7 Adventure Sports In Alibaug To Get An Adrenaline Rush In 2020!

Adventure Sports In Alibaug: Alibaug is a coastal city away from Mumbai, which is very famous for its beaches and villas. There are many ancient temples here which attract visitors from all over the country. However, what makes Alibaug so famous are its beaches, some of the cleanest and beautiful beaches in the country. Among these is Mandwa Beach which is well known and popular among locals and tourists. This is where many Bollywood films have been shot. Apart from being a popular place for beach lovers, Adventure games in Alibaugalso contribution to fame, especially in water sports. So, see what all the Alibag activities do for you in store!

7 Best Adventure Games in Alibaug

If you were thinking that you can try all the adventure games in Alibaug, then here are some that you cannot miss. See all the details here and plan what you are trying!

1. Jet Skiing
2. Changes
3. Banana Ride
4. Scuba Diving
5. Bumper Ride
6. Kayaking
7. Speed ​​Boat Ride

1. Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is the best skiing

Image courtesy: dimitrisvetsikas1969 for Pixabay

The clear and beautiful waters of the Arabian Sea on the Alibaug beaches are perfect for water sports, with jet skiing being one of the favorite water-based adventure sports in Alibaug. An activity that can enjoy solo or as a couple provides the same feeling and thrill as riding a bike on the roads, with the difference being the huge water body on which a jet skiing goes.

In a fun-filled ride, the waves are further enhanced by climbing head-on and riding on them. Tourists can rent jet skis from many sports activity vendors, who queue the banks of the Alibugs; package deals are also available for larger groups. Jet skiing is one of the most thrilling activities one can experience in Alibaug, especially for riding bikes.

Available at: Mandwa, Nagaon and Alibag beaches
cost: INR 200 to INR 500 for two people. Discount is available for larger groups.

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2. Changes


Image credit: Ben_Kerckx for Pixabay

For those who love the skies and dream of flying in them, parasailing is one of the best adventure games in Alibaug that you can try. Most of the beaches in Alibaug support parasailing, which gives you a bird’s eye view of the coastal region of Alibaug.

It consists of being attached to a parachute, with a safety harness and then naturally drawn into the air, the boat with which you are connected through the waters of the Arabian Sea. You just need to relax and enjoy the ride, as the boat makes a circular detour that gives you a glimpse of the city from above. Fully safe activity, all safety precautions are taken by experienced and well trained water sports operators working on the beach.

Available at: Mandwa and Naogaon Beach
cost: INR 800 to INR 1200 per person

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3. Banana Ride

Banana boat ride is the best ride

Image courtesy: Arief_Sulung for Pixabay

It is one of the most popular water-based fun activities one can enjoy in a group, whether it is friends or family. All you have to do is sit on a yellow boat that looks like a banana from afar, which is one of the reasons for this activity is a banana boat ride.

The banana boat is then pulled by a trained jet ski operator across the clear waters of the Arabian seas, meeting the waves and often going over them, for a pleasant experience. To protect passengers on this bumpy ride across the ocean, life jackets are provided to everyone by trained and certified water sports operators.

Available at: Mandwa and Naogaon Beach
cost: INR 100 to INR 200 per person

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4. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is awesome

Picture courtesy: eligibility for Pixabay

For those who want to enjoy the underwater diving experience and see what underwater life looks like, scuba diving is one of the adventure sports in Alibaug that you cannot miss. In addition, some may be lucky enough to meet beautiful fish and other sea creatures and live in the ocean.

Scuba diving was previously limited to only a few locations, but now due to the availability of trained and certified divers from PADI, even visitors to Alibaug can experience a great fun-filled scuba diving. In addition, facilities are also available at the scuba diving center for experienced divers who want to explore the Arabian Sea.

Available at: Alibagh, near Murud Janjira
cost: From INR 4,500 per person

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5. Bumper Ride

Bumper ride is the best ride

Image courtesy: Capri23auto fro Pixabay

A popular version of the banana ride, the boat has a round shape and is more comfortable to sit on. Due to the stable structure of this boat, one can also take young children on this ride, making it a good family experience for those going to BaibaghWhenen you meet the waves jet ski pulls ll this spherical boat across the Arabian Sea waters for a fun-filled bumpy ride. The jet ski rider usually takes the boat in a circular path and offers a glimpse of the various coastal features of Alibaug during the ride.

Available at: Mandwa and Naogaon Beach
cost: From INR 200 per person

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6. Kayaking


Image courtesy: dimitrisvetsikas1969 for Pixabay

Kayaking is one of the adventure sports in Alibaug that water sports lovers absolutely love. Alibaug offers another type of white water rafting activity on its sea, known as marine kayaking. These kayaks are about 15 feet long and can be used individually or as a couple in some models.

The entire design and construction of the kayak are based on the safety and comfort of the sailor. These kayaks that can be rented for short periods are the best way to explore the Arabian Sea waters at your own pace, as you sail leisurely across the ocean and explore the surroundings. The long side of the kayak is also used to store all the safety equipment you may need while sailing.

Available at: Mandwa Beach
cost: INR 200 to INR 300 per person

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7. Speed ​​Boat Ride

Speed ​​boat ride is the best thing

Image courtesy: dimitrisvetsikas1969 for Pixabay

If you like to go across the high seas, running against the wind, splashing seawater on you, then this adventure game in Alibaug is for you. Trained speed boat operators operate these boats at high speeds for your enjoyment and recreation, while ensuring that you are properly prepared with safety gear. These fun rides are a great way to explore the Arabian Sea with your group of friends or family while on vacation in Alibaug.

Available at: Mandwa Beach
cost: From INR 100 per person, depending on the duration of the ride,

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So, these are some popular adventure games in Alibaug. These activities can be done throughout the day, although the morning is preferred to avoid the scorching heat of the afternoon. The activities are designed based on the different age groups and the size of the group visiting Alibaug. so what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Maharashtra and go!

Frequently Asked Questions about Adventure Sports in Alibaug

Q. What is the best time to visit Alibaug?

a. Due to its pleasant climate and the range of activities it provides, Alibaug is a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

Q. How can one reach Alibaug?

a. Alibaug is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune, which is well connected to all major airports and railway stations. From Mumbai, you can travel via road or even take a ferry from India’s prestigious gateway.

Q. Which is the famous food in Alibaug?

a. Alibaug, being a coastal city, is famous for its seafood dishes which are prepared based on the Konkan style of cooking.

Q. What are the popular languages ​​spoken in Alibaug?

a.The local language of Alibaug is Marathi. However, as Alibaug is a popular tourist destination, people can relax here in Hindi and English.

Q. What are the options available in Alibaug?

a. There are many star-rated hotels in Alibaug for the comfort of tourists. But, apart from them, Alibaug is famous for its homestays and villas, which are easily available throughout the city.

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