6 Picnic Spots Near Chittorgarh That Promise A Fun-Filled Vacay!

Chittorgarh is a city in the northwestern state of Rajasthan and has a historical essence. Considering the rich cultural heritage, Chittorgarh has a regal lining and has many minars, forts, temples and palaces to present to everyone. There are many places in and around this magnificent city, which will make you prosperous and fill your hearts with pride because you know about the pedigree of our country.

While there may be many reasons why you can visit Chittorgarh and the places around it, the best is to go for a picnic! With many Picnic spots near Chittorgarh At your disposal, it will be difficult to choose just one for leisure and entertainment; That’s why we have a fun guide for you so you can choose the best one!

Picnic spots near Chittorgarh
Picnic spots near Chittorgarh

6 picnic spots near Chittorgarh

Here six best picnic spots near Chittorgarh are ideal for a day picnic or a lifetime!

1. Bhainsrodgarh Wildlife Sanctuary – 149.4 km from Chittorgarh
2. Menal – 84.9 km from Chittorgarh
3. Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary – 98.4 km from Chittorgarh
4. Mandalgarh Fort – 84 km from Chittorgarh
5. Sanwaliya Seth Prakatya Temple – 34.5 km from Chittorgarh
6. Nagari – 15.8 km from Chittorgarh

1. Bhainsrodgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhainsrodgarh Wildlife Sanctuary


Bhainsargarh Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Aravalli hills in the Chittorgarh city of Rajasthan and is considered one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in India. It is located near the Bimani and Chambal rivers, which flow inside the Chittorgarh Fort and due to its natural environment, the sanctuary serves as an ideal tourist attraction and also because there are many inhabited sanctuaries like Chinaras, Deer There are diverse flora and fauna. Jackal, lizard, hyena, wild boar, turtle, crocodile and antelope. There are also various local and species such as flamingos, sorcer cranes, geese, and more.

place: Bhainsrodgarh Fort Hotel, Kota Palace via Bhainsrodgarh, Rajasthan
Distance from Chittorgarh: 149.4 km

2. Menal

Relax by the beach


Menal is a small village on Bundi Road in Rajasthan. Due to the preservation of ancient temples, traditional archaeological ruins and the cultural heritage of Rajasthan, Menal village is a major tourist attraction. The city offers a beautiful landscape and has beautiful temples, waterfalls, lakes and forests, which offer visitors a beautiful view.

place: Menal, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan
Distance from Menal: 84.9 km

3. Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary

See Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary


Another spectacular picnic spot near Chittorgarh is the Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located in Pratapgarh and Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. Now, the fauna of this lush green wildlife sanctuary includes spotted and chasing deer, wild deer, Indian leopard, jackal and more. In addition, a migrant as well as around 130 varieties of residential birds can be seen here. The Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary also has a historical significance as there is an ancient Valmiki ashram, which is considered to be the birthplace of the sons of the Hindu god Lord Rama.

place: Sita Mata Forest Reserve, Arampura, Rajasthan- 313604
Distance from Chittorgarh: 98.4 km

4. Mandalgarh Fort

Relax by the beach


Mandalgarh Fort is an ancient fort near Chittorgarh district and one of the largest tourist attractions in Rajasthan. It is believed to be one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan, it has experienced many historical battles of medieval times. Apart from this, there is also a Shiva temple inside the fort with a huge pond which attracts a lot of people and gives the fort a recognition among the best picnic spots near Chittorgarh. Thus, one can visit the fort while planning a picnic near Chittorgarh.

place: Mandalgarh Fort, Rajasthan 311604
Distance from Chittorgarh: 84 km

5. Sanwaliya Seth Prakatya Temple

Sanvalia Seth Prakatya Temple


Sanwariyaji Temple, also known as Lord Krishna Temple, is an important pilgrimage site near Chittorgarh. The temple is situated on the Chittorgarh-Udaipur road and is built in a very beautiful way, which is why it experiences around hundreds of visitors daily and pilgrims visiting the temple receive good and positive energy. Among the people of Rajasthan, it is widely believed that those who visit this Barbara of Shri Savaliya Seth have all their wishes fulfilled and thus, one can always go for a picnic with his family members and friends. The temple can be visited.

place: Bhadsoda and Mandafia villages, Chittorgarh district, Bhadsoda, Rajasthan – 312024
Distance from Chittorgarh: 34.5 km

6. Nagari



Nagri is one of the oldest cities in the state of Rajasthan, located near Chittorgarh. Hindu and Buddhist relics have been found in the city dating back to the Maurya and Gupta periods. Nagri is also believed to be one of the most important towns of the Mauryan period in Rajasthan and excavations in the village gave a glimpse of the Hindu and Buddhist periods. At Nagari’s picnic, one can find a stupa made of terracotta and molded bricks with plenty of natural beauty!

place: Nagri, Rajasthan, India
Distance from Chittorgarh: 15.8 km

The natural beauty of the esthetic temples, ancient monuments and forts, beautiful dense forests and sanctuaries and picnic spots near Chittorgarh occupy the part of Rajasthan and beyond! Picnics are always occasions of joy and happiness and these places will only add to your excitement; This is why you should not waste any time in planning your trip to Rajasthan and exploring these places!

Frequently asked questions about picnic spots near Chittorgarh

Q. Which are the famous resorts near Chittorgarh?

a. Famous resorts near Chittorgarh are:
– Bamboo Spa & Resort
– Castle Narela Lake Resort
– Holiday Hill Resort & Spa
– Kundan Leela Resort

Q. Which is the nearest airport to Chittorgarh?

a. The nearest airport to Chittorgarh is Udaipur Airport / Maharana Pratap Airport which is easily accessible from all the picnic spots around Chittorgarh.

Q. What are the best places to visit in Chittorgarh?

a. Some of the best places around Chittorgarh are:
– Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary
– Deogarh
– Bijaipur
– Menal
– Bijolia

Q. What are the times of Sanwaliya Seth Prakatya Temple?

a. Sanwaliya Seth Prakatya Temple opens every day between 5 am to 12 am and then between 2.30 pm to 11 pm.

Q. Is the entry fee for Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary?

a. Yes, the entry fee for Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary is INR 20 for Indian adults, INR 10 for Indian child and INR 80 for foreigners.

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