Shopping in Shimoga: A Guide To Buy What, When, And Where In 2020!

Shopping in Shimoga: Shimoga is a part of a famous region in Karnataka called Malnad. This region is one of the places where there is a lot of rain, and there is greenery all around. Shimoga is a very popular tourist destination and a store of beautiful things in Karnataka. The city is famous for handicrafts, rosewood carvings, sandalwood, Kasuri work saris, and wooden toys. The jewelry here is famous, and you can find it on every street. Shimoga is the delight of a female shopkeeper and has everything they can wear. You can see your traditional best in Shimoga with the items you have purchased. Now that we have your attention, here are some of the best places to visit Shopping in Shimoga.

Best Time to Visit Shimoga

Shimoga Fort


It always happens in March when summer starts here. The summer season is about 4 months and lasts till June. You can expect temperatures to be between 20-30 degrees. Therefore, the best time to visit Shimoga would be in the winter season. Winter starts in October, and you can expect pleasant weather by March.

Top 3 places to shop in Shimoga

Here are the top markets where travelers can indulge in some retail therapy. All these places have something for all types of travelers. Just look!

1. Nehru Road
2. Gandhi Bazar
3. BH Road

1. Nehru Road

Nehru Road in Shimoga

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Nehru Road is no less than a shopping hub. You will find lots of commercial and entertainment places here. You have malls here, and besides, you will find many local shops selling some of the most impeccable products made by the locals of this place. If you are planning to shop in Shimoga, then this is definitely one of the main trips.

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2. Gandhi Bazar

Gandhi Bazaar in Shimoga

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One of the most famous places to shop in Shimoga is Gandhi Bazaar. You will find a variety of shops selling products for every kind of traveler here. You can find cool items like clothes, jewelry, and home decoration. When you are shopping your hearts in this wonderful market, you can have lunch in any cafe serving delicious food.

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3. BH Road

BH Road in Shimoga

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BH Road is another shopping destination in Shimoga. If you are shopping for footwear, be sure to find lots of varieties here. Some of the famous stores here are Shoe Garden and Shoe Shop. When you reach BH Road, you will be able to see them immediately. So, if you are looking for some trending sneakers or some shiny shoes, then you know where to go!

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Popular things to buy in Shimoga

Popular things in Shimoga

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It is mainly popular for handicrafts, rosewood carvings, and many more. Here is a list of what things are famous in this beautiful city.

  • Fabrics: Shimoga is famous for various fabrics and materials like silk, chiffon.
  • Jewelry: Karnataka is famous for jewelry, and Shimoga is one of the top favorites where you can get the best jewelry, and this place is every woman’s paradise.
  • Home Decor: If you want to get something back for your home, you have durries, trinkets, and other textiles made of natural and environmentally friendly fibers. You can also get some ceramic and lacquerware here. The best places to shop for them are Nehru Road and Gandhi Bazaar.

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Tips for shopping in Shimoga

Shopping items


There are some tips that you should keep in mind while shopping in Shimoga.

  • You cannot miss Vasavi Cafe for excellent coffee when you are shopping on BH Road. You need to note that shops in Shimoga are local shops, and hence you will find products from local manufacturers.
  • They provide good quality products that can last a long time and do not expect exclusive deals and offers. Instead, shop at local markets to encourage local merchants and shops. You will be promised a good shopping experience here.

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Karnataka is a wonderful place in India is a wonderful holiday. However, you cannot complete a tour of the entire Karnataka without visiting Shimoga. And if you like living in Shimoga, then you have to go shopping. Shopping in Shimoga is truly an experience because there is always something you have to offer in this city. It can be a paradise for many reasons: shopping malls, shopping streets, or natural tourist destinations. There is always something else to be given in this.

Frequently asked questions about shopping in Shimoga

Q. What is special about Shimoga?

a. Shimoga is a beautiful place where you can see lots of natural beauty and some amazing artificial wonders. You will come across some amazing forests of the Western Ghats and stunning waterfalls from high altitudes. Also, there are some magnificent architecture and some green forests.

Q. What are the places to see in Shimoga?

a. If you are going to the Western Ghats, then you cannot miss Shimoga. Here are some untouched places in Shimoga: Kodachadri (you can trek here), Kundadri, Dabbe Falls, Jog Falls, Agumbe, Keladi, Ikkeri, Gudavi Bird Sanctuary. Here you can do various adventure activities.

Q. What shopping can you do in Shimoga?

a. You have handicrafts, rosewood carvings, saris, wooden toys. You can also shop for jewelry here as it is quite famous. Shimoga has some of the best jewelers, and you can get any jewelry.

Q. What is shopping culture in Shimoga?

a. You have local handicraft shops, local dealers, and you also have high-end stores. In addition, there is a city center mall where you can shop with trendy brands and have some fun there. Shimoga is developing rapidly, and hence you can find great shops to shop.

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