8 Tips for building a happy and strong relationship

Relationship : 8 Tips for building a happy and strong relationship

Relationship : A strong and happy relationship does not happen overnight. Any relationship grows stronger once you put some extra effort and some additional work. When ego comes in between any relationship, we all do things finishing the peace of the mind and increasing relationship stress level. For the most loving, strong and lifelong relationship we all need to follow some simple points and habits.

  1. In order to achieve success and keep moving forward, couple needs to be able to communicate well. They must truly discuss about their feelings, likes and dislikes. You have to be able to communicate things truly and honestly to one another that you normally do not to say to anyone else.
  1. Spend quality time with your partner to gain deep connection. Spending a few minutes before leaving home can help your partner feel loved. A goodbye kiss can do wonders for your relationship. Spend some quality time alone every night before going to sleep with your partner.
  1. Show your love and care to your partner –that someone special in your life. This could normally be done by giving flowers, cards, gifts, any act of gentleness, sweet talks, physical touch and many more.


  1. Maintain your sex life alive and fresh. Sex is more than just one simple thing. In any serious and loving relationship, sex is very important as it is a symbol of showing commitment, trust, and love for one another. 
  1. Never overreact to anything he or she says during the fight.  Try to be calm and not get offended easily and quickly. If you practice this, half of the issues and fights will be solved automatically and it will also stop multiplies the problem.
  1. Affection and closeness also keep a relationship sparking and healthy. Pamper your partner and treat him or her with extreme affection and excessive care. Give them a nice foot rub, have a deep bubble bath with your partner, dress up nicely, sometimes bake them a cake for no reason, let her sleep for some extra time and wake her up with a cup of coffee, give him a nice hot massage with oils.
  1. Stop arguing. A relationship is very important and should always be free from heated arguments to achieve a heart free from hatred. And if it is not possible to avoid arguments then go for a healthy and positive way to express emotions.


  1. Two happy people together make a happy relationship. Each one should be aware of what is best for the other. In case of disagreements, it should be understood that winning is not everything and sometimes it is good to agree to disagree.

Every relationship faces ups and downs and hence you cannot avoid fighting. We all should make our life simple and relationship beautiful by simply avoiding ego and respecting each other. Focus on what you value and appreciate in one another. Do not allow yourself to focus on the negatives of your partner and must be grateful to have that person in your life.

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