9 tips to pick up the right lipstick

Lipstick 9 tips to pick up the right one

9 tips
Lipstick 9 tips

Here are some tips for picking up the right color lipstick.

Is lipstick not sure which color would look best on your lips? While doing shopping for lipstick, finding the right lipstick for your lips can be confusing. But it is better knowing good lipstick, as you will be satisfied with the results of lipstick only when are aware of the information of picking up the right lipstick.  The best part of choosing a perfect color of lipstick is the fact that every woman can wear lipstick without any other makeup and looks gorgeous also.

lipstick1First of all, you should be well aware of the shape of your lips as it is a significant factor in choosing the right color of a lipstick. Darker colours of lipstick will make your lips smaller. And if you go for light colour, it will make your lips looks bigger.

If you are buying lipstick for everyday usage, choose a colour which is one shade up than your natural lip colour.

lipstick2You should get to know of your natural undertone before picking up lipstick according to your skin tone. Firstly look at the inside of your wrist and check your central veins colour. If the veins of your wrist are slightly green, you come in the warm group, and if they are bluish, you will fall in cool group. Women with warm skin tone should choose lipsticks of orange, reddish and brown colours and women with cool skin tone should choose lipsticks of pink and purple shades.

To pick up the right colour of lipstick, the rule of thumb goes for soft and light lip colours for daytime and choose bold and bright shades during the night.

lipstick3If you are blessed with fair skin, you should opt for nudes with little apricot shades, pink shades, bright reds, and deep colours. Women with darker skin tone would look gorgeous in Deep plums, berries and reds.

Regardless of skin tone, if you are a woman with pale lips, go for cherry red colour lipstick and on naturally red lips shades of hot pink and orange look great. On somewhat dark lips, brick red and burgundy are perfect.

lipstick4Working women who have very less time for makeup touch up should go for creamy lipsticks. If you love to give dimension to your lips, go for sheer lipsticks.

To look best choose the shades according to the season. Try to select dark shades of lipstick in the winter months and bright colours in the summer months. Also, select a texture from the lipsticks wisely. According to your face, select matte, satin, glossy or sheer surface.

lipstick5Whenever you are going to shop for lipstick, try lipsticks with no makeup on your face. This way you can get to understand in a better way how well the lipstick suit on your face. Also, before finalizing a lipstick, apply a small amount to your finger and put the finger close to your lips to make out whether the colour suits your complexion or not.  Choose your lip shade directly under the natural light, go outside the shop and then identify the right colour of the chosen lipstick.

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