6 Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Finish Your Basement: Your basement often has the same square footage as the main floor of your home. This space is chronically underused in many homeowner’s lives. You may use it to store old boxes, Christmas decor or that little-used treadmill. Fortunately, with a little remodel and some inspiration, your basement can become a hotbed of activity and a live center for your home. Included here are a few reasons you should finish your basement and allow yourself some extra living space!

Home Office

If you are one of the increasing numbers of employees who have begun to work from home,  you may find yourself in need of a good home office. You need a space designated for work without the other distractions house can present you with. By finishing your basement, you allow yourself a specially selected area to work in.

finish basement

Game Room

There are a lot of things you may have purchased or want to buy, that you don’t have room for on the main floor of your home. You can create a specific place to house your pool table, treadmill or air hockey machine after finishing your basement. No need to worry about these items cluttering up the main floor, your basement has plenty of extra space to use for all of those under-utilized activities.

finish your basement


Getting extra income from your underused square footage is the perfect reason to finish your basement. When you take the time to design it yourself, you can create a space that allows for a kitchen and bathroom install as well as a separate entrance. If you begin renting out space immediately, you should be able to recoup your remodeling costs reasonably quickly.

Wet Bar and Entertainment

You may have decorated your home to look Martha Stewart-esque somewhat on the main floor. However, this does not leave much room for nights yelling at the football game and accidentally spilling your beer. By creating a lounge area in the basement with a wet bar. You will be able to easily entertain without worrying about someone breaking your grandmother’s china set.

Extra Bedrooms

When finishing your basement, you will be able to design the space precisely suited to your own needs. You may want to create additional bedrooms so you can house out-of-town relatives more easily. Not to mention, having an extra bedroom allows your family room to grow and place to house friends in unfortunate situations.

Kids Playroom

No need to worry about those late-night lego blocks on the floor. By creating a designated play space in the basement, you can restrict all of your children’s toys and games to one room. They will be able to take ownership of their area. And have the freedom to create without having to worry about their forts being taken down too quickly.

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