8 Best Cottages In Kullu That Are Perfect For A Staycation!

Kullu is a hill station for adventure seekers and hopeless romantic people. Enjoy the tranquility of cedar and cedar forests walking in peace. Enjoy the beautiful landscape, breathtaking view of outdoor and adventure activities and participate in music festivals. There are many places of sightseeing and tourist attractions that provide a unique experience. Choose one of these Cottage in Kullu Between natural settings and get ready to experience something spectacular. Get a unique experience of pastoral living in these forests nestled in greenery and mountains.

Top 8 Cottages in Kullu

All mentioned below Cottage in Kullu An impeccable experience is hidden in its lap. From basic amenities to additional services, these cottages have a lot to offer. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at this tailor made list of cottages yourself!

1. Kullu Valley Cottage

Beautiful hut


Nestled in a beautiful location amidst the greenery, the hut is surrounded by gardens and offers excellent mountain views. The bedrooms are fully furnished and the property has a dining room, river view and the bedroom a balcony. It is a good cottage to hang out with children as it has a children’s playground. Outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, etc. are planned.

You can enjoy your breakfast in the outdoor setting to get a beautiful view of the valley. You can avail bike tours, hiking and hiking for an additional fee. Hot spring baths are also provided at an additional charge. Pets are allowed and barbecue facilities are provided on the property. It is a storied hut that gives an excellent view of the surrounding nature. Camp sites are close to this property.

place: Dobhi, Kullu
cost: Starting at 803 INR
salient feature: It is one of the affordable properties located in a beautiful location

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2. Ojus Wooden Cottage

Stay in a comfortable hut


You can book the entire cottage which has 3 bedrooms. All rooms are clean and the hut is surrounded by greenery. The host is super friendly and hospitable. Free parking is available at the property. You can cook delicious food in the kitchen and watch some entertainment TV which is placed in every bedroom. You also get a view of the Beas River which flows at a viewable distance from the property.

You can spend time in the kitchen and it is a good time to be in this hut. The place is work friendly. You can get free access to the gym and enjoy your workout routine. All basic facilities are provided, so that you can stay in the hut comfortably. It is one of the best budget cottages that you can choose which comes with all the facilities you need.

place: the existence
cost: Commencement Form 760 INR
salient feature: You can book the entire cottage for a reasonable price and come with an excellent view of the mountains and the river.

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3. Anand Vatika Cottage

Cottage with a beautiful location


It is a beautiful place surrounded by flower gardens and lush green seas. All rooms are very clean. The rooms have wooden furnishings and excellent interiors. You can go on trek to Malana and nearby villages. It is one of the best budget cottages for family, solo and group travelers. This is a 2 bedroom cottage, where you have to check in with Doraemon.

The rooms have bathrooms and all the facilities needed for a comfortable stay. The rooms have comfortable beds, the kitchen is also well equipped. It is surrounded by gardens where you can spend time in solitude. You can choose this hut for short term and long term stay. You can enjoy a cup of tea and have breakfast in the courtyard which offers a nice view of the surroundings.

place: Cas, kullu
cost: Starting from 900 INR
salient feature: A budget cottage surrounded by beautiful settings.

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4. Teja Wood Cottage

A wooden hut


Enjoy staying in a wooden hut surrounded by lush green environment and an excellent view of the mountains. It is a one-storey cottage which is well furnished and comes with excellent facilities for an affordable price. The living room, bedroom, and seating area feature gorgeous decor. The rooms have a balcony which gives an excellent view of the mountains and the landscape. The outdoor area has a swing and a large space where you can relax.

You can enjoy bonfire nights and barbecue in the outdoor areas. All rooms are clean and tidy. The cottages offer first-air services. You can enjoy cooking your own food in the kitchen which is equipped with all the amenities and facilities. Rooms are available at affordable prices and are suitable for solo travelers and couples.

place: Wil-Nangbag District, Kullu
cost: Starting at INR 1214
salient feature: A budget cottage with a beautiful view, clean rooms at an affordable price.

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5. Green Valley Cottage

Cottage surrounded by a large lawn


It is a 2 bedroom cottage suitable for couples and backpackers. It is surrounded by a large lawn, sitting area, and a swing. It is close to the Beas River and the landscape from every room gives an excellent view of the mountains. All rooms are clean with beautiful furnishings and fine furnishing and attached bathrooms. It is close to many outdoor and adventure destinations. You can enjoy walking, jogging, and spending time in the outdoor areas, enjoying the view of the beautiful mountains and the river.

