantastic for women who want to show off their hands. You can also pick from different orange hues, some saturated and others muted. Find the option that best suits your skin tone — in general, orange is fantastic on those with a neutral undertone — and work it into your nail art. Orange tips are a way to play with negative spacing and a subtle approach to painting the entire fingernail with this warm and vibrant color. It will also highlight the end of your nail and is a great way to show off interesting shapes, including stiletto nails or almonds. Orange is associated with positivity and happiness. If you want to bring a smile to your face, this could be an excellent way to do just that.


Orange French Tip Nails


40. Rainbow V French Tip Nails

If you cannot decide on one color for your French tip manicure, you don’t have to; embrace them all with rainbow nails. Rainbow nails are the fun and colorful look that everyone should try out at least once, and there are many different ways to do it. For a subtle approach, create a V-shaped line at the tip of your nails, making each side a different shade. The result is subtle but also pretty. In addition to looking great, rainbows are also symbolic, often representing happiness and personal growth. They can also be used to show that you have overcome a challenging period in your life. What better way to remind yourself of how strong and beautiful you are than with a cute manicure?


Rainbow V French Tip Nails


41. Thin French Tip Nails

If you are a woman who prefers simple manicures, then opting for thin French tip nails is a wonderful choice. The great thing about this option is that it is very subtle, especially when done in the classic approach with white polish over a clear base coat. It will work best on short nails and is very low-maintenance. This is the perfect look for all occasions and can be worn anywhere.


Thin French Tip Nails


42. French Tip Nails with Glitter

Glitter is a wonderful way to add some sparkle to your fingernails. That said, many women are reluctant to try glitter because it can come across as tacky if not done right. So, how do you do it right? French tips are a great choice. Paint the base of the nail with your favorite nude shade, and then add either a classic line on the tip or use an interesting pattern such as a wiggle to incorporate the glitter. This will work well on all nail shapes and lengths, but the longer, the better. This manicure is fun, feminine, and super chic.


French Tip Nails With Glitter


43. French Tip Dip Nails

Have some fun with your nails by trying out a tip dip effect. This can be created in a color or colors of your choosing, allowing you to pick your favorites and get creative. Perhaps you want to opt for a single shade and use this on each fingernail, or maybe you prefer a mix and match effect. The great thing about this manicure is that your creativity is your only limit. You can also experiment with different size tips. Or create them on various nail shapes and lengths, including almond and round or coffin and stiletto shapes for a more standout appearance.


French Tip Dip Nails


44. Fall French Tip Nails

Fall colors usually consist of browns, reds, and greens, and they mimic the leaves during the autumn season. Incorporating these hues into your nail art is a wonderful way to try out multiple colors at once and makes for a pretty and interesting manicure. Although there are many ways to get creative with these colors, a great option would be to try a modern approach to the classic French manicure. Instead of painting your nail tips white, you can opt for a different lacquer for each fingernail, creating a brilliant mix and match effect. Pick shades that are complimentary for a more streamlined finish. This option will work on nails of all lengths and shapes, but the artwork on longer nails is often more visible.




45. Gold French Tip Coffin Nails

Gold is a luxurious color that can make even the most simple designs pop. French tip nails will look good when created in gold and draw attention to the shape of your nail. While there are many great shapes to choose from, coffin nails are among the best. They are a favorite of fashion icons because the shape is unusual, getting their name because of the resemblance to a coffin; they are sometimes also called ballerina nails as they look like the shoe. The shapes are tapered with a squared-off edge and can be created on various lengths, although the longer options make more of a statement. Coffin nails are versatile and give you space to create a thicker tip. For your base color, keep it simple with clear or nude polish so that the focus of your manicure is the gold detail.


Gold French Tip Coffin Nails


46. Modern French Tip Nails

There is a time and a place for the classics, but if you want something different, a modern approach to French tip nails is for you. Modern can mean many things, but in this context, it often refers to nails that are different from the original and classic style. This could be because of the bold colors that are used or the interesting details that have been incorporated into your manicure. It could also be how you interpret the French tips; you can get creative with the sizing, from thin to thick and chunky lines. You can also experiment with negative spacing for a visually interesting look. Make it subtle or make it a statement manicure, but the most important thing is having fun and choosing what you love.


