6 Popular Beaches In Germany In 2020 That Deserve Your Attention

Popular Beaches In Germany: It is not very often that we associate Germany with rustic and blissful beaches. The Baltic Sea and the North Sea are two water bodies that present the country with a rich sea. However, it lacks the appeal of the Mediterranean Sea or the Adriatic sea. Is not it? That is why you will not come across many people who have gone to Germany to enjoy the beach. But in fact, Germany has many ancient beaches and many people don’t really know about them. The country’s gorgeous coastline promises to provide tourists with a spectacular beach holiday. From peaceful virgin beaches to crowded beaches, Germany has everything you need. You will find many things to attend to German beaches and its extraordinary resorts.

6 popular beaches in Germany

The beaches are very popular for a reason – beautiful sunshine, hot sand, pristine waters and adventure activities, making it a unique holiday package that a lot of people want. So, here are the top beaches in Germany.

1. Bins Beach
2. Langoung Beach
3. Lubmin Beach
4. Vanessa Beach
5. Silt
6. Used

1. Bins Beach

Bijn beach in germany


Rugen is undoubtedly one of all islands located in Deutschland. The region has many gorgeous beaches and has been a favorite beach destination for Germans. Here you will see old beech forests, turquoise waters and bumpy cliffs that make for amazing hiking trails. The beautiful beaches are covered in white sand which allows you to click on Instagram-worthy pictures. Before your trip to Rugen, you should remember that it is one of the hottest beaches in Germany.

The region receives more than 1800 hours of sunshine every year, making it the most sunny part of the country. The coastal beaches extend over 60 km and you can participate in various water sports on the many beaches of Rugen. The city has a magical charm, with sheds boulevards, ancient buildings and many hotels, which are comfortable for your stay. It is easily one of the best beaches in Germany.

place: Rugin Island

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2. Language Beach

Langtog Beach in Germany


Langeoog Beach is easily one of the best beaches on the northwest coast of Germany. You will be surprised to know that the government does not allow any car on this island and you will need to explore it on a bicycle or horse car. There is a railway line that connects only the Langnog port and the main town center. The beach is magnificent, covered in golden sand and the turquoise blue water brings back your relaxation time. You will find beachfront resorts where you can stay for a few days.

The Langog coast is not very crowded and that is why it makes for a peaceful getaway at all times. Langog Maritime Museum and Lower Saxony Vaden Sea National Park are some other scenic spots for tourists.

place: Wittmond, Germany

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3. Lubmin Beach

Lubmin Beach in Germany


If you are in Germany in the month of September and are looking for a getaway from a small beach, Lubmin Beach is one of the famous beaches in Germany. Ideally regarded as one of the only nudist beaches in Germany, one can roam various parts of the beach without clothes on them! Formerly a fishing village on the banks of the Baltic Sea, Lubin offers you a magical experience.

The rugged cliffs and deodar forests of the surrounding areas offer a lot of outdoor activities that you can indulge in. By hiking, horse riding and fishing, you can do all of this in Lubmin. Get yourself some tan, lie back on the hot beach and enjoy your favorite cocktail.

place: Greifswolder Boden, Germany

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4. Vanessa Beach

Vanessa Beach in Germany


Wannsee Beach is one of the few beaches in Germany near Berlin. Even though Germany does not have a large coastline, it actually manages to deliver some great beach locations. The inland lakes of this country make up for the missing seaside shores. Vansai Lake is one of the largest inland lakes located close to Berlin and is herded by locals during weekends.

It is an ideal place for sailing and you can enjoy a relaxing time on the magnificent white sand beaches here. You can also take part in some thrilling water sports activities which are like speed boating and surfing here. If you stay here overnight, you will experience a good nightlife that local pubs and old school bars provide in the area.

place: Berlin, Germany

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5. Silt

Silt in germany


Around the North Western Islands, Silt boasts of some amazing German beaches. The island is located right in the middle of the Vaden Sea, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place holds every element that can make your holiday more exciting than ever. From participating in shifting dunes, water sports, mesmerizing sunsets, thrilling nightlife, and many other activities, Silt is easily one of the best places to satisfy your cravings to enjoy a great beach vacation. Is one of

Also known as the “Queen of the North Sea”, Silt is easily accessible from Berlin via various forms of transport. Take yourself a room at a beach resort, and relax throughout the day. You can also go for hiking trails or try your luck to play golf at many golf courses here. The available resorts in Morsum, Keitum, Hörnum, and Kampen are the best places where you can find the most popular resorts and hotels.

place: Silt, Germany

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6. Used

Eudom beach in germany


Located next to the Baltic Sea, Eudom is famous in Germany for its popular “Singing Sands”. This is a wonderful natural phenomenon that occurs when sand grains rub against each other and the cacophony leads to “strange noises”. If the wind conditions are right, you will be lucky to hear the sand singing your own song.

The beaches are soaked through most of the day in the heat of the bright sun and are much less crowded than other beaches in Germany. Either relax under one of the palm trees or rent a jet ski to enjoy yourself. The landscape around the region is also grand and needs to be explored. You will be surprised to know that there are some really spas, wellness centers and restaurants here. Visiting this German beach in 2020 is undoubtedly a unique experience.

place: Eudom Island, Germany

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Germany is definitely not everyone’s choice when you want to enjoy a proper beach holiday with your family or friends. But despite this, Germany certainly boasts of some good beaches. If you happen to travel to Germany on your Europe trip, you will have to spend some time at the beach and take some vitamin C.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beaches in Germany

Q. Are there any beaches in Germany?

a. Yes. Despite being a German, Germany certainly has some nice beaches. Lubmin Beach, Vansy Beach and Silt are some of the famous beaches in Germany where you can go.

Q. Which is the nearest sea to Germany?

a. The distance between Berlin and the North Sea is 749 km and it is the nearest sea to Germany where you can get some good beaches.

Q. Does Germany have a beach?

a. Yes. Germany has a coastline, but it is actually smaller at 2,389 kilometers than other countries, with hundreds of beaches to explore and enjoy the vast beaches.

Q. Is it safe to swim in the Baltic Sea?

a. Yes. Definitely safe to swim in the Baltic Sea. But you only need to swim in the areas where people are not allowed to go anywhere as per your choice.

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