9 Causes for not being able to lose weight

9 Causes for not being able to lose weight

9 Causes: Are you continually fighting with your body weight? Are you exercising regularly, doing work out and eating the best way, but yet getting no results? Have you reached to a situation where you are not making any progress, in spite of trying so hard?

Now it is the best time to understand the cause of not losing weight.

Here we will discuss reasons of not getting success in losing weight and also try to understand the cause of gaining weight.



If you are doing too much exercise or not doing it the right way, you may end up with putting on weight. If you are not regular with your workout program, this may also lead to weight gain. In order to take maximum benefit of exercise, you must find out that exercises which you are doing are meant for weight loss or not.

Improper digestion is also one the reasons of gaining weight. The digestive system eliminates wastes and toxins from our body. Better digestion simply leads to easier weight loss. To better your digestive system, chew your food properly.

Drink more water

Not drinking sufficient water may also become one the reasons for weight gain. When you do not consume enough water, your body gets dehydrated and as a result, it cannot burn fat.

If you are not being able to lose weight, notwithstanding the fact you are eating well, then possibilities are you are eating the right food but in wrong combinations.

Drinking too much alcohol also contributes to weight gain. If you are a heavy drinker, all your efforts of losing weight will go in vain.

Make an effort to understand the connection between sleep and fitness. Not getting enough sleep could affect metabolism and results in gaining weight. Also when you are not resting enough, you would feel tired and hence you will eat more especially unhealthy foods for a quick burst of energy. One more factor to understand is that eating just before sleeping may also cause weight increase because the food will not get time to digest completely while you are sleeping.

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Keep blood sugar level

Go for a regime of reducing cortisol level and keeping blood sugar level stable. This would further help in controlling weight gain. Start taking protein in order to control weight as protein-rich diet balance the blood sugar level. Try to get rid of three big meals a day and switch to six small meals. Include the adequate amount of all necessary nutrients in your diet. Additionally, never skip a meal especially the breakfast.

It can make you really upset and frustrating when all your hard work of losing weight are not paying off. If this is the case with you, you should get your thyroid checked. Low levels of thyroid hormones may lead to unexpected weight gain.

For the purpose of losing weight, spare some time for the body a detox. Detoxification is a process of cleaning the body in order to remove impurities from the body. Add lots of fibers in your diet, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, practice deep breathing, start taking vitamin c, and reduce consumption of tea and coffee.

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