9 Most beautiful streets in the World

9 Most beautiful streets in the World

Most beautiful streets: Ever had the moment when you are just walking on a road or some alley in some corner of the world? Then you turn a corner and come face to face with a beautiful street. The streets might not be sometimes that spectacular. But it just fills your heart with joy by its sheer simplicity.

There is so much of beauty around us, out there in the world. That it’s always difficult to keep calm and not head out. But we come across innumerable places and neighbourhood on this earth. That are pleasing to our eyes or melting our heart. Don’t feel bad that we cannot get to live there you can still visit them during your holiday.

Most beautiful streets
Most beautiful streets

Mykonos town in Mykonos Greece

The Mykonos town in Mykonos Greece is said to be a romantic place for honeymooners. Mykonos Town Street has whitewashed houses along with blue railing and green foliage around them. There are narrow lanes between the houses! That make the whole neighbourhood look even classier than you can see in the picture right now.

Agueda in Aveiro Portugal

The spectacular site is an art installation celebrating the festival. This narrow street is filled with opened vibrant umbrellas. As the temperatures rises in the city to offer a respite from the heat to the pedestrians. During the month of July the umbrellas are hung above some streets of Agueda. The medieval city is an interesting spot to visit. But with this artistic installation it is even more soothing and beautiful.

Cherry Blossom Avenue Germany:

Located in the German city of Bonn you can fulfil all your romantic fantasies walking down this wide avenue. During evening time enjoy the pink shaded lamp light. It acts as a heavenly wrap. This happy street gets more lit up during the annual Kirchblutenfest. Which is known for its live music and lip-smacking local food stalls.

Lombard street San Francisco

The Lombard street San Francisco is one of the most attractive streets. Lombard is loaded with criss-crosses that are without a doubt going to hypnotize you. One block and eight hairpin turns make up this street. It is very difficult and scary to drive on this bend. The street looks beautiful with its stunning greenery, flowers and not to miss out San Francisco views.

The strip Las Vegas:

If you wish to live a dreamy and stylish nightlife, the strip is a perfect place for you. This street is a home to some of the giant hotels, opulent monument and mind blowing games.

Via Galuppi

Burano Italy is situated on an Italian island this canal street is a Technicolor dream. Colourful painted houses with a canal in the middle is exactly what makes the street of Burano a dreamy place to live in. The idea behind painting the houses was to make the street look vibrant and also distinguish each other’s home. One can enjoy a boat ride along the streets.

Tunnel of love Romania

Tunnel of love Romania is an abandoned train rail. This location has since then named as the Tunnel of love. It is one of the most romantic destinations on Earth. It is believed by many that if two lovers walk through the tunnel hand in hand all of their wishes will come true.

Wisteria Tunnel Japan:

As you walk through this tunnel of flowers, wisteria blossoms hangs overhead like a sky made of brilliantly coloured flowers. For the most spectacular view of this garden you should visit between April and May.

Jacaranda in Pretoria South AfricaCovered with blooming Jacaranda trees for most months of this year. This is the most beautiful streets in the world. That looks no less than a fairy tale land. Be it driving through it or living in a house near it. You wouldn’t feel like leaving those purple paradises once you enter it.

Make sure to visit these beautiful streets to experience the different side of such place. Also check Tour Travel Hotels for more travel information. 

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