Modern French Tip Nails


47. Neon French Tip Nails

Some colors are muted, others are vibrant and unmissable, and neon falls into the latter category. They are highly saturated and demand attention. This will let you have a lot of fun with your manicure. The appeal of neons is they are bold, and there are many colors to choose from. You can either pick your favorite or, if you can’t decide on one, you can mix and match, painting each nail with a different color. Yellows and oranges are among the most popular choices and are hues associated with creativity, positivity, and warmth. For some women, neon colors can be overwhelming, but the French tip nails provide you with a more subtle option, letting you try them out without having to paint your entire fingernail. Balance the color with a clear or neutral base coat.


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48. Clear French Tip Nails

Clear French tips offer a modern alternative to the classic style and feature nails that are, as the name suggests, clear. You are not limited in your designs, though, and you can opt for different colors, sticking to just one or combining several. This manicure is fun and different and will draw attention to your hands. You can also create them in varying shapes and lengths, but longer nails are often more flattering and can elongate your fingers and make them look slimmer.


Clear French Tip Nails


49. French Tip Christmas Nails

If Christmas is your favorite time of year and you love getting into the holiday spirit, then a great way to reflect on this is with your nail art. There is so many fun, bright, and sparkly Christmas nails to be inspired by, but one of the easiest ways is with French tip nails that have a twist. You can add cute mistletoe artwork just beneath the tip. Alternatively, you can also include snowflake designs in the center of your nail or candy canes and baubles. The Christmas theme gives you a fantastic opportunity to get creative, mixing and matching your favorite colors and including the symbols that you love the most.


French Tip Christmas Nails


50. French Tip Toenails

French tips do not have to be reserved for your fingernails and look fantastic as a pedicure. It is an excellent decision to take care of your toenails, especially during the summer months when you are wearing sandals and your feet are on display. This is a great way to keep you looking sophisticated, and this manicure is timeless, classic, and super classy. Opt for the traditional approach with white tips for a pedicure that will lend itself well to all occasions. This can be done over a pretty light pink or clear base coat. Simple and gorgeous, there is no better option for your toes.


French Tip Toenails


French Tip Nails FAQs

What do French tip nails mean?

French tip nails are a look that is defined by a stripe across the top of your nail. Traditionally, this stripe is white and created on a clear or light pink base. It is a design that is timeless and chic and lends itself well to a variety of different occasions.

Are French tip nails out of style in 2022?

The French manicure has been in existence for decades, withstanding the test of time because it is simple and classic, and can be worn anywhere; whether that is a formal occasion or a casual one. The look enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years, but in 2023 there is also a focus on a more modern interpretation of the traditional design. These updated manicures involve bold color, pretty accents, and interesting use of shapes and details to create tips that are fun and stylish.

What is the difference between French tip and American tip nails?

The difference between French tips and American tips is quite subtle and has to do with the colors that are used to create the look. The French manicure is usually a white stripe on the tip, with a clear or light pink base coat, while the American has a cream or nude base and a cream-colored tip. The latter is less noticeable, making it the perfect option for someone who wants a manicure that is elegant and feminine but is more natural and therefore won’t draw too much attention to their hands.

How to do French tips?

French tips can make your nails appear longer and are a timeless and chic option for women of all ages. To create the look, you will usually start with a simple manicure, applying a base coat that is clear or light pink. You then want to add a white polish to each tip of the nail. This design does require some precision to complete, and it can be hard to get the line perfect. If you need a little more practice, then make use of guide strips.

What are French tips?

The French tip refers to the line of polish that covers the tips of your nail. It is usually white lacquer and can be created in various shapes. It is a look that is fuss-free and classic, appealing to women of all ages, and perfect for a variety of different settings, from casual to corporate.

How much are French tip nails?

Your manicure price will differ slightly depending on the salon you choose and the area you live in. That said, the French tip design is usually pretty easy to create and will take around 45 minutes to complete. You can expect to pay anywhere between $25 for a basic manicure to $60, although this price can vary. If you are getting gel nails, acrylics, or more complicated nail art in addition to your tips, this will drive up the price.


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