8 Things To Do In Lebanon That Will Make You Vacay Fun!

Lebanon is a delightful destination for a holiday and with so many beautiful unexplored and untouched beaches, rich history, numerous museums, natural landscapes and an active nightlife, Lebanon is the perfect blend of the ideal bucket list of every tourist. There are many incredible places that one can explore and many fun things to do on a trip to Lebanon.

Really, there are great Things to do in Lebanon – All of them, equally charmed and attractive. If you want to add the most interesting activities to your itinerary, check out our fun guide on the same. Scroll down!

8 best things to do in Lebanon

To enjoy a fun-filled holiday, these are the best 8 things you can do in Lebanon. Make sure you experience 8th!

1. Batteron: Explore luxury at its best
2. Won Grotto: Enjoy the underground world
3. Sour: Relax on the beaches
4. Kadisha Valley: go hiking
5. Beirut: Visit Middle East Paris
6. Baalbek: Take a dip in history
7. Batara Gorge Falls: Revelation in the best of nature
8. Jamil: Best nightlife experience

1. Batteron: Luxury at Best

The boats


Approximately an hour’s drive from the capital city of Beirut, this small town named Batroon is popular for its vibrant, stylish aura and energetic nightlife. The beach in Batroon itself is a sight and something for which you can reserve time, but the beach club featured in luxury is the reason to top this list, with friends and family in Lebanon. While the jacuzzis are floating overlooking the endless Mediterranean Sea at one end, there are other options such as Pierre and Friends, which offer a great experience in Lebanon with its serene atmosphere and friendly atmosphere.

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2. Zineta Grotto: Enjoy the Underground World

Zeta Grotto: Enjoy the Underground World


No vacation in Lebanon can be complete without a visit to the extremely famous Zeta Grotto Caves. The Jeita Grotto Caves are two separate, but interconnected, karstic limestone caves that span a long section of 9kms. These caves usually list things that happen in Lebanon, due to the unique and breath-taking experience.

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3. Sour: relax on the beaches

Relax by the beach


The southernmost city in Lebanon is the perfect place for beach lovers; It offers the best view of the vast stretch of turquoise blue water, with an ideal setting to be located on a beautiful strip of coast. Sauer, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has magnificent beaches that provide a cozy veneer and is a great option for those who want to dig up the crowds and spend some peaceful time in a gorgeous setting with unique scenic views. Not only can you relax on the beaches, you can also see the rich history and archaeological wonders of the place along with some fun in shopping! Exploring walks is definitely one of the best things for a couple in Lebanon and traveling with family.

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4. Kadisha Valley: Go Hiking

Kadisha Valley: Go Hiking


While Lebanon has ample options for beach lovers and history lovers, it is sure to captivate natural lovers with this incredible grand dig in natural beauty. A hiking to the top of the mountain in the Kadisha Valley exposes tourists to some of the best and breath-taking scenery that has ever been experienced. The hike will take you through lots of monasteries, picnic spots and beautiful waterfalls, which will make you fall in love with this destination even more.

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5. Beirut: Paris tour of Middle East

The statue


Beirut, Lebanon’s capital is an important place where you want to discover the vibrant culture and archaeological wonders of Lebanon. There are many great restaurants and bars in the city where you can taste the delectable cuisine of Lebanon and later, you can go to a party in the nightclubs! Beirut is often called the Middle East of Paris for a solid reason that it is a great place for shopaholics! There are many amazing stories where you can explore both high-fashion brands as well as local works of the country.

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6. Baalbek: Take a Dip in History

Baalbek: Take a Dip in History


Baalbek, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a journey for those wishing to learn about the history and culture of Lebanon. A center of old world attractions and archaeological wonders, Baalbek will take you back to Greek and Roman times. A true reflection of the archaeological meaning of Roman and Greek, it has the famous Baalbek temple which includes the two largest and magnificent temple ruins, the temple of Bachus and the temple of Jupiter.

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7. Bataar Gorge Waterfall: Nature in Best

Relax by the beach


A gorgeous 255-meter waterfall, which falls into the Bala Pit, and falls through the Jurassic Limestone Cave, the Batara Gorge Falls is one of Lebanon’s most ancient sites and exploring it is undoubtedly one of the best things to do on Lebanon. Is one. Your trip. You can take a day off and lose yourself in the surroundings of this quiet place and click loads of beautiful pictures!

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8. Jabil: the best nightlife experience

The boats


Byblos, locally called Jabil, is a place famous for its exciting and vibrant nightlife and has many restaurants and clubs to choose from. In fact, some of Lebanon’s best nightclubs are located here. With options such as The Archive Byblos, Froil, Pub and Cafe, Oasis among others, Jabil does not disappoint to expose tourists to a lively safe environment to celebrate during the night.

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The uniqueness and unending charm of the destination make Lebanon the perfect place to vacation with friends, family, loved ones and even colleagues! With so many things to do in Lebanon at your disposal, there will be little time left to feel bored. These activities will leave you with countless memories because of the generous range of adventures it has to offer you! So, get ready for a wonderful holiday as you plan your trip to Lebanon soon!

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Frequently asked questions on things to do in Lebanon

Q. What is the best time to travel to Lebanon?

a. The summer months of July – September are considered the best months to visit Lebanon because the weather is blissful and they are the least crowded months of the year.

Q. Where are the best beaches in Lebanon?

a. Some of the best beaches in Lebanon are:
1. Tire, sour
2. Byblos / Jabil
3. Beirut
4. Butteroon

Q. What are the best things to shop in Lebanon?

a. The best things to buy in Lebanon are:
1. Arabic sweets
2. Roasted Cashew Nuts
3. Silver Coffee Cup
4. Cedar Carving
5. Artisan Dresses

Q. What are the best restaurants in Lebanon for local cuisine?

a. Some of the best restaurants in Lebanon are:
1. M. Sheriff
2. Bediver Eatery and Tavern
3. T-Marbuta
4. Babel Restaurant
5. Phenicia

Q. What are some of the adventure games to try in Lebanon?

a. Some of Lebanon’s best adventure games are:
1. Rafting
2. Paragliding
3. Rock climbing
4. Bungee Jumping
5. skydiving



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