A Guide For Skydiving In Austria For A Fun Experience In 2020

Every journey starts with a small step. In skydiving, this “stage” lifts you up through an aircraft door 13,000 feet into the air. Yes, skydiving may sound scary, but the strength you gain by prevailing on the challenge of skydiving can help you realize that you can achieve any goal you want. So, if you’re ready to take that “step”, choose from these awesome places Skydiving in austria And overcome your fears! We have listed here only the best locations for your adventure skydiving stent so that you can choose wisely.

Best time to enjoy skydiving in Austria

There is no specific time for skydiving in Austria. This is a whole year because there are many other outdoor activities. In summer, you can enjoy activities like paragliding, skydiving and trekking. Is it because the sun is shining or simply because everyone is having so much fun, the beauty of Austria is something extraordinary, you will be greeted with dense green plains, fresh aroma of forest and clear blue sky against condensate. Smile of friendly locals.

5 Best Places to Skydiving in Austria

While skydiving in Austria there are many drop zones, which you cannot resist due to the wrong idea of ​​these offers. However, the following points will help you find the best place to skydive in Austria.

1. HFSC-Freestad
2. skydive tirol
3. Linz Horsching
4. Skydive Furstonfield
5. skydive creams

1. HFSC-Freistadt

What to do and what not


Everywhere has different restrictions and criteria during skydiving. Although identification is necessary for further steps, here are some things that are not required, such as USPA membership, AAD. On the other hand, hook twist is allowed. The average cost of skydiving in HFSC- Freestad is around 199 euros for a tandem jump, while jump tickets are at 12,000 feet from 23 euros. The drop location for this place is Fliegerclub Freistadt, LAT: 48.513803, and LNG: 14.405894.

place: Flaglerclub freestad

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2. skydive tirol



Sanctions can be like USPA membership, and do not require AAD, while the hook allows all. It costs 200 EUR for a tandem jump and 26 EUR to 13100 feet for a jump ticket. The drop location is located at LAT: 47.465036 and LNG: 11.950236.

place: Tirol

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3. Linz Horsching

Pondok cab


The only restriction here is that USA membership is not required, while AAD and hook twist are allowed. It costs around 200 EUR for a tandem jump and jump tickets are available from 26 EUR to 14000ft. The drop location is located at the BluDub Airport of LAT: 48.234369 and LNG: 14.191251.

place: BlueDube Airport

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4. Skydive Furstonfield

Lido lakes


As per the guidelines, USPA membership is not required, while AAD with hook twist is required. It costs around 27 EUR to 13000ft for a jump ticket. The drop location is set at LAT: 47.0619368626036 and LNG: 16.060981750488 in Flugplatz Fürstenfeld.

place: Flugplatz Furstenfeld

5. skydive creams

Nusaviru paracenter


USA membership is not required, while AAD changes the hook.

On average, tandem jumps cost from 200 EUR, with jump tickets ranging from 25 EUR to 11000ft. Drop is located at Flugplatz Krems with LAT: 48.3927378665924 and LNG: 15.6005859375.

place: Flugplatz Krems

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How to reach Austria

A man standing near a mountain in austria

If you already have the desire for a pleasant Austrian holiday, it would be great to know how to get here, going through some information, which can help you reach Austria easily. Austria welcomes you in all different ways.

By air: Vienna’s Schwacht Flugfen is Austria’s only main international airport connected to almost all major airports in the world. Nevertheless, some European flights also arrive at international airports in Innsbruck, Graz, Klagenfurt and Salzburg. There is also a shuttle bus service at Vienna Airport that can take people from the airport to the City Air Terminal, which runs every half an hour.

by Rail: Austria has a stable rail system that connects it to many of its neighboring countries and almost all important cities in Europe. The service offered is very useful and available 24 hours. Some of the country’s various famous routes come from Italy and Germany. The Austrian Federal Railway and Eurostar operate a vast network of trains within the country as well as outside it. This includes direct trains to cities such as Bratislava, Prague and Zurich.

from the way: Austria’s road system is very well managed with very similar motorways and independently to all its neighboring countries. You can simply drive across the border in a rented vehicle, but it can be expensive. As far as bus access is concerned. Crossing the border to enter Austria can be very simple as it has well-serviced motorways and freeways. There are national bus services that also serve international roads but are slightly slower.

by water: Linz, Bratislava and Budapest provide riverboat services via the Danube River, but the trip is pathetic and quite expensive.

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Tips for your skydiving experience

  • Before skydiving, it is necessary to attend a skydiving training session in Austria.
  • Make sure you do not have any medical problems related to heart or high blood pressure.
  • Weight is an important factor. Those who weigh more than 85 kg, doctors should have their medical certificate before skydiving.
  • It is necessary to go with your skydiving instructors for mental peace.
  • Book an appointment in advance or you’ll miss the best slot.
  • Make sure they use quality safety gear and before you take it off.
  • Skydive only under the right weather and favorable conditions. If there is a slight prediction of weather anomaly, do not hesitate to cancel it.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the natural scenery while you’re in the air!

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Aside from the real exciting free fall and gentle landing, what is amazing about skydiving in Austria is that you experience beautiful alpine all around you. From lush green greens and majestic farm crops to snow-capped mountains, the Austrian Alps create a magnificent locale for this adventure. So, when you are booking your tickets and taking a holiday in Austria?

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Frequently asked questions about skydiving in Austria

Q. Are diving instructors certified in Austria?

a. Providers only work with well trained and highly skilled professionals who are certified and reliable with skydiving. You should always ask for authentication in case of being with the provider for this activity.

Q. Is there any pre-appointment requirement for skydiving in Austria?

a. Reservations are suggested to be made two-three days before the actual date of your arrival, yet walk-ins are always welcomed when you opt for skydiving in Austria.

Q. What is the duration of skydiving stent in Austria?

a. It takes, on average, approximately 3 hours from the drop location to the final landing destination to complete the entire adventure. Nevertheless, it varies from site to site and height to height.

Q. What is the maximum weight allowance for skydiving in Austria?

a. While there is no specified weight restriction for those who wish to experience skydiving, on the other hand, there is an additional charge for those who weigh more than 85kgs for safety reasons.

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