7 Best Houseparty Games – Fun Games to Play on the Houseparty App

7 Best Houseparty Games – Fun Games to Play on the Houseparty App

Everyone loves a good party at home. Friends, family, snacks, drinks, and most importantly, games. Unfortunately, the actual home parties are pretty much out of the question right now – which means the best thing to do is the Houseparty app, a popular video chat service that has built-in games.

To help make your next virtual meeting even better than the last, we’ve put together the best games on Houseparty, and how to play them. You will need the app first. To do this, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download Houseparty. You can also download the app to your computer from the Houseparty website.

7 Best Houseparty Games
7 Best Houseparty Games

Once you have the app, add your contacts and make a call. At the top of your screen, you will see a dice icon. Click on this icon to see the games available. Choose your game and get started – it’s that easy! And for more virtual fun, check out the best games on Zoom (or any video chat service, really).

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Here are some of the best games to play on Houseparty:

    1. Chips and Guac: This hilarious word matching game makes hours of non-stop laughter. To play, someone hands out a descriptor card – these cards say something like “sneaky” or “can’t even” – and everyone puts down a card that they think best fits that descriptor. (This way the game is super similar to Cards against humanity.) A judge chooses the funniest match and the person who deposited this card wins this round.
    2. Attention – Sound it Out: To date, many of us have played – and have fallen in love with – the Heads up app. Fortunately, Houseparty allows you to play the Charades-type game in its application, with each subject card appearing at the top of the screen instead of the players’ heads. And while Houseparty Heads up offers many of the same decks as the Heads up app, we love the “Sound it Out” platform. To play, you have to force your teammate to guess what’s on the map by only creating sound effects.
    3. L’Enjeu – Karaoke evening: Another favorite Heads up platform? “Karaoke night.” Each card in this game is named after a karaoke classic, and you will need to hum your song to your teammate to figure it out. This deck is ideal for groups of friends who can’t wait to get back to the microphone.
    4. Attention – Take action, family style: This game is a lot of fun because it requires everyone to work as a team (and we could all use a little extra teamwork in these difficult times). Each card in the deck is supposed to be played by three or more people – and therefore everyone must be on top of their game.
    5. Quickly draw: Who is the best artist in your group? You are about to find out. Houseparty’s Quickly draw is an online version of Pictionary. When you play, you will see a word at the top of your screen and a blank notepad; other players will only see your drawing. Draw the word on the screen to the best of your ability and see if other players can guess it.
    6. Trivia – General knowledge: Houseparty has 18 free quizzes, which means you can keep these night game skills in top condition. One of our favorite decks is “General Knowledge”, for the simple fact that it tests your friends’ knowledge of simple facts.
    7. Trivia – Finish Lyric song: If your group is musically inclined – or even if it isn’t – try the “Finish Song” deck. This game will give you half a song and ask you to finish it. Make the game even more fun by requiring everyone to sing the lyrics too.

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