7 Most Preferred Walking Tours In Switzerland You Can Try In 2020

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Home to grand lakes, quaint villages and the high peaks of the Alps, Switzerland is a heavenly mountainous destination. Believe us when people describe Switzerland as “heaven on earth”, they are not wrong. It is one of the best and favorite holiday destinations of people worldwide. Switzerland is a hiker’s paradise, giving you the perfect blend of fresh mountain air, snow peaks and the rich plains of Alpine. Come to this heavenly place and explore the dramatic landscape and Swiss countryside with the best Walking in switzerland.

7 Iconic Walking Tours in Switzerland

If you are wondering “Why is tourism in Switzerland bustling?”, Then you should go through this article to clear your doubts. We have prepared a list of the best walking trips in Switzerland that will give you a taste of its greatest architectural sights, glacial lakes, serene valleys, majestic waterfalls, outdoor sports and rugged mountains on your next trip.

1. Zurich City Walking Tour

Zurich city


Come to Zurich and explore the rich heritage and historical value of this city, which is by far the best in Switzerland. The backdrop features snow-capped Alps, striking Old Towns, a variety of art galleries, and a spectacular nightlife that you can expect from this Swiss city.

Walking around the city of Zurich in Switzerland, tourism is something to do at your leisure. Exploring this Zurich on foot is the best way to see and understand it. Famous for wine and cheese, this largest city in Switzerland is a center for music, street parades and music. Take to the streets of this city and see its contemporary, vibrant culture, historical monuments, food and more.

Duration: 4 to 5 hours
Places to visit: Zurich Downtown, Paradeplatz Square, Fremünster Church, Lindenhof, Langstrasse, ETH Campus, Lake Zurich and Berkclipztz, Kunthaus Zurich, Limtmakye and Ratbok
Best Hotel: Zurich Marriott Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich Airport, Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich, Hotel Adras Zurich
Best Restaurant: Restaurant Opera, Marktzerhe, Restaurant Gruntal Zurich, La Fonte, Zaatar

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2. Interlaken City Walking Tour

    Interlaken city


Next on their list of must-visit excursions in Switzerland is definitely to Interlaken. It is a hidden jewel in the middle of the Alps of Switzerland, with a lot of secret walking spots that you have been waiting for. Take a walk with your fellow peers and explore traditional aspects of Swiss culture in local and authentic settings. Not the busiest place in Switzerland, but definitely worth exploring and is famous for mountain related sports.

Take a walk in this city, visit the fields, feed the farm animals and taste the fresh and produced cheese. Also, the city is full of stunning lakes, do some traveling on your Swiss walking tour and don’t forget to capture pictures for your social media.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Places to visit: Thun Lake, Lake Brienz, Array River, Gesbach Falls, St. Beatus Caves
Best Hotel: Hotel Shale Swiss, Hostel Alpose Interlaken, India Village, Hotel Bellevue
Best Restaurant: Restaurants Luegibrueggli, Goldener Anker, Velo Cafe & Bar, Little Thai, Migros Restaurant

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3. Jungfraujuk walking tour



Jungfraujch Swiss walking tours are famous among the locals and experience the best of Swiss holidays. You have to take a train from Interlaken which will drop you to the top of the hill from where you can explore this beautiful place covered with snow. Jungfrau is a UNESCO World Heritage at a distance of 3000 meters.

To admire the grand expanses of the largest Alectus glacier, you can stop at the Eger Glacier and start walking the Sphinx. You can also hike downstream from Ager to Klein Shaheedag, which is no more than 40min. Behold the natural splendor of the place, play with snow and make your vacation completely memorable. Just forget the world and soak yourself in the natural beauty of a gorgeous snow-capped mountain. If necessary, you can view this natural landscape in a way that suits you by choosing a private tour. Many options are available.

Duration: 8 hours
Places to visit: Trummelbach, Eger Glacier, Sphinx Observation Deck, The Elets Glacier, Ice Palace
Best Hotel: Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa, Hotel Interlaken, Hotel Beaucaite, Hotel Vis Kreuz
Best Restaurant: Barracuda Cafe & Bar, Arcobaleno, The BEEF Steakhouse & Bar, Creperie La Chouette

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4. St. Moritz Private Walking Tour

St. Moritz Pvt.


Long amidst the beauty of nature, you visit this popular destination. Beauty combined with ultimate luxury is the best way to describe this place. You can also take a private tour in St. Moritz for your Swiss tour. A well-trained guide will take you to some of St. Moritz’s most popular attractions. Time, accommodation, customization will be done as per your choice and taste. If you want to do something different, arrive in St Moritz style by riding on the Glacier Express from Jermet.

