8 Cherai Resorts For A Satisfying And Happy Trip To Kerala

Cherai is a small town in Kerala located on the Vipin island of Kochi. It is home to the Kottakkavu Mar Thoma Siro-Malabar Church, a church built by the Portuguese.

Apart from its historical significance, Cherai is also a pilgrimage site as it includes the Cherai Govdreshwar Temple (Palani’s version of Kerala) and the Azekal Sri Varaha Temple (and its infamous chariot). But another main attraction of Cherai, besides Cherai Beach, will be the elephant march organized by the Cherai Gowadeswar Temple. Therefore, a trip here is highly anticipated and the longer the trips, the more is required. So, here, we present to you the top Cherai resorts which provide a unique and delightful stay.

8 Best Cherai Resorts

Another important attraction of Cherai is its spectacular awesome resorts which are located in quiet places. Therefore, here is a list of 8 Cherai resorts for a pleasant stay, which are classified into specific budget segments:

3 Best Cherai Resorts Under 5K

For a start, here are three top notch resorts to stay under INR 5,000:

1. Les 3 Elephants

Lace 3 Elephants Resort


Les 3 Elephants is a holiday resort located near Cherai Beach. Les 3 elephants adopted traditional methods in its construction and therefore have a rustic appearance. It has 11 comfortable and simple-looking cottages equipped with various modern amenities (such as private bathrooms and free WiFi). Each hut comes with a private verandah which offers a spectacular view of the lagoon.

Les 3 goes a step further by providing traditional spa services to elephants. Les 3 Elephants also has an in-house international restaurant, tropical gardens and a library. Les 3 Elephants is a child friendly resort that provides exclusive beach access to its guests.

place: About 6 km from Cherai

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2. Grazing Beach Palace

Charai Beach Palace Resort


The Cherai Beach Palace is located close to most of its scenic spots (Cherai Beach and Pallipuram Fort). Cherai Beach Palace is a beach resort that offers traditional Kerala hospitality. Rooms are equipped with all basic amenities: high-speed WiFi, flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and a private balcony. Room service tops the class. The resort has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and offers conferencing facilities and spa services.

place: 10 min walk from Cherai

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3. 36 Palms Boutique Retreat

Date palm tree


The 36 Palms Boutique Retreat is the ultimate relaxation cruise as it takes its guests to an ethereal level of serenity. Its relaxation approach combines yoga with Ayurveda and takes its guests on a tour of Kerala traditions. It provides easy access to Cherai Beach and neighboring villages. 36 Palms Boutique Retreat offers world class rooms and room service to its guests. Guests have unlimited access to its infinity pool. 36 Palms Boutique Retreat also has airport service.

place: 6 km from Cherai

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2 Top Cherai Resorts Under 3K

The following resorts come well under INR 3,000 and have basic as well as premium level services:

1. Sealine Beach Resort

Beach Resort


Sealine Beach Resort is a wonderful resort that offers premium services to its guests at a reasonable price. Its rooms are equipped with free WiFi, flat-screen TVs and wooden furniture. The upgrade provides guests with air conditioning and balcony views. Whenever there is a living room in the suite room, there are other surroundings and comfortable ones.

Sealin Beach Resort has a rooftop restaurant. It also offers spa services and complimentary breakfast for guests. Sealine Beach Resort gives its guests access to the beach and is child friendly.

place: 10 minutes walk from Cherai

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2. Mare Blue Resort

Mare Blue Resort


Mare Blue Resort is possibly one of the most private resorts in or around Cherai. It is an ideal resort for couples. Mare Blue Resort has 10 beauty rooms, equipped with a private balcony, personal temperature control and free WIFI. Mare Blue Resort also has spa and relaxation services. It has an onsite beach restaurant that serves fresh seafood and also offers conferencing services.

place:Located 4 km from Cherai

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3 best grazing resorts under 2

Here are 3 simple and serene resorts that provide ultimate comfort and comfort:

1. Samudra Resort Munambam

Samudra Resort Munambam


Samudra Resort Munambam is a beautiful couple-friendly resort. Its rooms are warm and comfortable, equipped with interiors and modern amenities. It is a resort that particularly values ​​the privacy of its guests. It provides exclusive access to the Cherai Beach. The seaside rooms offer amazing views of the sea. This resort is the ultimate weekend getaway for couples or a group of friends.

place: Located 4.1 km from Cherai

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2. Palm Beach Villa Cherai Beach



Palm Beach Villa is the setting for the most child-friendly accommodation in Cherai Beach, Cherai as it has a play area for children and enough activities to keep them occupied. What makes the rooms extremely comfortable is the fact that they are soundproof; Meaning less disturbance. This resort also allows pets unlike most other establishments in Cherai.

The resort includes two-wheeler rental, four-wheeler rental, bicycle rental, water sports activities, boating activities and even fishing. It also offers backwater boat trips and sightseeing.

place: Located 2.1 km from Cherai

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3. PNA Resort

To the beach

Despite being away from grazing, the PNA resort establishes itself as an economic option. PNA Resort provides the following facilities to its guests: airport shuttles, free WiFi, in-house restaurant and laundry service. It is a child-friendly resort and provides greater accessibility for the physically challenged. The rooms are simple, bright and comfortable. Room service is exceptional and the staff are very friendly. The PNA Resort is a good option for tourists traveling in groups.

place: Located about 18 km from Cherai

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Charai is highly appreciated as a quiet and peaceful destination. You can plan a trip to Cherai for a holiday with your friends or family. Experience luxury, comfort and happiness by visiting any of the above mentioned Cherai resorts. Also, do not forget to share your comments and your experiences with us.

Frequently asked questions about Cherai Resorts

Q. In which month elephant march can be seen?

a. Tourists can see Elephant March during the last two weeks of January or the first two weeks of February.

Q. When is Cherai Beach open?

a. Cherai Beach is officially open on all days of the week between 9am and 6pm, but tourists and locals show up a little earlier and retire a little later, regardless of time.

Q. Is Charai Beach safe for swimming?

a. There is no restriction for swimming on Cherai Beach, but at times, especially during the monsoon season, the sea is known for being rough.

Q. Water sports activities are available at Cherai Beach?

a. Yes, there are many water sports activities available at Cherai Beach. Must enjoy water and adventure.

Q. What time does the Portuguese fort open and close?

a. The Portuguese Fort is open on all days of the week between 9 am and 6 pm and admission is free.

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