50 Coolest Trash Polka Tattoos (2022)

Trash Polka Tattoos: Your body art can say a lot about you, and the styles and designs you choose will impact this. One of the most expressive choices is Trash Polka, an ideal option for anyone who wants body art that demands attention. It originated in Germany and was created by tattoo artists Simone Pfaff and Volker Merschky.

The appeal of this technique is that it combines realistic imagery with abstract, creating artwork that feels modern, unique, and chaotic. It also features a limited color palette, using only black and red, which produces a brilliant contrast.

There is no limit to what you can choose for your design, and it could be anything from an eagle to a compass, letting you adapt the style to suit your preference. Keep reading to become inspired by these Trash Polka designs.

Trash Polka Tattoos

Trash Polka Tattoos

1. Trash Polka Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoos are symbolic and make a powerful statement about your devotion to your faith. It is associated with Christianity and represents Jesus’ sacrifice; he died on the cross to atone for the sins of humankind.

The cross symbol can be as detailed or as simple as you want and works well with other imagery. This could be religious designs, or your piece could be more abstract, focusing on life and death rather than faith.

The appeal of the Trash Polka style is that it makes for bold, bright artwork that demands attention. The cross can be done to appear like it was created with big brush strokes, or it can be against a red background.

Trash Polka Cross Tattoo

Trash Polka Cross Tattoo (1)

2. Trash Polka Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are among the most popular choices for men to get inked because of their versatility. There are many different blooms to choose from, each with its unique symbolism, and flowers lend themselves well to various styles.

Another appealing thing about flower body art is that it can be easily combined with other imagery. Or inked as a filler for a bigger piece, like a sleeve tattoo. With the Trash Polka style, flowers are a great choice because these designs often combine images from nature and the abstract.

The brilliant blend of black and red ink makes your tattoo eye-catching, and it will demand attention.

Trash Polka Flower Tattoo1

Trash Polka Flower Tattoo2

3. Trash Polka Tattoo Japanese

Japanese tattoos are bold, bright, and symbolic. The style is favored because it is so expressive, and the subject matter has great significance, taken from Japanese folklore or tradition. Popular images include koi fish, cherry blossom, tiger, and mythological creatures like the dragon and phoenix.

There are multiple options for getting your design, and you can also choose to combine two styles for a unique approach.

Using the themes found in Japanese tattoos but trying out the Trash Polka style will give you body art that demands attention but is also rich in symbolism. Or it could be images associated with Japan, like Imperial palaces or an image of a samurai warrior, as a way to honor the country or your heritage.

Trash Polka Tattoo Japanese1

Trash Polka Tattoo Japanese

4. Trash Polka Tattoo Sleeve

Sleeve tattoos are an excellent choice for someone who wants their body art to tell a story. It covers the entire arm, up until the wrist, the same way a sleeve of long sleeve clothing would do. These pieces are incredibly creative and are usually created around a specific theme and style.

The Trash Polka style is excellent for designs that you want to stand out, thanks to the bold lines, bright colors, and the interesting blend of real imagery with abstract artwork. Getting it done on a bigger scale makes for an impressive piece of art.

Trash Polka Tattoo Sleeve1

Trash Polka Tattoo Sleeve

5. Realistic Trash Polka Tattoos

Trash Polka is an excellent style for anyone who wants bold and expressive artwork. It is not your typical style of tattooing, making the pieces easy to notice. Trash Polka is created using red and black ink and often mixes realistic imagery with abstract, creating an interesting contrast that can feel modern and somewhat rebellious.

It is a very recognizable technique, but you are not limited with the imagery you choose; this can be anything that has meaning to you. They can also be inked big or small, letting you tailor the pieces to your preference.

Realistic Trash Polka Tattoos (1)

Realistic Trash Polka Tattoos

6. Trash Polka Tattoo Blue

Trash polka tattoos are created with red and black ink, making them eye-catching and noticeable. Some people choose to experiment with the style, creating designs that include more colors, including blue. Or, more commonly, swap out the red for a blue and black design.

A true Trash Polka tattoo has to be made by the creators of the style, but their artwork has inspired countless individuals who have worked with other tattoo artists to create a variation of this work. You are not limited with what imagery you can include, and it can be anything from an eagle to Viking-inspired artwork; choose what appeals to you best.

