8 Best Hardwood Floor Vacuums to Purchase in 2020

Hardwood Floor Vacuums: Go Shopping to find the Finest wood-floor vacuums that are friendly

Hardwood floors can last life but require the ideal maintenance and cleaning. Everything from pet to dust and crumbs appear on hard surface floors, including laminate, wood, and tile. A vacuum intended for hardwood floors can be definitely an critical cleanup tool for keeping your floors pristine and scratch-free.

When many vacuums possess a brush roster with rigid bristles built to work up dirt concealed within carpet fibers, then a hardwood floor vacuum cleaner may have a milder approach. Many hardwood floor vacuums possess a brush roster with superb soft bristles, but some omit the brush-roll thoroughly. At precisely the exact same period, you are going to want to be certain the vacuum provides enough suction to catch debris and dirt without damaging it on a larger surface.

No matter whether you are searching for a vertical vacuum cleaner, an easy-rolling canister vacuum cleaner, or perhaps a cordless vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, all these high options provide lots of power, efficient functionality, and features equipped with bare flooring in your mind.

Hardwood Floor Vacuums
Hardwood Floor Vacuums

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

Ensure that your hardwood floors smooth and debris-free with a premier carrying vacuum, just like the Shark Navigator LiftAway. This versatile vacuum features loads of suction, also design for simple dirt disposal, and also the choice to brush roster shutoff to conserve the conclusion and texture of your hardwood floors. When used as a vertical version, you’ll easily find a way to pay lots of square footage shoving this light weight vacuum combined. In the event you have to vacuum the staircase or other raised places, it supplies a Lift Away canister vacuum cleaner option.

The reward of this Shark Navigator Lift-Away for hardwood floors could be how it’s soft enough to vacuum hardwood floors while offering ample suction to get heavy carpet cleaning. Just make sure you show the brush roll before bending over bare floors. The transition in one-floor setting into another location is simple and quick –you literally only flip a switch.

“Among those vacuum’s most important advantages is its own high-value dust cup–a remarkable 2.2 dry quarts–that will be practical twice the potential for additional Navigator Lift-Away models. This usually means that you need not drain the vacuum frequently.” — Sage McHugh, Product Tester

Eufy RoboVac 30C

Granite flooring have a tendency to easily display dust, hair, and soil, and a robot vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors can be a simple approach to maintain your floors clean and clean. Together with 1500Pa of suction ability, the eufy 30C suctions up the crumbs, pet hairdebris easily on timber, tile, laminate, and much low-to-medium heap tiled flooring. It gives self-charging capacities and whilst it will not map your house just like a few wise robot vacs, its own multiple cleaning styles get the business finished.

Even the eufy 30C offers 100 moments of rounding on bare floors, that will be very good if you are looking around for a hardwood floor robot vacuum cleaner. Even if it gets up the step to completely clean mountainous areas, the additional boost in power provided by this model helps to ensure it has enough suction to offer a profound clean while reducing electric batteries to approximately 4-5 minutes. At the close of its time, the eufy robot finds its way back into its own juices and pier up for the future. It’s possible to manually initiate the robot with the included handheld remote controller, by scheduling place Run times from the eufy program, or using harmonious smart dwelling assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

9 Best Cordless Stick Vacuums of 2020

Dyson Cyclone V-10 Stick Vacuum

A chainsaw for hardwood floors makes it easy and quick to catch messes where they happen–no more strings to wrangle outlets to locate. At precisely the exact same time frame, you desire a vacuum equipped with hardwood floors at heart to prevent harmful or rigid bristles. The Dyson Cyclone v-10 combines superior suction and also a delicate roller head supposed to wash bare floors in an instant’s notice. Another mind using a motor-driven beater-bar is comprised for carpeting along with cleaning at which overtraining is required, however you may not be requiring that for cleaning your own hardwood floors. Most the Dyson Complete’s attachments dock onto a two-wheeled charging channel which produces it an easy task to swap accessories and also have to work cleaning efficiently.

The most widespread complaint of this Dyson Cyclone v-10 is it has a cause you must holddown to surgery. The plan conserves electric batteries –it merely works when the cause is participated. But in addition suggests that in the event you own a great deal of square footage to pay, you can get sick and tired of needing to keep down the cause. Even stillthe flexibility and freedom of owning a vacuum for hardwood floors eliminates any explanations or hesitancy to pick the vacuum up to get messes little and large. At precisely the exact same period, this vacuum cleaner is able to manage daily cleaning responsibility having a 0.2 mill dust-bin and also a 40-minute run period.

