7 Beaches In Jamaica That Will Put You In A Magical Trance In 2020

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The culture of Jamaica has a way to attract you and inspire your curiosity. This Caribbean island is known for its warm and welcoming people, mild weather and especially its incredible beaches. It can be challenging to know which areas on the island to see, and in particular, which Jamaican Beach Are worth visiting.

This is the reason for this page so that you can go through the following information and check Best beaches in jamaica, Which will give you that tropical beach experience you’ve always thought of. Whether young or old, these Jamaican beaches have been a favorite for all age groups. After all, from food to fun, you get it all at one destination. Free up your space on the beaches of Jamaica, worth your time and money.

Best Time to Visit Jamaica

Hot Springs in Jamaica

Jamaica’s already amazing weather is most pleasant from November to mid-December, and flight and hotel deals are the easiest to do. Although even in summer, rates are affordable, but you will put yourself at risk due to hurricane season. The peak travel season for the island is from January to March.

Hotel tariffs can go beyond $ 750 for a night at some places. Nevertheless, when the holiday calls, you must go. Even though there is peak time to visit these beautiful beaches, you can visit them anytime throughout the year. Jamaica welcomes you to explore its beaches, sports, fun, and more all the time.

Top 7 Beaches to Travel in Jamaica

You can find many great beaches in Jamaica because it is a large island and has miles of coastline. Some of the most popular beaches are in areas such as Montego Negril and the Bay. Additionally, you can also find surf, sand, and seaside bars in more neglected destinations such as Treasure Beach and Port Antonio. Listed below is a brief about the top seven beaches in Jamaica. Take a look at these beautiful beaches to spend your best vacation.

  • Doctor’s cave beach
  • Cornwall Beach
  • Treasure Beach
  • Seven Mile Beach
  • Rose hall beach
  • Boston bay beach
  • Mummy bay beach

1. Doctor’s Cave Beach

Doctor's cave beach


There was a physician who gave his beach property as a donation, to develop a swim club, and people could access the property through a cave until the cave was ruined in a natural disaster. Since that time, it has been known as Doctor’s Cave Beach and is located in the center of MoBay.

Doc’s Cave Beach Club is a membership club that maintains the beach and charges an entrance fee for its use. This fee is a minimal amount to pay, and it gives you access to a luxurious beach, with a beach bar, clubhouse with changing facilities and other useful amenities.

Specialty: Golden Sands and World Class Resorts.
place: Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay, Jamaica

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2. Cornwall Beach

Cornwall Beach


Cornwall Beach is a secluded beach with very few visitors and is an excellent area for swimming. It is just down the road from Doctor Cave. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing day with a little crowd on the sand and a refreshing sea breeze.

Also, on Sundays, legal bathers can participate in the “bottomless” Appleton rum mug. Enjoy the sun and beach sand here at Cornwall Beach with your loved ones and make your time worth it.

Specialty: Unique and magical beach
place: Montego Bay, Jamaica

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3. Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach


Treasure Beach in Jamaica is the place to visit if you are looking for a secluded beach for your Jamaican vacation. It is more known for farming and fishing than beach tourism, providing excellent moments to go along with the ‘real’ Jamaican farts from gatherings of travelers. You can find laid out resorts, private coves, uncovered sands, nightclubs and dining. For accommodation, you can visit the incredible “Jake’s Hotel”, which is facing the sea.

Specialty: Unsinkled sand and striking landscape.
place: South Coast, Jamaica

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4. Seven-mile beach

Seven Mile Beach


Seven-Mile Beach is the longest beach in Jamaica and one of the best beaches in the island. It is the most popular beach in the whole of Jamaica. It was built in the early 1960s and is adjacent to all the resorts. It carries the Negril’s sense of free-love with many selected areas to soak up the naked incense.

Also, since the vendors here trade everything from hair-braiding to cannabis, this can be a bit negative on Seven-Mile Beach. Experience the cultural diversity of Jamaica with the small activities it offers. From popular tourist attractions like braiding to its diverse food culture, you have got it all.

Specialty: Snorkeling, swimming and water sports
place: Negril, Jamaica

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5. Rose Hall Beach

Rose hall beach


Rose Hall is the place to visit on the beach if you are looking for a more serene beach experience. One can stay in Half Moon, Hilton Rose Hall, or Iberostar, which are some luxury oceanfront resorts, and this huge stretch of sand will be right outside your gate.

However, you can also visit this beach at Rose Hall Beach Club, which has a fantastic beach bar, an incredible restaurant with super delicious food and live entertainment with other useful amenities.

Specialty: Nice and clean sandy beach with many trees and chairs
place: Rose Hall Main Road, Montego Bay, Jamaica

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6. Boston Bay Beach

Boston bay beach


Boston Beach in Jamaica is located in the city of Port Antonio, a faded tourist area. It is famous for the best surfing and jerk in the country. The beach is often visited by well-known tourists and locals. Nevertheless, its simplicity always attracts and attracts people’s attention. Looking for a soothing scene? Visit Boston Bay Beach on this vacation.

Specialty: Stunning Surfing, Jerk Pork, and Chicken Stands
place: Port Antonio, Jamaica

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7. Mummy Bay Beach

Mummy bay beach


Mummy Bay is an excellent choice for people who love the beach as much as they like playing in the water as much as they like it. It is divided between public and private beaches. Mummy Bay is a sweet alternative to windsurfing, wakeboarding, and has had hot water and high waves since.

Specialty: Windsurfing, wakeboarding
place: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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Getting around in jamaica

Getting around in jamaica


The bus is the cheapest means of getting around Jamaica. However, since bus fares are cheaper, they are congested and do not match well with the schedule. Nocturnal driving is not recommended in Jamaica, even if the roads are in good condition.

Many car rental firms also have their centers at airports and in some large hotels. Anyone can rent bikes and bicycles on the island. Since the country is well connected, one can also go for air travel as the fare is not high.

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If you are ready to spend the most memorable holiday with your loved ones, then visiting Jamaica is your need. With the most beautiful Jamaican beaches, it will undoubtedly admire your trip and make it worth the while. In addition, it has various beaches as well as restaurants to promote its experience on the beaches of Jamaica. Plan an international trip and enjoy the sun, seafood and Jamaican food culture more.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Jamaican Beaches

Q. How many beaches are in Jamaica?

a. The count goes to more than 50 beaches. However, some beaches charge an entrance fee to enjoy the entrance.

Q. Which is the largest beach in Jamaica?

a. Seven Mile Beach is considered to be the longest beach in Jamaica.

Q. Are Jamaican Beaches Good?

a. Jamaica is famous for one thing that it is a beach. People come to the white sandy beaches to spend a good time and watch the sunset.

Q. Which side of Jamaica has the best beaches?

a. Both Negril and Montego Bay offer amazing beaches. The only difference is that Montego Bay is larger than Negril. So, you have more options here.

Q. Is Negril or Montego Bay better?

a. As far as living is concerned, Montego Bay is more expensive than Negril, it has more luxurious and lush resorts.

Q. Where is the bluest water in Jamaica?

a. If you want to enjoy the blue water in Jamaica, then visit the doctor’s cave beach. It is considered the most beautiful of all Jamaican beaches.

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