Trash Polka Tattoo Blue1

Trash Polka Tattoo Blue

7. Trash Polka Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoos can be minimalistic or detailed, depending on your preference, and often represent balance, harmony, and symmetry.

The designs offer a lot of versatility, and they can be focused on shapes or could take on the form of an animal or plant. Plus, geometric artwork can be created in various styles and combined with other imagery, depending on how you want your piece to look.

The Trash Polka style gives the geometric design a modern finish. It can also feel chaotic with the blend of realistic imagery and abstract artwork and the bold lines and contrasting black and red hues.

Geometric Trash Polka Tattoo

Geometric Trash Polka

8. Abstract Trash Polka Tattoo

The beauty of abstract tattoos is there are so many ways to incorporate abstract imagery into your design. The style that does it best is Trash Polka, which creates a brilliant blend of realistic and abstract imagery, giving the tattoo a chaotic and somewhat rebellious finish.

It was created by tattoo artists Simone Pfaff and Volker Merschky from Germany, and true Trash Polka designs need to be done by the creators. You can also combine abstract imagery with realism, creating an interesting contrast. Or it could be entirely abstract designs, making for a unique and highly expressive tattoo.

Abstract Trash Polka Tattoo

Abstract Trash Polka Tattoo1

9. Trash Polka Chest Tattoo

The chest is one of the best locations for body art because it offers much versatility. Chest tattoos are great for designs that you want to keep close to your heart, making them best reserved for symbolic pieces. This is also a good idea because tattoos in this area can be painful because of the lack of fat, thin skin, and proximity to bone.

The chest provides you with enough space for a large and detailed design, but smaller pieces look just as great here. The location is not restrictive because you can also easily cover your body, showing it off only when you want to.

The Trash Polka style is ideal for bold and expressive tattoos, and the design can be adapted to suit your preference.

Trash Polka Chest Tattoo1

Trash Polka Chest Tattoo

10. Trash Polka Clock Tattoo

Clock tattoos are deeply symbolic, representing time, life, and death. There is often a story associated with these designs and why people choose to get them inked; it could be because you want to remind yourself to live each day to its fullest or acknowledge that your time is limited.

Life is uncertain; the only certain thing is that we will all die at some point. Trying to represent this concept with your art makes for a powerful piece, and the Trash Polka style can add to this. Trash Polka tattoos feel chaotic and rebellious with a brilliant blend of abstract and realistic imagery and contrasting black and red color schemes.

Trash Polka Clock Tattoo1

11. Trash Polka Eagle Tattoo

Eagle tattoos are associated with bravery, freedom, and independence. The bird has deep respect in many cultures, including the Native Americans and Aztecs.

The eagle can also represent patriotism and courage, and the bald eagle is the national bird of the United States. It means varying things to different people, and the style you choose can also affect the overall meaning of the design.

The Trash Polka style is ideal for those who want something bold, bright, and expressive. Created by tattoo artists Simone Pfaff and Volker Merschky, the technique blends different images to create noticeable tattoos that feel modern and chaotic.

Fenrir Wolf Tattoos

Trash Polka Eagle Tattoo1

Trash Polka Eagle Tattoo

12. Trash Polka Skull Tattoo

The human skull is a universally recognized symbol of death. Skull tattoos are popular because they are rich in symbolism and have an intimidating appearance. For some, the skull has negative associations linked to death, destruction, and evil, but there is a more positive interpretation for others.

The skull can represent the balance between life and death and fully encourage you to live each day. The meaning of your piece can be altered by the imagery you choose to add to it and the style you select. Trash Polka designs are expressive, and the finished design often feels chaotic and rebellious.

Trash Polka Skull Tattoo\

Trash Polka Skull Tattoo1

13. Trash Polka Compass Tattoo

Compass tattoos are a great choice because they represent direction, navigation, and protection. They are popular with those who want to remind themselves to stay on the right path. Or it could reflect your desire to stay true to yourself and what you believe in.

There are many interpretations of what the compass symbolizes, and you can find the one that appeals to you the most. You can also add to it with other imagery, including nautical designs or a quote. With the Trash Polka tattoo, you can combine the realistic image of the compass with abstract elements. The limited color palette of black and red makes for a simple but striking finish.

