6 Popular Beaches In Ukraine For A Refreshing Holiday In 2020

Beaches In Ukraine: Completely amazing, Ukraine is one of the largest European countries, with a wide spectrum of mind-blowing tourist places. Strong heritage and culture, ancient palaces, untapped natural beauty, diversity of landscapes and magnificent Beaches in Ukraine This has made the country an exotic holiday destination for travelers of all interests. Home to 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 49 National Parks, this country features some of the best beaches in the world and offers plenty of water activities to enjoy such as swimming and boating. So, without further delay let us explore some of the most popular Ukraine beaches for your next holiday.

Top 6 Beaches in Ukraine

The beaches of Ukraine are welcoming places at any time of the year and offer you immense happiness. Here is a list of the top eight Ukrainian beaches to add unforgettable memories to your holiday.

1. Odessa: Black Sea Pearls
2. Arcadia: Most Loved Beach of Ukraine
3. Langeron: Perfect beach for sunbathing
4. Cobalto: Ideal beach for children
5. Birdyscan: Island of happiness
6. Kiryalivka: Healing beach

1. Odessa: The Pearl of the Black Sea

Black sea pearl


The city of Odessa is a repository of picturesque beaches and world-class water sports activities, bursting with romantic blooms, vibrant nightspots, music clubs, spectacular seafood and a spectacular climate, Odessa is a haven for newlyweds. Odessa Ukraine beach along the Black Sea coast is a favorite place of relaxation among both locals and international tourists.

Odessa has a lot of beaches surrounded by dense restaurants and cafes all around so that you can get a quick bite after a long day at the beach. The most popular are Ibiza, Itaka, Cayleton, Lebedevka, Karolino-Bugaz and Bono beaches. So, if the idea of ​​your vacation is about relaxing and enjoying a great time with a loved one, Odessa is the place to be.

place: Northwest coast of the Black Sea
Places to live nearby: Londonseya Hotel, Kavi, Vistara Sovinoin, Panorama de Lux and Orange Hotel
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Odessa Opera House, Deribosovskaya Street, Museum of Modern Art, Potemkin Stairs, Vorotsov Palace and many more
How to reach: Odessa International Airport offers regular flights from other Ukrainian cities such as Munich, Istanbul, Milan, Athens, Prague, Kiev, etc.

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2. Arcadia: Most Loved Beach of Ukraine

Most Loved Beach of Ukraine


Arcadia beaches in Ukraine are easy to reach from the city center and are some of the best places to relax and rejuvenate. Gorgeous with long stretches of sand and ancient views, Arcadia is perhaps one of the best beaches in Ukraine for a blissful holiday.

Here you can either rent lounge chairs and umbrellas to feel completely relaxed or indulge in some amazing underwater activities like a banana boat ride or jet-skiing. Between relaxing and a boat ride, you can pop into the many restaurants located on the coast to enjoy delicious seafood.

place: Arcadia Quarter, Odessa, Ukraine
Places to live nearby: Gagarin, Portofino Beach Resort, OK Odessa, Morsoy, Geneva Resort, Arcadia Beach Resort and many more
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Interesting Science Museum, Concert Hall Odessa, The Armenian Apostolic Church, Aquapark Hawaii. Radioactive bars and many more
How to reach: One can easily take an Uber from Odessa to Arcadia beach

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3. Langeron: Perfect beach for sunbathing

Perfect beach for sunbathing


Located in the center of Odessa, Lanzheron beach is most liked among tourists. There are dozens of restaurants, bars and hotels along the beach, making it the ultimate destination for a beach vacation. This seaside resort has two white shells at the entrance, which is a major backdrop for clicking selfies.

