9 Food combinations to avoid

9 Food combinations to avoid

Reason to start thinking about food combination is to understand that different foods take different time to digest.  It is all about concept of time.  For best digestion it is recommended to take food in a compatible combination. In order to take maximum benefit of what we eat, we must understand some food combination need to be avoided. Stomach ache, fatigue, nausea and gas are some short-term effects of wrong food combination.  

These effects will be cured in few days. On the other hand, some wrong food combinations give severe problems which may persist for longer like weakness, dry skin, bad breath, rashes etc. It is vital to avoid these combinations in your diet:

Food combinations
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Melons and milk:

Melon and milk together is not recommended and consider as a bad food combination. Milk is a laxative and melon a diuretic. Milk takes a long time to get digested and melon is digested very quickly. Melon curdles the milk during the digestion process of milk and therefore this combination will upset the stomach.

Fruits after and with a meal:

The Fruits work like a sugar and need no digestion. Fruits digest in the small intestine quickly and not stay in the stomach for a really long time. But other foods take longer time for digestion and stay too long in stomach. Combining fruit with foods will hinder the digestive system and fruit sugar will ferment in the stomach.

Water with meals:

Drinking water during meals will dilute the digestive juices and enzymes in our stomach. Water makes stomach acid less active, and makes it harder to digest your food.

Banana with milk or curd:

Banana should not be eaten with milk or curd. This combination results in the production of excess toxins in the body. This is a toxin forming a combination which creates heaviness in the body.

Cereal with orange juice
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Cereal with orange juice:

Good amount of starches present in cereal and to digest starch enzyme is responsible. But orange juice is an acid fruit and destroy the enzyme that work to digest starches.

Animal protein with carbohydrates:

When we consume food containing animal protein and carbohydrates together, they do not get properly digested which results in indigestion.

Protein and protein combination:

Protein and protein combination is not good. It is not recommended to double protein in your meal as it is difficult for your body to digest large amounts of proteins.

Beans with cheese:

This combination can result in gas and bloating in the stomach and hence not recommended.

Avoid having desserts just after your meal:

In case you consume dessert after your last meal, you may feel uncomfortable, gassy and unavoidable put extra weight as sweet foods do not combine well with other food groups.

By practising having good combination of food, you will notice that you are eating meals which are nourishing your body. Good food combination helps your body to get more nutrients which further leads to improving digestive system.

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