7 Best sunscreen to buy in India!

Best sunscreen lotion for Indian skin

Best sunscreen lotion for Indian skin

Best sunscreen lotion for Indian skin. Being a beauty freak, one thing I always keep in mind is using sunscreen should always be the final step in my daily skin care routine. In a hot and humid country like India, it is very necessary to wear sunscreen creams and lotions every time you step outside to protect our skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays.  Sunscreen not only makes your skin radiant but also makes it wrinkles free and glowing.  You should apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going out and reapply if you have sweated.

There are various sunscreen brands available in India out of which some of the bests are:

Lotus 3-in-1 Matte look Daily Sun block

However it is very good for oily skin, as it is not greasy, but also suitable for all types of skins.  It provides excellent sun protection with spf40.  Lotus 3-in-1 Matte also works as a moisturiser and smells very good.   It is very effective in the prevention of tanning and dark skin and gives a perfect matte finish for hours.

Lakme Sun Expert Sunscreen Lotion

SPF, 50 PA++++: This product is very effective especially for Indian skin. It contains PA+++ which protects skin from UVA rays and SPF, 50 which protects skin from UVB rays. Lakme Sun expert is light weight, water based and non-greasy. It also prevents skin from darkening. It is very suitable for normal to dry skin. It contains cucumber and lemon grass extracts which moisturise the skin. It is also dermatologist tested.

Sebamed Sun Care 50+

It is oil free sunscreen for all skin types. It contains Vitamin E and protects skin from ageing and damage.  It is very light on the skin, absorbs immediately and feels amazingly comfortable.

Shahnaz Hussain nano sunscreen gel SPF 40:

It is a very nice product. It is non-oily and gets into the skin very fast. It suits all types of skin and gives protection to skin from both UVA and UVB.

Ayur Sunscreen Lotion SPF 15

It provides sun protection with SPF 15 and suitable for sensitive to dry skin. It easily blends into the skin as it is not very thick. It smells very good and feels like vanilla aroma. You can also use as a body cream.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry-touch Sun block SPF 50+

It is a product which can be used daily to protect skin from sun rays as well as from tanning. It will not give you any greasy feeling as it is not too oily as well as not too dry. It is very light on the skin and can be used as a moisturiser also.

Nivea Moisturizing Immediate SPF 30

It is very smooth on the skin and very effective for delicate the skin type.  It is quickly absorbed by the skin. It keeps the skin cool as it contains the good amount of aloe Vera and pro-vitamin B5. It stays for a long time on skin and keeps the skin healthy and soft.

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