Lanzerone beach in Ukraine is perfect for sunbathing and can even run New York’s Brighton Beach for its own money. Wake up early and pay a visit to the beach to catch a beautiful sunrise. After a quick sunbathing session, you can indulge in some recreational activities like jet skis and speed boat rides.

place: Odessa, Ukraine
Places to live nearby: Orange Hotel, Design Hotel Scopelli, Cottage Langeron, Hotel Otreda, Shalanda, Black Sea Otreda and Vintage Hotel Vadesa
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Park Shevchenko and Dolphinarium, Archbishop Luke Chappell, Tetralnya Square and Ann. Roerich House Museum
How to reach: Lanzheron Beach is walking distance to the city center of Odessa

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4. Koblevo: Ideal Beach for Children

Ideal beach for children


If you are traveling with children, Koblow is the best of all the beaches in Ukraine. There are amazing entertainment options like trampoline and slide to keep your kids busy. Also, family resorts by the sea are quite cheap and provide comfortable accommodation.

Situated along the coast of the Black Sea and between two sandy beach areas and the Tilihul Estews, Cobalvo Beach welcomes you to spend some gala time with your entire family under the sun.

place: Koblow, Ukraine
Places to live nearby: Rodeo Inn, Crystal Hotel Beach, Brazil Hotel, Central Hotel and Koblovo Resort Marine
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Koblowo Water Park, Tiligulski Esther, Sivatohirask Cave Monastery, Yellowstone and Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet
How to reach: There are a lot of direct buses from Odessa to Cobalvo. Drive is usually about 1-hour

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5. Beardisk: Island of Happiness

Island of happiness


Also called “Third Beach”, the birdisk is a lovely beach with golden sand and the waves are very small, making it perfect for children to play. Located on Azov Seashore, Berdyansk beach is quite popular among photography enthusiasts, as it offers stunning views of Sea Port and quay. There are many restaurants around to enjoy a bite and clubs as well as a few drinks.

place: Zaporizia oblast, southeast Ukraine
Places to live nearby: Vera Lux, Maxim, Aare Hotel, Hotel Mon Senior, Bristol Hotel, Griboff Hotel, Chili Hotel and many more
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Safari Zoo, Chairman of Wishes, Mysore Dobaro Nadezhdi Akwapark, Brodsky’s Birdysk Art Museum
How to reach: You can either take a bus or train from Kiev to Berdiscan

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6. Kyrylivka: Healing Beach

Healing beach


It is one of the best beaches in Ukraine with clean water and is considered as a wellness site in Ukraine. Tourists can enjoy healing therapy with the use of curative clay and clay. Mineral water can also be consumed from natural s here. A warm and attractive environment makes this place more desirable.

place: Zaporizia Oblast, southeast Ukraine
Places to live nearby: Zolotoe Runo, Rock-Hotel Cleopatra, Luxor, Grand Victoria Hotel, Villa Azov and many more
Nearby Tourist Attractions: Baja Ottykha Gazovic, Akvapark Ostrive Skarbiv, Delphinari Oskar, Andrinlinso and Luna-Park
How to reach: The best way to reach this place is to board a train from Kiev.

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These stunning beaches in Ukraine offer a wide range of recreational options and are surrounded by dozens of cafes and restaurants, where you can mouth your taste buds. Do not forget to visit them all during your vacation in Ukraine for a memorable time here!

Frequently asked questions about beaches in Ukraine

Q. Which ocean is near Ukraine?

a. Ukraine is located on the borders of the Black Sea and Azov Sea.

Q. Ukraine is famous for which food?

a. The food of Ukraine is famous worldwide due to its unique taste and traditional style. Borsch, Paska (Easter Bread), Vernecki, Olivier Potato Salad, Deruni (Potato Pancakes) and Chicken Kiev are some of the famous dishes of Ukraine.

Q. Is Ukraine a Schengen country?

a. No, Ukraine is not a Schengen country, so a Schengen visa is not applicable for visiting this country. A proper Ukrainian visa is mandatory.

Q. Can I go to Ukraine without a visa?

a. Visas required from 90 to 180 days off. But, you need a valid proof of your health insurance as well as sufficient funds for the entire duration of your trip.

Q. Is drinking water safe in Ukraine?

a. It is highly recommended not to drink tap water in Ukraine. You can buy bottled water, which is much cheaper.

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