A Pre-Move to Do List

One very important aspect of moving from an old home to a new home is making sure that the move from the old home goes as smoothly as possible. A move into a new home can’t really begin until the move from an old home has been completed. To help the person moving make sure that their move goes as efficiently as possible, there are several things that they can do before the movers show up at their front door ready to pack and load. The following is a checklist of items that can be accomplished to make the entire process go much faster.

–Call to schedule a moving company far enough in advance to receive in person estimates and to comparison shop. The person moving should leave enough time to find a mover and enough time to make sure that the mover has an open slot on the day the move is desired.

–Start Packing the Little Stuff. Things like movies, books, CD’s, toys, etc. can be stored in boxes before the movers get there. Cleaning up the little clutter around the large pieces of furniture will make the job of moving much easier for the movers.

–Clean Up A Little Bit. Speaking of clutter, any dirty areas of the home should also be cleaned. The movers are not cleaners and don’t like to be treated as such. Some movers might refuse to move an item if it is covered in excessive dust, filth, dirt, grime, etc. A few days before the movers are scheduled to arrive, simply go through the house and tidy up a bit. If you were a stranger coming into your home for the first time ready to pack belongings into boxes, would you mind going through your home? Some movers might even decide to walk off the job rather than spend their time sorting through household goods and piles of trash.

–Arrange with the utility companies to shut off power to the old home a day after the movers are scheduled to arrive. This will ensure that the movers have light and heat while they work, which is especially helpful in darker and colder climates.

–Call the post office at least a week in advance to alert them to the change of address. This can also be done online by visiting http://www.USPS.com.

–If small children happen to live in the home to be moved, the person moving should try their hardest to find a sitter. Small children have a way of interrupting the work of the movers by going through boxes looking for favorite toys or other items. It is also safer to have fewer children in the house because movers can have a difficult time watching the ground for babies and small children as they walk backwards down a stair well carrying a sofa.

While this checklist does not have to be followed to the letter, the person who takes advantage of the checklist will find their moving experience considerably less difficult. If it appears that this checklist will not be suitable for a person’s specific needs, then it should at least be used as a template to design a completely custom checklist. The important thing here is to plan ahead. Those who plan ahead tend to have more success with meeting schedules and avoiding unplanned mishaps.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that anyone facing a move should use common sense. They should put themselves in the shoes of the movers to make the area is as comfortable and easy to work in as possible. No clutter, no mess, and no kids in the home are an easy way to get this done.

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