Trash Polka Compass Tattoo

Trash Polka Compass Tattoo1

14. Trash Polka Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are controversial and rebellious. Before getting inked on the hand, you should consider the repercussions of doing so. This location is challenging to cover up, and for this reason, it can be restrictive when it comes to the workplace and could affect your earning potential and job opportunities. However, the placement is fantastic for a design that you want to show off, and one of the most eye-catching styles to do it in is Trash Polka.

The technique blends realistic and abstract images and uses heavy brush strokes and a limited red and black ink color palette. The result feels edgy and chaotic, lending itself well to placement like the hand, which already feels rebellious.

Trash Polka Hand Tattoo

Trash Polka Hand Tattoo1

15. Trash Polka Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos are one of the most commonly inked designs because they are beautiful, versatile, and symbolic. They represent the balance between beauty and pain; the bloom is beautiful, but the thorns can harm you. It could be a reminder to be wary of those you trust or keep your heart guarded. In addition, roses look great on their own or combined with other imagery, which can alter their overall meaning.

With the Trash Polka style, you only focus on two colors; red and black. This can also impact the symbolism of your tattoo, as a red rose is linked to passion, seduction, and love, whereas a black rose represents grief, sorrow, and loss.

Trash Polka Rose Tattoo

Trash Polka Rose Tattoo (1)

16. Trash Polka Half Sleeve Tattoo

The half sleeve tattoo is a great alternative for those who like the idea of a full sleeve but are not ready to commit to covering their entire arm. It is also appealing if you have a large, detailed design in mind.

The appeal of these tattoos, which can start at the elbow and end at the wrist, or start at the upper arm and end at the elbow, is that they are expressive, combining several images to tell a story or reflect your thoughts and feelings. It is also an opportunity to get creative, combining your chosen imagery and finding a style to suit your preference.

The Trash Polka style looks great with a half sleeve design, giving you body art that demands attention, and you will be proud to show off.

Trash Polka Half Sleeve Tattoo

Trash Polka Half Sleeve Tattoo1

17. Small Trash Polka Tattoo

Small tattoos are appealing because of their versatility. They can be inked anywhere on the body because of their size, from the finger to the back. You can also choose from a wide range of imagery and experiment with different styles to create the finish you want.

The Trash Polka technique is appealing because it is bold and expressive, and although most men opt for something large and detailed, you can scale it down. This could be a simple, abstract design or a small, realistic image combined with abstract elements like brush strokes.

Small Trash Polka Tattoo1

Small Trash Polka Tattoo

18. Trash Polka Back Tattoo

The back is one of the most appealing locations for body art because it is considered low on the pain scale. It is also incredibly versatile and provides enough space to get inked with a large and detailed design, which can cover the entire back, although the closer to the spine or hip bones you ink, the more discomfort you will experience.

Alternatively, you can opt for a small piece that focuses on just the upper back. When created big, the Trash Polka style looks excellent, producing something bold, bright, and rebellious. You can combine several themes or focus on just one, letting you tailor the back tattoo to your preference.

Trash Polka Back Tattoo

Trash Polka Back Tattoo1

19. Trash Polka Spartan Tattoo

It doesn’t get better than the Trash Polka style when it comes to making a statement. The blend of red and black ink creates pieces that have a high contrast and demand attention. Combining abstract and realistic imagery, the subject matter can be of your choosing. This could include a Spartan-inspired design.

The warriors of the Spartan army were skilled, organized, and disciplined, and as such, a Spartan tattoo often symbolizes strength, discipline, honor, and fearlessness. Your piece could include the image of a spartan warrior or focus on his armor, helmet, and weapon.

Trash Polka Spartan Tattoo

Trash Polka Spartan Tattoo 1

20. Trash Polka Viking Tattoo

Viking tattoos make a statement. They often represent strength and power and can be inked to honor the Norsemen, who are often celebrated for their skills on the battlefield and their fearlessness. There are several images to use when opting for a Viking-inspired design, including the Viking gods or ancient symbols like the Helm of Awe, Valknut, and Web of Wyrd.

The imagery lends itself well to various styles, including Trash Polka. This is the perfect option for someone who wants body art that is bold and expressive. The combination of the colors and the abstract and realistic imagery can also make the designs feel chaotic and rebellious.

Trash Polka Viking Tattoo1

Trash Polka Viking Tattoo

21. Trash Polka Calf Tattoo

A calf tattoo is ideal because it is versatile, low on the pain scale, and just downright cool. The location’s appeal is that the muscle, thick skin, and fat make getting inked here less painful. It is also great because it can be easily covered up with clothing and shown off when you want.

