7 Historical Places to Visit in Snow Shoveling West Virginia

7 Historical Places to Visit in Snow Shoveling West Virginia

West Virginia: History recalls itself. To get indulged into the history, West Virginia is the best place to visit. But there are many great travel tips; you can follow to take the pleasure of rich heritage of the state.

West Virginia
West Virginia

Also, you can choose any of the travel vacations to visit from the list of many. From cultural museums to national historical parks, you can get a plenty of things to make your dreams come true if you are a history lover. If you want to explore the West Virginia history, you can use the below-mentioned tips to travel around:

  1. Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

It is a 184.5 long canal, was manufactured at the time while mules were essential than horsepower. It is now known as a national park and offers an attractive and beautiful appearance back to a past era of commerce. What can you do? If you are going to this place in the summer or spring months, it is important to get a chance to view the replica packet boat pushed by miles as in the past.

  1. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

History fans might first imagine about Harpers Ferry as the destination John Brown led his insurgency against bondage. This location has a more in-depth history that involves the site of the original fruitful and great American rail and house to one of the primary integrated schools or centers in the country.

  1. Grave Creek Mound

It is a huge burial mound, which is approximated to include about 60 thousand plenty of earth. You can visit this place, one of the biggest burial mounds of the Adena persons, an initial Native American group. It is imagined to have been made more than 2000 years before.

  1. Wheeling Suspension Bridge

It is one of the oldest and famous operating suspension bridges all over the world. There is no need to worry about the 170 years aged history up to a great extent. This is a kind of a bridge, which has had some upgrades and repairs in the past. It was the original bridge that was built over the Ohio River in the year of 1830.

  1. Reber Radio Telescope

It is the best telescope, you have ever seen in your life. Now, you will be able to see this telescope on the ground of the best Observatory in Greenbank located in West Virginia, known as the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. At first, this kind of telescope was made at the parabolic antenna to do a proper research work in radio astronomy.

  1. Philippi Covered Bridge

It is also a bridge, which was the site of the first land combat of the Civil War. You can also go to this place, which is recently the only surrounded bridge in the nation that still serves a federal highway.

  1. Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine

It is another place to visit during the spring or summer months. If you are willing to visit this place to see the history of West Virginia, then these coal mines are a perfect option. This site will offer you a great and unique experience while traveling. Guided tours involve the history of the industry that has evolved the culture of the region.

Tips to use

To book the hotel while traveling to any of these places, you need to seek for a professional travel company. There are professionals with many years of experience in the tourism industry, who can help you in getting the most out of your travel vacation. Moreover, you can book your airline tickets online to save you tremendous time and money.

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