8 Best Villas In Nashik To Book For A Perfect Holiday!

Nashik is one of the places in India that is not only historically important but mythologically holds a prominent place in the country. This city of Maharashtra is home to some of the oldest archaeological sites in India, which testify to the presence of early human settings there. It is one of the most sacred places in India as the Kumbh Mela is held at intervals of twelve years along with other holy places in India. The city was ruled by many famous rulers in the history of India, including the Peshwa, the Mughal and, finally, the British.

Many famous freedom fighters, filmmakers, musicians and other prominent personalities are from Nashik. There are many places in Nashik that are widely popular among tourists from India, such as Tapovan, Panchvati, Sita Cave, Ganga Ghat, Mineral Museum, Pandav Leni, Phalke Monument, Jain Temple, Mukti Dham, Sula Madira, Deolali Camp, Tarang, Stone Age sites, The Gangapur Dam and many more. If you are interested enough to plan a trip to Nashik, read this blog carefully. Here, you will find the top Villas in Nashik And every little thing about them.

Top 8 Villas in Nashik

Nashik has become a popular choice among believers and devotees. This has increased the properties covering the floor. Take a look at some of the best villas in Nashik that a traveler can book!

1. Casa Lake View Villa

Casa Lake View Villa


Villa Lake View Villa is an extremely high property located in Nashik, and there are reasonable reasons for this to happen. Not only is the villa spectacularly beautiful, but the view is quite breathtaking if offered from every corner of its complex. You will have access to three bedrooms with three bathrooms, dining area, terrace, full functional kitchen and other facilities during your stay in the villa.

Highlight: The property is located 16 km from Pandavalaini Caves, 16 km from Sundanarayan Temple and 37 km from Nashik Airport.
place: Casa Gris – Next to York Winery, Savargaon, Nashik.
cost: INR 23000 for the entire villa.
Booking.com Rating: 8/10.

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2. Jungle Safari Resort & Holiday Villas

    Jungle Safari Resort & Holiday Villas


Jungle Safari Villa is a property that is Nashik which is not far from Sundaranarayan Temple. The villa not only has a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, but also a courtyard where guests are allowed to enjoy a barbecue. The villa has three bedrooms with three bathrooms. You will also find fully functional kitchens and villas to use with dining and living areas. Apart from the facilities, you will get beautiful views of the Nashik mountains from any corner of the property.

Highlight: Villa is located 20 km from Nashik Airport.
place: Saputara-Nashik Road Vadgaonkar, Nashik next to Vijay Farm.
cost: INR 9900 for a three bedroom villa.
Booking.com Rating: 8.5 / 10.

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3. Countryside

Country farms


Nashik has a beautiful property in the countryside, situated amidst lush greenery of the garden which is closed in the premises of the property. It not only has three bedrooms, but also has three bathrooms. You will also have access to the villa’s living and dining rooms as well as the villa’s kitchen.

Highlight: The property is located 11 km from Pandavalaini Caves, 9 km from Sundaranarayan Temple and 29 km from Nashik Airport.
place: Pathardi-Goulane Road Countryside Farm, Nashik.
cost: INR 13000 for a three-bedroom villa.
Booking.com Rating: 9/10.

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4. Travelong Villas

If you want to escape the chaos of your daily life, then Tralong Villa is for you. Not only is the property situated amidst the magnificent beauty of Nashik, but the villa itself is also beautiful. With three bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, kitchen, this villa also offers a hot tub.

Highlight: The property is located at a distance of 54 km from Nashik Airport.
place: Bungalow Ji, 12 Bungalows Post Pimped Jategaon, Nashik.
cost: INR 18000 for a three-bedroom villa.
Booking.com Rating: 9/10.

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5. Saffron

Saffron potted


Saffron Rath Parnakutir is one of the most famous villas in Nashik, due to the spectacular view not only for its guests, but also the grand services that they offer to their guests as well. With five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a dining space, a fully functional kitchen, patio and an outdoor swimming pool, this villa also offers a majestic view of the lake. You also get to relax on the sun terrace which can be shared.

