7 Healthy Habits To Avoid Acne & Get Clear Radiant Skin

7 Healthy Habits To Avoid Acne & Get Clear Radiant Skin

Get Clear Radiant Skin: Everyone wishes to have a clear face overnight. But there are no guaranteed solutions to get rid of acne in one night and experience a clean, clear and radiant skin the next morning. But what one can do is adopt these little healthy habits to achieve flawless skin for life!

Simple Habits & Tips For A Clear Face

  1. Relax And Stay Stress-Free

One of the important tips for clear face is that you should give your body some rest and relaxation. When your body relaxes, your skin breathes and this helps in improving its quality. Have a sound sleep every day and avoid unnecessary stress to have a radiant skin.

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  1. Eat Healthy And Stay Healthy

Tips to a clear face include keeping a watch on what you eat. The greasier and oilier the food is that you eat, the more oily and acne prone your skin will become. One should adopt a healthy eating habit to keep one’s skin healthy and pimple free.

  1. Wash Bed Linen And Pillow Cases On A Timely Basis

This tip might seem not so important, but your skin needs to breathe in a healthy environment while you are asleep. And since, your pillowcases and bed linen get accumulated with oil and grease from your skin and hair; it becomes dirty over the days. In return, it affects the quality of your skin. Keep them clean in order to have a clear face.

  1. Keep Your Hands Off The Face

This is one of the crucial clear face tips. You think your hands are clean but there are always germs and bacteria on them. The more you keep touching your face, the more your face gets dirty and the more the chances will be to get pimples and develop acne. To avoid these, keep your hands off your face as much as possible. 

  1. Wash Your Face And Stay Moisturised Always

Wash your face twice or thrice daily to keep skin clean and hydrated. Do it the first thing in the morning and then moisturise your face after patting it drying. Also, remember to wash your face again before going to sleep. This is recommended especially to make up users.

  1. Avoid Exposure To Sun

Too much exposure to sun can increase production of sebum by your skin. This may increase the chance of acne and pimples growth on face. Also, your skin may get sunburned and tanned. So, avoid too much sun exposure in order to achieve a clear face.

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  1. Last But Not The Least, Use Home Remedies Instead Of Chemical Products Available In The Market.

Natural ingredients like honey, tomatoes, lemon juice, aloe vera etc. are not only effective in providing you that clear face you desire but they also are free of any side effects. Go for home remedies for clear face in place of chemical products available in a market. It will be a cost-efficient choice too.

Natural Ingredient Purpose Usage
Honey To get supple and smooth skin ·         Apply directly on face, let it stay for 10 minutes and wash off

·         Mix with egg white and apply for 20 minutes, wash with gentle soap

·         Mix 3 tea spoons of honey with 1 tea spoon of cinnamon powder and apply overnight


Lemon Juice To fight acne and unclog pores  ·         Apply directly for 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water

·         Mix with egg white, apply for few minutes and wash off with warm water

Tomatoes  To tone skin ·         Make puree and apply directly, wash off after few minutes
Tea Tree Oil To get rid of pimples  ·         Apply directly on pimples and acne for few hours
Aloe Vera To avoid acne and pimples 

·         Apply aloe vera gel or juice directly on face, wash off after its dry

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