7 innovative smart home devices you didn’t know existed

Big brands like Amazon, Google, Philips Hue and Arlo are famous for their smart home innovations, but hundreds of smaller competitors are pushing boundaries as well. In fact, when big brands focus on general issues, many smaller brands deal with more focused topics, which makes them a better fit if you can find the right one. If you’re more into lawn maintenance, smart gardening, or cybersecurity than color-changing lightbulbs, these creative gadgets might be for you.

These are seven of the most interesting but difficult to categorize smart home accessories on the market right now.


We tested robotic lawn mowers here at Tips Clear, and while they’re definitely cool, they’re pretty expensive too. But mowing the lawn can be even more energy efficient and much quieter with an electric mower. Ego’s $ 500 push mower may not be connected to the internet, but it’s just as clever and innovative as everything else on this list. Sure, $ 500 is more than most push mowers cost, but that extra cash will save your eardrum (thanks, electric motor), your time (it takes 30 minutes to charge), and your money (no more gas rides) in the long run ). Read Tips Clear’s analysis.


If you have a garden or lawn like mine that needs water every morning but you hate putting on clothes to turn off the sprinkler at 7 a.m., the Eve Aqua is a smart, simple solution. You plug it in between your spigot and your hose, schedule the app, and voila! Your sprinkler will now water with a preset timer.

Eve has an app, but it also works with Apple’s Home app and Siri.


With voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant quartering most connected home devices, the smart home hub seems like a relic of a bygone era. However, Hubitat’s Elevation Hub offers a level of privacy that cannot be matched by its larger competitors. For $ 90, the Hubitat hub handles all of the automation and voice control (with Alexa and Google Assistant) locally and not in the cloud.

For many consumers, the added privacy is not worth the cost and setup. For security and privacy-conscious customers, Hubitat may offer a clever, reasonably priced solution to the rapidly growing problem of data collection in the big tech space. Read the coverage from Tips Clear.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

So you have a remote controlled ceiling fan but keep losing the remote and still only use the wall switch? Bond has the answer. Basically, it connects your ceiling fan with an app, with Google Assistant or with Alexa. Then you can stow away the remote control and instruct your voice assistant to turn the fan on or off. Read Tips Clear’s review.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

The Echo Flex is a kind of all-rounder. It has an Alexa speaker and a USB port for adding a module, from motion sensors to night lights. The Flex is a great device for bringing Alexa’s smarts into the nooks and crannies of your house that don’t deserve a full speaker, but where it might be nice to have quick access to setting timers. The modular design also means that you get some cool additional features to make the gadget more safety-oriented or more helpful for lighting a dark hallway at night.

Pretty much anyone using Alexa could find a useful place for the flex. Read the review from Tips Clear.

Wyze Labs

Smart cameras are becoming more affordable, but no company has exceeded that limit more than Wyze. Your $ 20 camera is a fantastic product for the price, but I prefer your Sense Starter Kit even more. The camera has to connect to your phone app which is the only downside. For $ 20, it includes a motion sensor, two door / window contact sensors, and a bridge to connect to the camera. This is a really solid business and useful for anyone traveling or just wanting that extra level of security at home. Read the coverage from Tips Clear.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

A smart home remote control may not seem like the most interesting device, but listen to me: this illuminated dodecahedron controls your smart lights and other home accessories when you turn it to different sides. Sure, it can’t be most Handy way to turn off the lights, but you’re guaranteed to feel like a James Bond villain doing mundane chores – and that alone deserves praise. Read Tips Clear’s review.

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