The size of the calf is large enough that you are not restricted with your design, and the right piece can also highlight the muscle definition in your leg; this can be incredibly flattering. The Trash Polka style is fun and expressive and ideal for anyone who wants a tattoo that demands attention.

Trash Polka Calf Tattoo1

Trash Polka Calf Tattoo

22. Trash Polka Crow Tattoo

Bird tattoos are popular because they represent freedom and independence, but the crow also has a deeper meaning. Crows are often linked to the underworld and can represent darkness and destruction. There is an edginess to crow designs, and the chaotic and rebellious style of Trash Polka makes it the perfect choice for this piece.

You can also combine several images, including a skull or dagger; depending on the overall meaning, you wish your piece to have. The brilliant blend of red and black ink and the abstract elements and brushstrokes make this eye-catching and a statement option for body art.

Trash Polka Crow Tattoo1

Trash Polka Crow Tattoo

23. Trash Polka Leg Tattoo

Leg tattoos are a popular placement because of their versatility. They can be inked anywhere on the leg and are easy to cover up with clothing. In addition, the leg is one of the least painful places on the body for tattoos, particularly the upper thigh, which is low on the pain scale.

Although any ink on the knee or inner thigh can be incredibly painful. This is an appealing choice for anyone who wants a large and detailed design, which can cover the entire leg, but small and simple pieces work just as well.

The Trash Polka style will lend itself well to a leg tattoo. Plus, the area does not fade as fast as many other locations.

Trash Polka Leg Tattoo

Trash Polka Leg Tattoo1

24. Trash Polka Phoenix Tattoo

The phoenix is a mythological bird with great symbolism associated with it. It represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and the firebird is believed to regenerate; it bursts into flames and rises from the ashes of its predecessor. This is an excellent choice for someone going through a challenging time in their lives and wants to remind themselves that they can emerge stronger after a turbulent time. Or, it could represent hope and perseverance.

The phoenix tattoo looks good in various styles but is most commonly inked in colors like orange, red, and yellow to represent fire. The Trash Polka style only uses two colors; black and red. However, the combination can make for a bold design with high contrast.

Trash Polka Phoenix Tattoo1

Trash Polka Phoenix Tattoo

25. Trash Polka Angel Tattoo

Trash Polka tattoos are for those who want chaotic and rebellious designs. Each design feels modern and unique, and whereas some techniques are limited to specific imagery, there are limitless options with this style. This includes an angel tattoo.

These celestial beings are associated with protection, guidance, and direction; a fantastic choice for those who want to honor their faith. However, angel tattoos can be designed in various ways, depending on the meaning you want to be associated with them; for example, they could represent goodness and purity or be the angel of death. An angel can also represent a loved one who has passed.

Trash Polka Angel Tattoo

Trash Polka Angel Tattoo1


What is a Trash Polka Tattoo?

Trash Polka is a style of tattooing created by tattoo artists Simone Pfaff and Volker Merschky. They are defined by the black and red color scheme and combine realistic imagery with abstract. The result feels modern and chaotic. There is no limit to how you choose to combine the images, though, and you can pick from a wide range of designs, including a clock, skull, rose, or eagle. True Trash Polka designs have to be done by the creators themselves, but their work has inspired countless individuals to produce designs of their own which are expressive and meaningful.

What are the rules of Trash Polka tattoos?

Trash Polka is bold and expressive. They are created by combining abstract and realistic imagery to produce designs that focus on the opposites and are beautiful but chaotic. The color palette is limited, using black and red, which creates an interesting contrast. This style is eye-catching and demands attention, but there is freedom with the subject matter you choose and how you combine it, making each design feel fresh and unique.

Do Trash Polka tattoos last?

Trash Polka tattoos may not last as long as traditional black ink designs, and the red ink can fade faster, but they do hold up. This is because of the way they are designed. That said, pieces without distinct outlines can fade quicker, and the placement will also affect the longevity of your tattoo.

Are Trash Polka tattoos cool?

Trash Polka tattoos are incredibly cool and create designs that feel modern and unique. No two pieces are the same, making them meaningful. The combination of the contrasting red and black color scheme, your chosen imagery, and the blend of realistic and abstract artwork makes this an excellent style for a tattoo that will demand attention.

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