A Handy Checklist for Your Pet Sitter

If you are planning to go out of town for a weekend getaway or a much longer vacation and are unable to take your pet. The best thing to do is to make sure that during your absence, your pet’s stay is as pleasant and easy as possible. You can do this by hiring an animal sitter. But before getting one, it is best to prepare a checklist for hiring, so that during your absence, your furry friend will have the best comfort available.

Some of the things that should be kept in mind include:

Checklist for Your Pet Sitter
Checklist for Your Pet Sitter

Holiday itinerary

This would include the time and date of your scheduled departure and arrival.

Contact information

Be sure to give your cell phone number, hotel information and room number in case you need to be contacted by the person you have hired.

Contact details of your immediate family members

The pet may not be able to contact you. In such a situation, they should have an emergency phone number of immediate family members who can make responsible decisions in your absence.

Security key and alarm information

Be sure to provide the required information to the pet sitter on home security during your absence.

Information on the main veterinarian

Include the name of the practice and the veterinarian they can contact by providing the address and telephone number of the clinic.

Information on the emergency veterinary clinic

If there is an emergency with your pet after the main veterinarian’s office hours, the pet sitter should have the information of an emergency pet hospital that can treat the pet quickly, which calms voltage.

Feeding and walking schedule

As an animal owner, you know the feeding and walking times of your furry companion. In your absence, this task must be performed by the person you have hired. Therefore, provide him with the necessary information so that he / she can maintain the animal’s calendar in the best possible way.

List of treatments and instructions for use

If your pet is undergoing treatment, specify the instructions so that the treatment can be administered on time. This ensures that your pet does not miss the dosage in your absence.

List of foods and treats

Although you may have made an arrangement of pet food while you are away, it is always best to tell the babysitter where she can get the pet food while you are away. If your flight is delayed or due to unforeseen circumstances, you cannot get home in time, he / she should know where to get animal food for the furry companion.

List of pet care items

Provide detailed instructions on where you kept different pet care items like a brush, food, cleaning pads, a sweater (if it’s cold outside) and a leash.

Favorite toys

Find out about the animal’s favorite toys so that its spirit can be easily diverted.

Dangers along the pedestrian route

Always specify if there is a hostile animal in the neighborhood or if a neighbor is shouting if your animal pees in the yard. By telling them these things, you can ensure that the facilitator knows how to handle the situation when needed.

Room and furniture limitations

Provide a list of rooms or furniture where your pet is not allowed to enter or enter.


Always inform about the estimated date and time of visitors to the house such as a house cleaner, a lawn care company or a pool person. This is especially important so that your pet sitter does not think your home has been burgled.

When your pet is well cared for during your absence, you will have a more pleasant and carefree trip. The pet sitter will also have an easy time taking care of your pet. So the next time you decide to go on vacation without your pet, be sure to prepare a handy checklist for your pet sitter.

Vacation Checklist for Your Dog Sitter

Going on a trip can be complex when you’ve got a puppy, especially if you can not take Fido with you. Here’s a checklist to depart for the sitter:

Make certain the sitter has the proper keys and remember to leave her with all of the information regarding your security system, including all codes. You may alter the codes when you return.

Show the sitter where the circuit breakers are and how to turn off the gas and water supply into the home in the event of an emergency.

Type out your itinerary and all of your contact information, such as your mobile phone number and the amounts to the hotels or houses where you’ll be staying.

Leave the sitter with the name and contact number of your dog’s regular vet, in addition to the name and quantity of an after-hours emergency veterinary clinic.

Write down the names and dosage information for each your dog’s medications and reveal the sitter how to manage them.

Write down your dog’s microchip number and enrollment information in the event he gets loose and goes missing. Ensure that your current contact information is current through the microchip suppliers if there are any motions or telephone number changes on yesteryear.

Allow the sitter to know how many visits your puppy needs and inquire about the length of the visits. Make certain you are both clear about the feeding program, walking program, and playtime.

Leave all food and medicine in plain sight and label it clearly.

Make certain the sitter has a spouse or a backup plan if they can’t finish the duties. Also, be certain you have a friend or relative that can watch your pet in the event of an extreme emergency. If possible, present the sitter for this person before you depart, and be certain that you leave all contact information with the sitter.

Allow the sitter know about the areas of your home where the dog is allowed or not allowed, and closed off some areas of the home where you do not want the puppy or the sitter to be.

For security’s sake, lock all valuables–do not tell the sitter where they’re, obviously! If you decide to hire a sitter, be sure the organization is bonded in case there is a problem or loss of private property. To be nice, purchase the sitter some drinks and snacks and show her where they’re so that she can snack while she is playing with your dog–that may actually keep her longer, and will surely put you and your dog on top of her favorites list.

The Ultimate Pet Sitter Checklist: Things To Remember

An itinerary is also helpful, so your pet sitter understands the best times to get in contact with you.
This comes in handy if your dog decides to lock out the human and laugh.

• Friend of household member’s information

If there is something your pet sitter wants and they can not reach you, then this is the next best thing.

• Safety code• Vet info• Emergency programs • Trash/recycling pick up days• Feeding and walking program • List of medications and instructions for use

Even if your dog does not take daily meds, consider all that could occur. Is there something you give if the dog will get sneezy or a bellyache? Can you give allergy meds at a spoonful of peanut butter?

• Particular brand name for food and treats

You do not want your dog to eat anything if the food runs out.

• Pet shop you frequent

In the event the pet sitter should pick something up.
Accidents happen, but they could be avoided by having the dog sitter adhere to walking on a specific side of the road.
If your dog is not allowed on the sofa, ensure that your pet sitter knows.

• Thermostat directions • Emergency spare key

Find a great hiding place to store an excess key only in case.

Leave a list of times and times anybody comes to the house, like a house cleaner, gardener, or pool cleaner. An unexpected guest could cause quite the fright for a housesitter.

• List of toxic foods to pets• Tv/remote directions • Doggy hobbies

For instance, does your puppy drink from the toilet? Can Fido want scratches on the buttocks? Is your tennis ball greater than the Frisbee? All helpful to understand.

• Are you anticipating a BarkBox while you’re away?

Permit your pet sitter to know so that your dog can enjoy all of the parent-less fun.

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