7 Wedding Venues In Ahmedabad For Getting Married In 2021!

Wedding venue in Ahmedabad: With the Sabarmati River running through the center, Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat. The city has a flourishing economy as it is the second largest producer of cotton and the second oldest stock exchange in the country.

Apart from all these badges that bring glory to the state of the city, there is also a list of wedding venues in the city which is a sure shot among the people. Wedding venue in Ahmedabad It is equipped with many features that mark it as your favorite pick for D-Day. You may not want to miss this list. So, go ahead and see what is the treasure for you in Ahmedabad.

7 Wedding Venues in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is known for its culture and tradition, cotton textiles, diamond cutting and amazing street food places. Apart from all this the city is also a very good destination for weddings due to its overall splendor. The city is quite a favorite for people from all over India, who come for a wonderfully luxurious destination wedding. To make your special day more extraordinary, we have prepared a list of wedding venues in Ahmedabad which will give you a little easier work.

Wedding venue in Ahmedabad-Grand fest hall
Wedding venue in Ahmedabad

1. The Grand Bhagwati

It is a very good place for vegetarians and the price per plate is around Rs. 1100. They have three halls and can seat 200 – 1200 people at a time. You can conduct functions like turmeric, mehendi, music etc. along with wedding ceremony. They provide stunning views with simple interiors and decent seating arrangements. Anyone can decorate the venue for the wedding as they wish. There are three party areas with an average capacity of 200–1200 people. With all these under one roof, it is one of the best wedding venues in Ahmedabad.

Features are

  • Food and decorations are provided by the venue
  • All vegetarian food available
  • Multiple banquet halls available.
  • Parking for 250 vehicles
  • 35 rooms available @ Rs 3000-4000
  • No alcohol allowed
  • Non-cancellation and booking amount of 1 lakh rupees

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2. Hyatt

Hyatt’s boutique hotel is a very beautiful option for a special day like a wedding. The grand room provides a comfortable accommodation for all guests. The Hyatt has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for all your guests to taste. The price per plate is Rs 1200 for a wedge and Rs 1250 for a non-veg. The Hyatt Décor adds a special touch to your wedding as it has three party areas with an average capacity to perform various tasks between 300-600 people.

Features are

  • Lawns for outdoor events
  • Vishal Banquet Hall
  • Open decoration
  • Food and decoration from the venue
  • Non-vegetarian food is served
  • Parking space for about 400 vehicles
  • 178 rooms available Rs. 7000-8000 per room
  • 25% amount to be paid at the time of booking
  • No alcohol allowed

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3. Grand O7 Suite and Convention

It is an ideal venue for both social and corporate functions. It has posh lavish lawns, comfortable rooms, amazing decor and unique flavors of vegetarian food, which makes this place a must-see from outside. In addition, there are 7-8 party zones inside the venue with an average capacity of 200-6750 people. One of the grand wedding venues in Ahmedabad, it also serves as a perfect place to start a new journey of life and journey together.

Features are

  • In home decoration
  • Lawns for outdoor events
  • In house caterers
  • no alcohol
  • Parking space for 1600 vehicles
  • 190 rooms available per room Rs 3000-4000
  • 35% advance payment at time of booking
  • Rooms available for stay

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4. Courtyard by Marriott

The venue is good for both social and corporate events and for all pre wedding events. The place offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at a price of Rs 1550 and Rs 1700 respectively. The grand décor by Marriott has an extra place of sophistication. The venue has more than 5 party areas which makes the system clutter free. With an average capacity of 100–800 people, one can definitely look forward to hosting a gala event here.

Features are

  • Open decoration
  • Many places available
  • Skilled staff member
  • Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is allowed
  • no alcohol
  • Parking space for 150 cars
  • 164 rooms are available for Rs. 5000-6000 per room
  • 100% advance payment at time of booking

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5. Umaid Hotel

The hotel is a very good venue for both wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies. The venue is located very close to the airport road and therefore it is convenient for guests. The hotel caters for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at Rs 1100 and Rs 1300 per plate respectively. There are comfortable rooms available for living in 4 party areas, as well as an average capacity of 100-1000 people. It is one of the ideal wedding sites in Ahmedabad.

Features are

  • Many banquet halls and lawns
  • Open decoration
  • Alcohol is allowed at this venue
  • Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are available
  • 300 vehicles parking space
  • 30% advance at the time of booking
  • 91 rooms Rs. 7000-8000 per room available
  • Rooms available for stay

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6. Novotel

Especially a venue for the quality and amazing set of employees working under them. The venue serves equally good food in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories, with dishes priced at Rs 1199 and Rs 1499 per plate respectively. This atmosphere captivates everyone and the decoration is included in it. There are two party areas with a special banquet hall with a maximum capacity of 550 people. The surrounding environment as well as the lush green landscape make it a great venue for weddings.

Features are

  • Open decoration
  • In home decorators and caterers
  • Vishal Banquet Hall
  • no alcohol
  • Parking space for 150 cars
  • 222 rooms available Rs. 7000-8000 per room
  • Green landscape
  • 50% advance payment at time of booking

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7. Radisson Blu Hotel

It is another beautiful venue suitable for both pre-wedding and wedding schedules. The place has an attractive atmosphere that makes everyone feel comfortable. Radisson Blu provides many spaces that can be used for many tasks according to their needs. There are 2 halls with a capacity of 250 people with a terrace. The venue is also proficient in open decor and is equally good for both pre-marriages and wedding ceremonies. One of the ideal wedding destinations in Ahmedabad, be sure to put it on your list.

Features are

  • Open decoration
  • In home decorators and caterers
  • Prime location
  • Non-veg food available
  • no alcohol
  • Parking space for 55 vehicles
  • 115 rooms available Rs. 6000-7000 per room
  • 60% advance payment at time of booking
  • Great for both pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies

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Ahmedabad is a city that is very welcoming and provides an environment that makes everyone very comfortable no matter who is a guest. The same applies to those who are ready for the wedding ceremony in Ahmedabad. The city has so much culture and tradition that it provides ample opportunities for marriage in this city.

There is total enjoyment from shopping to the last day of celebration. Marriage venues in Ahmedabad provide royalty at the same place everywhere. Beautiful decors with an amazing location will create such a spectacular view that no one will ever forget that special day of your life. So, plan your destination wedding in Ahmedabad and see the true beauty of this place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Venues in Ahmedabad

Q. Are weddings expensive in Ahmedabad?

a. Weddings to be held in Ahmedabad are not necessarily expensive. There is a place that offers you a wonderful wedding scope in a very cost effective way. The expenditure depends on the spending capacity of a person.

Q. Do they serve alcohol at weddings?

a. Since Ahmedabad is a dry state, liquor will not be served in most places nor will they bring liquor from outside.

Q. Can you do wedding shopping in Ahmedabad?

a. Yes, one can do wedding shopping in Ahmedabad, as it has shops for everyone.

Q. Can we have a small banquet hall in Ahmedabad for marriage?

a. There are all types of banquet halls in Ahmedabad, which are available at every preferred price rate as per your convenience and according to your desired location. Since Ahmedabad is a city with all kinds of spending capacity, all types of places exist in that city and what kind of need you have.

Q. Is it punishable to consume alcohol in Ahmedabad?

a. Yes, alcohol consumption is a punishable offense in Ahmedabad but there are very few alcoholic places in Ahmedabad.

Q. What to buy in Ahmedabad?

a. Ahmedabad is known for its saree market, diamond market and hence one can shop for a good wedding in the city.

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