Duration: 2 hours
Places to visit: St-Moritz Bader, frozen lake, museum, park,
Best Hotel: Hotel Loudinella, Hotel Waldhaus MC, Soldanella
Best Restaurant: Veltlinariler, DIE HUEHNEREI, Restaurant Engiadina, Hotel Piz Restaurant & Pizzeria

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5. Lugano Architectural Walk with a Local

Lugano Architectural


Make the most of your Swiss walking holiday by taking a local walking tour to Lugano’s most cherished architectural sites. Take an architectural tour to this pot-packed destination and discover it all. It is one of the most favorite Swiss Walking Tours, where you get to explore the most fascinating historical buildings and learn about the history of each structure from the local. Also, knowing the changes in the modern times of this city while retaining its uniqueness.

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Places to visit: Lake Lugano, Monte San Salvatore, Santa Maria degli Angioli, Valle Verzska, Monte Bray, Belinjinum Palace, Lugano Old Town
Best Hotel: Hotel Admiral, Villa Sassa Hotel, Residence & Spa, Suitenhotel Parco Paradiso
Best Restaurant: Irish Pub Sorengo, Restaurante Antico, La Veranda Restaurant, Grotto Morchino

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6. Private walking tour to Davos

Private walk


Pack all your essentials and head for a holiday in Switzerland to see and know all this. Davos is an impressive city with equally impressive sites and locations. It is the largest ski resort located in Davos and home to many exciting hideaway routes. It will also be fun to walk to family friendly sites like Pischa, Madrisa and Reinhorn.

You can book a private walking tour in Davos where you will get to see the popular tourist attractions of this city. The best thing about choosing a private tour is that you have to customize the package according to your taste, preference and time.

Duration: 2 hours
Places to visit: Flula Pass, Valeant Arena, Lake Davos, Kirchner Museum Davos, Eau-la-La
Best Hotel: Hard Rock Hotel Davos, Hilton Garden Inn Davos, Hotel Waldhus Davos, Stegenberger Grandhotel Belvedere
Best Restaurant: Glow by Armin Amrein, Restaurant Extrablatt, Montana Stube, Bistro Angelo

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7. Lucerne Walking Tour



If you are on a Swiss holiday, Lucerne needs a special mention in the list of wandering in Switzerland. Lucerne is centrally located, the most compact and most luxurious city in Switzerland. It also serves as a gateway to the Alps and is known for its excellent medieval architecture preservation. You can walk through the vibrant old city of this city, do some sightseeing and admire its beauty. Due to the compactness, it is quite easy and fun to roam and explore Lucerne. The town hall is walking distance to the railway station and is the biggest attraction among all tourists.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Places to visit: Mount Pilatus, Chapel Bridge, Lake Lucerne, Mount Rigi, Old Town, Lion Monument, Spearbrook
Best Hotel: Hotel Central Luzerne, Hotel Anchor, Hotel des Balance, Hotel des Alps, Kasada Boutique Hotel
Best Restaurant: Villa Schweizerhof, Stern Luzerne, Riemont Gastronomy, Khoa Vientiane, Manor Restaurant Remora

Travel tips to travel in Switzerland

  • Buy Zurich Pass It is great for the money and allows free entry to forty Zurich museums.
  • Drinking in fancy bars is not cheap, but hostel bars and grocery stores offer cheap drinks.
  • Try lunch special offers provided by the café.
  • Meat is quite expensive. If you want to save money then avoid vegetarian food.
  • Traveling by buses, trains or trams is cheaper than taxis.
  • Travel during the summer as there are many free activities in Switzerland during that time.
  • Don’t forget to try Swiss Chocolate.
  • Wear appropriate hiking shoes or sports shoes.
  • Carry a light jacket even in summer.
  • Try skiing on hundred mile ski trails.
  • Take some cash on prepaid tours too.
  • Carry a water bottle and refill it on several free water filters.

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All ready to try these walking tours in Switzerland and see a different side of this wonderful country? We guarantee you that you will be surprised to see the real charm of this country and fully enjoy your vacation in Switzerland! Not to mention, they are very cheap, keep you on toes, and are usually all inclusive.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Walking Tours in Switzerland

Q. Is it expensive to travel to Switzerland?

a. Switzerland is considered one of the most expensive regions in the world, apart from Geneva and Zurich.

Q. What is the best time to visit Switzerland?

a. April, June, September and October are the best months to visit Switzerland when the weather is welcomed and places are less crowded.

Q. Do I need a visa to Switzerland?

a. Citizens of the EU, EEA or Schengen area do not require a visa to travel to Switzerland. However, they can only last for a period of 90 days.

Q. Can I go to Switzerland with a Schengen visa?

a. Yes, one can visit Switzerland with a Schengen visa and explore cities with complete freedom.

Q. How much does it cost to travel to Switzerland?

a. The cost usually depends on whether you are traveling solo or with a group holiday or Swiss tourism. However, the minimum amount you need starts with Rs. 1 lakh per person.



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