Highlight: The villa is located 30 km from Sundaranarayan Temple and 50 km from Nashik Airport.
place: Last number 204/2 At / Po. Talwade, Taluka Trimbakeshwar, Nashik.
cost: INR 31000 for a villa with a private pool.
Booking.com Rating: 9/10.

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6. Penny Farm Villa

Pani Farm Villa


The Pauni Farm Villa receives twelve guests at the same time, and is quite surprisingly inexpensive. The luxurious villa not only has an outdoor swimming pool, but also has a courtyard and lounge. The villa also has four bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a balcony, a fully functional kitchen with microwave and a fridge. You will also enjoy delicious Asian breakfast during your stay in the villa.

Highlight: The property is located 22 km from Sundaranarayan Temple and 35 km from Nashik Airport.
place: Girnare Vadgaon, Nashik.
cost: INR 21000 for the villa.
Booking.com Rating: 8.2 / 10.

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7. Red Tree Vineyard Bungalow

Red Tree Vineyard Bungalow


The red tree vineyard villa not only offers spectacular views of the lake, but it also provides free private parking space to its guests. The entire villa is air-conditioned with three bedrooms, a fully functional kitchen, a living room, and three separate bathrooms. This villa also has a terrace which allows you to easily see the grandeur of the surroundings.

Highlight: The villa is located 24 km from Sri Kalaram Sansthan Temple and 42 km from Nashik Airport.
place: 12-Bungalow, Dahegaon, Valdevi, Nashik.
cost: INR 12000 for a three-bedroom villa.
Booking.com Rating: 7.5 / 10.

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8. Wine City Villa

Wine City Villa


Liquor city villa is an affordable property located in the center of Nashik. The entire villa is air conditioned and offers rooms with balconies and private bathrooms. You will have the facility to use flat screen TV sets with cable connections and seating areas during your stay in the villa. The property allows its guests to use the free Wi-Fi connection for their guests during their stay in the villa. You will enjoy a delicious vegetarian breakfast every morning during your stay at the villa.

Highlight: The property is located 8 km from Sri Kalaram Sansthan Temple and 25 km from Nashik Airport.
place: 1, Lombodar Villa Hotel Near Seven Heavens, Patherdi Ki, Nashik.
cost: INR 1500 for a deluxe double room.
Booking.com Rating: 6.5 / 10.

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All the villas mentioned in the above list are all gorgeous and are conveniently located in a great location. You will have a great time in Nashik, regardless of any of the above villas in Nashik that you choose to spend your vacation. So, start packing your bags for the fabulous journey of your life. When traveling to Maharashtra on a family vacation, don’t forget to add these villas to your list!

Frequently asked questions about villas in Nashik

Q. Are there top villas that are good for families in Nashik?

a. Many villas are located in Nashik, which is great for families, including Casa Lake View Villa, Cool City Bungalow, Red Tree Vineyard Villas and many more.

Q. Which are some of the famous luxury villas in Nashik?

a. Nashik has a large number of luxury villas among tourists, which are quite popular among tourists, such as Saffron Stays Parnakuti, Casa Lake View, Saffron Stays Vipassana Villas, Saffron Stays Harmony, and many more.

Q. Name some of the top budget-friendly villas in Nashik?

a. You will find many budget-friendly villas around Nashik, which are quite popular among tourists, including Ecstasy Bungalow, Chandrakant Villa, Meluha Villa, Penny Farm Villa and many more.

Q. What is the average price of a villa in Nashik for one night?

a. You will be able to avail a villa in Nashik within the price range between INR 1300 and INR 29000 per night.

Q. Name some villas in Nashik which are perfect for young couples.

a. Nashik welcomes young couples without any problems, and you will find many villas that are quite famous among them, such as Wine City Villa, Dream Villa, Ecstasy Bungalow, and many more.

Q. By what name is Nashik Airport commonly known?

a. Another name of Nashik Airport is Ozar Airport. This airport connects all domestic airports sitting on the floor of the country.

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