8 Best Robot Mops of 2020

Although this is an essential task – especially in bathrooms and kitchens – few people really like to wipe a floor. Imagine that you have something that can do it for you without complaining and that didn’t require buckets of water, a dirty mop, no effort to break back, or worse, settling on your hands and knees? Enter the robot mop.

Similar to their counterparts to robot vacuum cleaners, few robot mops are deep cleaners, but they do can Add an extra level of cleaning to your routine and reduce the number of times you need to do a thorough cleaning. The Good Housekeeping Institute’s home appliance and cleaning products laboratory evaluates hundreds of products every year, including specialized floor cleaners such as the pug and robotic vacuum cleaners. That means we know what actually works and what doesn’t when it comes to cleaning.

8 Best Robot Mops of 2020
8 Best Robot Mops of 2020

When we test a wet floor cleaning tool, we evaluate how well it absorbs dried dirt (such as sticky jelly and coffee droplets) that we applied to test floor panels installed in our cleaning laboratory. We also examine how easy it is to use and maintain and how much or how little water remains on wood, vinyl, and tile floors to assess possible damage.

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The following robot mops were selected based on brand experience, product information reviews, videos, and online customer reviews, and interviews with manufacturers:

Best overall robot mop: iRobot Braava Jet M6
Best Value Robot Mop: iLife Shinebot W400 floor washing robot
Ecovacs OZMO T8 AIVI: Best combination of robot mop and vacuum 
Best Value Robot Mop and Vacuum Combination: Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid
Most intelligent combination of robot mop and vacuum: Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid
Best robot mop for small spaces: iRobot Braava Jet 240
Best combination of robot mop and vacuum for large areas: Ecovacs OZMO T5
Quietest combination of robot mop and vacuum: Roborock S6

Are robot mops worth it?

Yes, especially for families with pets or young children, or for anyone who wants to keep their floors cleaner than they have the time or energy to devote. Most robot mops can get under low furniture and clean in corners and edges. However, they work best if you take up and straighten the space before starting the mop: like their vacuum counterparts, robot mops can get stuck on small obstacles. and can be confused in rooms crowded with furniture.

Just like using a standard bucket and mop, you must first vacuum or sweep up fluff and dust. You still have to manually clear large spills: very heavy floors can be a bit difficult to handle, but a robotic mop saves time and prevents dirt from accumulating, making you less labor and time consuming to do deep cleaning.

What to look for when buying a robot mop

First of all, you have to choose between the three types of robot mops – Wet mops, dry sweep and mop combos as well as mop and vacuum combos. Wet pugs spray water on your floor to loosen dirt, then wipe off the dirty liquid. Very few soak up the dirty water. Others who combine vacuuming or sweeping with mopping use wet disposable or reusable microfiber pads to wet-clean hard floors.

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Next, you should also consider:

  • B.attery life. Look for rechargeable batteries that last at least 90 minutes. If you have more room to clean, look for robotic mops that can be charged and resumed. After charging, you will return to the point at which cleaning was completed to complete the job.
  • Easy setup and maintenance. The simpler the better when it comes to charging the robot mop, filling and emptying the water tank, removing or replacing the cleaning pads, and setting it up to be cleaned once or regularly.
  • Security for floor surfaces. If your home is mostly wooden floors, make sure that the robot mop you choose is designed to clean this surface. All robot mops are safe for vinyl and tile floors.
  • Floor and carpet sensors. If you have a mix of carpet and wood flooring, choose a robotic mop that can make the difference. Some robotic mops have mapping functions that allow you to select only certain areas to be cleaned.
  • App integration. This is useful when you want to see what your robot is up to, access maintenance issues, or plan cleaning sessions in advance or during your absence. You can also set up restricted areas that should not be cleaned via the app instead of manually blocking the storage space.

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