You can rent the entire cottage for a cheaper price. Enjoy secluded and peaceful holidays in this hut. Luggage storage, car parking, and daily housekeeping are free services provided at this cottage.

place: Bandole, Kullu
cost: Starting at 2958 INR
salient feature: All rooms are clean and elegantly decorated. This is one of the budget cottages you can choose.

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6. Secret Cottage

Cottage surrounded by beautiful gardens


It is a beautiful hut close to the Beas River. You can book the entire cottage. For those wishing to spend time in solitude in peaceful and quiet settings, you can choose this hut. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is situated on a hilltop. Enjoy beautiful sunrise and sunset in this hut. It is located close to Manali and other places of sightseeing. The property is surrounded by cherry and almond trees.

Get a unique experience of staying in this quiet hut. The cottage is surrounded by a small garden where you can spend an evening enjoying the solitude. Families can choose this hut for staying in Kullu and honeymoon. You can enjoy cooking in the kitchen which is well equipped. Rooms are open for a beautiful view of the mountains.

place: Bandrol, Kullu
cost: Starting at 2800 INR
salient feature: This cottage is a dream to live in and one of the romantic accommodation for couples looking for a budget cottage.

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7. Kathakuni Cottage

Beautiful decor and interior design


A beautiful hut surrounded by beautiful settings. Breakfast is provided in the rooms. All you need to do is self-check in with the doomer. You have an excellent view of the valley from the rooms. All rooms have beautiful furnishings and interiors. It gives beautiful views of the Himalayas. Each room has an indoor fireplace to enhance the cozy veneer.

Wake up to a beautiful view of the mountains and feel a rejuvenation holiday on these settings. Staff is hospitable and 24 × 7 available to attend guest services. The property is surrounded by a beautiful garden and has an outdoor living area. You get to see the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset in this hut. The atmosphere of each room is exquisitely and brilliantly decorated.

place: Kullu
cost: Starting from 2200 INR
salient feature: A beautiful hut that offers a breathtaking view from every room and is available at an affordable price.

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8. Moonview Cottage

Bedroom scene


A beautiful cottage with rooms with exquisite furnishings and decorations. It is located close to most places of sightseeing and outdoor activity sites. You can enjoy cooking in a well-equipped kitchen. The bedroom offers an excellent view of the beautiful mountains in and around the surroundings.

The bedroom has extensive balconies where you can spend time with a sip of coffee or tea and enjoy the view of the mountains. The attached bathroom has all the amenities and hot water running. The host of the cottage is friendly and hospitable. The property is located close to most markets and it is easy to hike to various sites from here. It is one of the cheapest cottages in Kullu for families and couples.

place: Kullu
cost: Starting from 1000 INR
salient feature: This cottage has hiking sites and many things for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

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Enjoy your stay at these cottages in Kullu surrounded by panoramic views and beautiful sunsets. They are located in beautiful settings and are available with excellent facilities and at affordable prices. Enjoy the rhythmic sound of the Beas River flowing near most of these cottages and see the natural sights while visiting Kullu-Manali on a holiday.

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Frequently asked questions about cottages in Kullu

Q. Which are the cheapest cottages for backpackers and families to live in?

a. Moonview, Ojas Wooden Cottages, and Kullu Valley Cottages are the cheapest for families and backpackers.

Q. Which are the most romantic cottages for couples to live in?

a. The Secret Cottages and Kathukuni Cottages are the most romantic cottages suitable for couples stay which gives an excellent view of the mountains.

Q. What are the best cottages for backpackers?

a. Moonview and Anand Vatika cottages are ideal for backpackers. They are budget friendly and have all the amenities.

Q. Which cottage in Kullu is recommended for adventure seekers?

a. Choose Green Valley Cottage, Moonview, and Anand Vatika. You are a nature lover and want to live in a cottage that is close to places of adventure and outdoor activities.

Q. For those who want to spend time in solitude, which are the best cottages in Kullu?

a. The Secret, Kathkuni and Anand Vatika are the best cottages situated in quiet settings and the best cottages for solitude.

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