7 Renowned Furniture Store Logo Designs – Because Furniture Makes Homes

Furniture can only be an object, but it completes the house and makes it a home. That’s why people pay particular attention to the type and quality of the furnishings they buy.

Below are mentioned some renowned furniture store logo designs that have become home symbols of trust and quality through their branding strategies.

1. Rooms To Go:

This brand consists of a rectangle with soft edges with the company name written in it. The whole letter ‘O’ in the name is filled with different colors and the background of the rectangular is dark blue which makes it difficult to overlook this image. A factor that distinguishes this design from the rest is the small arrow pointing to the right which represents the forward direction of the company.

2. Ashley Furniture HomeStores:

Their trade name is enclosed in a house-like form which consists of the trade name in three different types of characters. The prominent colors in the emblem are blue, orange and yellow which make this image captivating.

3. Imports of pier 1:

This is one of the simplest projects of all. Contains the trade name in straight dark blue characters that add a classic and ageless touch to the emblem. It is the simple processing of the image that makes it so elegant and distinct. The clever choice of dark blue color shows that customers can easily trust this brand.

4. American signature:

Although the trade name says “signature”, the emblem does not contain a signature. Instead, it consists of simple and straight characters that are accompanied by a small image of a sofa.

5. Ceramic barn:

This trade name makes you think of second-hand shops and second-hand avenues, but their brand presents a completely new image of the company. It makes the company high class and chic. The classic combination of black characters on a white background adds an ageless impact on the design.

6. IKEA:

The blue and yellow colors of the emblem together with the thick blue characters enclosed in an oval shape is one of the most famous images in the furniture world. The straight and thick fonts of this general store logo have remained consistent over the years, making it a symbol of trust, comfort and reliability.

7. American furniture warehouse:

Their company name is made up of the name of the country that set the whole theme of the emblem. It consists of the trade name in stripes and stars in the national colors red, blue and white. The small yellow star in the center adds a touch of fantasy to the design and makes it magical.

In conclusion, before creating an image for your furniture store, decide on the general theme; if you want to make it patriotic, contemporary or loud. Then start the design process accordingly.


by Jesicca Thompson

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