9 Best Cordless Stick Vacuums of 2020

Shark Rocket Corded Stick Vacuum

A rod vacuum can be a lightweight and nimble alternative for vacuuming hardwood floors. As many popular models nowadays are cordless, that the Shark Rocket ultra-light is really a cordless variant. Do not let this frighten you off, that much-loved rod vacuum for hardwood floors features a severe up side down: No batteries that are dead! If you do not mind just a tiny cable control, this vacuum cleaner which weighs over 8 pounds attracts loads of suction into the cleanup party and can be excessively searchable, using a switch located below the handle to transition out of hard floors to carpeting. Additionally, it is quite nimble, as a result of aerodynamic steering along with a detachable dust cup which becomes a handheld vacuum to get concentrated cleanup up.

If you should be looking around to get a stick vacuum for hardwood floors which won’t ever stop trying on the occupation before you do, then then your Shark Rocket ultra-light is a excellent alternative. Only know you’ll either should wall-mount that the vac (hardware included) if it’s in storage or detach the dust each moment, since the machine is topheavy and wont operate by itself.

Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuums provide the ease of easy rolling across bare or hardwood floors. While rugs on average gain from the pulling and pushing motion of a vertical vac, the Bissell Hard Floor Expert canister vacuum cleaner supplies concentrated suction out of the timber floor attachment mind without scattering debris and temptations. The other floor-friendly feature could be that the sensed tread on each wheel, and forbid scuffs and scrapes because you wheel that this vacuum in 1 room to the following.

You’ll absolutely be impressed with what this version cando on hardwood concerning function and performance. But if you have carpeting or rugs rugs to vacuum well, you will be delighted to understand another flooring attachment for wrought iron surfaces is contained together side the Bissel hard-floor Expert vacuum. As the vacuum’s operation is typically judged upon its exceptional capability to completely clean bare floors, it is going to find the business done on surfaces that are soft too.

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner

If your animals are to leave their mark throughout hardwood floors, subsequently your unique-looking Bissell PowerEdge vacuum is all going to become your favourite household assistant. This light weight stick vac grabs attention to its vshaped foot–made to catch fur, soil, and debris which accumulates from corners or hovers under cabinets.

A very important thing about the hardwood floor vacuum cleaner for pets is that that it carries a delicate method of a bare floors and also a challenging position on dirt. No brushes or even moving parts touch the ground while you push the vacuum . As an alternative, a rubber strip onto the bottom of the vacuum head illuminates dirt via a toaster.

Miele Entire C-2 Hard-floor

In the event that you suffer with allergies, then you are going to love the sealed system structure of this Miele Entire c-2 hard-floor vacuumcleaner. This canister-style vacuum pops together on smooth-rolling canister brakes as it blows up rust, dust, and allergens readily, by virtue of its Parquet XL floor attachment. Once indoors, contaminants are trapped within the Miele Airclean dustbag, and also another air-filter cleans atmosphere until it’s expelled out of the machine. Losing this vacuum bag can be just a easy procedure, without the worries about potentially sucking in allergens throughout elimination.

Miele vacuums have a reputation for offering superior suction. While this vacuum polishes on bare floors, the added combination floor headset is versatile enough to vacuum rugs and low-pile carpeting. Still another favourite characteristic of users would be the simple fact that the attachments might also be safely stored in a compartment onboard the canister vacuum cleaner, in the place of being clipped on the surface.

Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum

Ensure that your bare floors stay clean without cleansing your pocket by searching for a reasonable hardwood floor vacuum cleaner. The Bissell Zing vacuum cleaner is a favorite alternative to get a budget vacuum which needs no bags to restore and will be offering exemplary suction capacities, specially to solid surface floors such as laminate, hardwood, or vinyl.

This funding hardwood vacuum will not have lots of fancy features however, it includes simple, efficient performance. An easy turn to the floorhead lets you show the brush roll off or on if glancing from bare floors to carpeted surfaces, or viceversa. The largest features of the version in accordance with users would be that the easy, lightweight design and effortless maneuverability, as a result of this 5-foot hose and oversize wheels. While this model some times gets negative feedback for lack luster performance on carpets, it’s really a superstar when acting as a wood floor vacuum cleaner.

What to Consider in a Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Vacuum design

Regardless of what manner of vacuum cleaner you would like, there is probably a variant especially intended for hardwood floors. Options comprise canister vacuums, which can be simple to drain, cordless vacuums, and which can be incredibly mobile, robot vacuums, and that requires minimal effort on the area, and also more. There are benefits to every type, therefore it is an issue which features work great with the way you live.


Based on what you intend to utilize your vacuum, then you might choose to prioritize certain attachments. Some popular options have been dusting, crevice, upholstery, and puppy attachments, most of that may come in handy throughout your home.


Lots of people do not believe of weight when buying a brand new vacuum, however, this really can be an integral aspect which may impact whether you fundamentally enjoy this item. A vacuum cleaner that is too thick will probably soon be an encumbrance to push around your house, but the one that is overly light can get pumped easily.

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