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Must visit Murudeshwar while traveling to Karnataka. If you wish, you can find many shopping options here. From the divinity of the place itself, you can understand that the whole place is magnificent and this city attracts so many pilgrims.

There are many things to do in Murudeshwar but have you tried Shopping in MurudeshwarThe You can buy things that are very simple, you will not find in any mall. The peculiarity of this place is that the local artisans sell handicraft products and there are so many small idols of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. If you roam the temple road, you will buy a small idol of Lord Shiva or Lord Ganesha. Murudeshwar is a temple place and you can always find some unique handicraft items.

There are various products here and you can find decorative items for handicraft items. If it is not, then you will end up buying some jewelry items, as the jewelry in Murdeshwar is famous. When you find another dimension of shopping you will be tongue-tied and jewelry can be a great addition to your collection.

Shopping in Murudeshwar: Best Place

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Murudeshwar Market is the main place you want to buy. This temple is on the way and is one of the most visited markets. You will find local hawkers and shopkeepers who are eager to sell their local products.

However, there are various types of sacred items which can be purchased from here. If you are a fan of handicraft products, you will have showcase pieces, wall paintings that will reflect the simplicity of the place. You can get a different style of jewelry and they sell the best pieces here. There are many local jewelry designers and their work is known as the best talent there.

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Popular Things to Buy in Murudeshwar

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Murudeshwar is a temple town and therefore, you will find many people here who are interested in buying idols of Lord Shiva. Some people make compulsory shopping and take souvenirs from this place. If you like to shop for handicrafts and decorate your house with them you can visit the Lavancha handicraft shops. This shop is located on Temple Road. After visiting Lord Shiva, you can visit this shop. What items can you buy here? Well, you need to travel to your place to shop for the things you want. But our suggestions are home decoration items such as peaceful wall hanging baskets, small idols of Lord Ganesha.

  • You can shop for Mala or Rudraksha
  • Beaded Jewelry or Rudraksha Jewelry
  • Handmade Home Decor: You will find wall paintings or paintings of Lord Shiva or Lord Ganesha.

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Tips for shopping in Murudeshwar

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  • Expect traditional and traditional souvenirs here in Murudeshwar. Do not try to grapple with local handicraft shopkeepers. Their entire livelihood is based on pilgrims who appreciate their work and buy them.
  • Therefore, try not to panic with them. If you think the prices are high and you cannot afford it, please go to the next shop.

But if you like them and you can buy them, you can buy them and move on.

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You have some cities and other famous tourist places through which you can visit them. You have Bhatkal, Idgunji which is 20 km away and Gokarna, which is another paradise in itself, is 65 km. If you want to visit some waterfalls, then you can go towards Jog Falls, which is 90 km. There are lots of scopes to explore and roam around Murudeshwar and this city is enough to get relief from the fast growing city life. Everything is 10 times simpler and helping new people in the city. You can also visit Kollur which is 63 km from Murdeshwar. Shopping in Murudeshwar is an absolute pleasure and you have to go to the local shops to find the best job. So if you are planning a holiday in Karnataka, make sure not to miss Murudeshwar and this is the traditional shopping culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Shopping in Murudeshwar

Q. What are the top attractions in Murudeshwar?

a. Some of the top attractions in Murudeshwar are the Lord Shiva temple. Then Murudeshwar beach is another top attraction here. You can also visit Kethapya Narayan Temple, Netrani Island, Murti Park, and Fort.

Q. What activities can you do in Murudeshwar?

a. Well, here is a beach so you can soak yourself some vitamins in the sea! There are other activities like boating, water bike rides, island exploring and lots of fun activities. You can also go for snorkeling in the water and we bet you will like it. You can also do scuba diving and have a bike ride to the beach.

Q. What can you buy in Murudeshwar?

a. When you are on your way to the temple, you have a temple road, in which souvenirs and home decor items are sold in the market. The city is full of beautifully made sculptures and you will have a difficult choice to choose from among the many items. You can also shop for jewelry as their style of jewelry is slightly different than others. You can also buy wall hanging.

Q. How do you find the island of Netrani?

a. Netrani Island is an island near Murdeshwar and you can reach this place by boat from Bhatkal. To reach this island you also have taxis and autos. It is just 19 km from Murudeshwar.

Q. When was Murudeshwar temple built?

a. It was built in 2008 and the temple complex is famous for the tallest statue of the great Lord Shiva. Murudeshwar is another name for Lord Shiva. The latest temple of this entire temple complex is Rajagopuram which is the highest Hindu temple of Gopuram in the world.

Q. Why is Murudeshwar famous?

a. Murudeshwar is popular for temples and also has the tallest statue of Lord Shiva. The place is magical and you will get to know why this place is famous.

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