Addiction Help Relying on Faith-Based Treatment

Addiction Help Relying on Faith-Based Treatment

Addiction Help Relying on Faith-Based Treatment. The recent news of Mother Teresa being approved for sainthood prompts many people to remember the good works she performed in Calcutta and other places. She is said to have helped anyone in need, even drug addicts whom others turned away.

Addiction Free
Addiction Free

Drug addicts and alcoholics may seek help and guidance from spiritual people because they long for acceptance, forgiveness, and reliable guidance. When you have acknowledged your own addiction and want to seek help in becoming sober, you may turn to services like a Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehab and other faith-based programs to find the same hope, comfort, and guidance, and to be in the company of others who share your beliefs.

Christian Approach to recovery

In today’s secular society, it can be difficult for drug users and alcoholics to profess their faith, let alone admit their addictions. Society arguably has become more jaded and judgmental, characteristics that provoke hostilities toward others who are deemed vulnerable.

Christian programs, however, withhold judgement and instead welcome addicts with open arms and minds. The staffs who work at these centers use the Gospels to guide them in their work. They follow the path of Christ in helping and not judging those in need.

When they see that the counsellors and doctors at these rehabs will not judge them and instead strive to help them in any way possible, addicts are more likely to let down their guard and be open and honest about their addictions. Letting your guard down and becoming vulnerable is key to accepting the help that is offered to you. Your team of medical and spiritual professionals will help you carry your proverbial cross of addiction until you achieve the sobriety you desire.

Counselling and Medical services

While the focus of the program centers on the teachings found in the Gospels, it does not negate the professional level of medical and therapeutic care you will receive while in rehab. You will be given medical care to address the physical consequences of your addiction. You will be paired with doctors who will tailor a medical plan just for you to help you become sober again.

Likewise, you will also meet individually and in group sessions with a counsellor. The individual counselling will give you the opportunity to discuss intimate details about your addiction that perhaps you prefer not to share in a group setting. The individual counselling may occur several times a week at first and then wane to once or twice a week as you near completion of your program.

Group counselling will also be required as you go through the services. You will be encouraged to talk to your session peers and listen to what they have to say as well. By hearing others’ stories and recognizing that you are not alone in your efforts to become sober, you can draw inspiration and strength to work toward your own recovery.

Prayer and Faith-Based Intervention

What would a faith-based rehab program be without prayer and Bible study? Whether you are well versed in the Bible or just becoming familiar with Jesus and the Gospels, you will provided with many opportunities to pray, read Scripture, and spend time with others who share your faith.

The prayers that you learn in the program are akin to those used in any 12-step recovery process. You will learn how to hand over your troubles to God and discover the benefits of trusting your higher power to lead you. Some of the prayers that you will learn come from the Bible while others were written by recovering addicts themselves. You also will be taught how to pray using your own thoughts and words to guide you.

These faith-based services are not available in secular rehab programs, particularly those that receive federal and state funds to operate. When you want to be free from the constraints of secular society and instead embrace your desire to follow a faith-filled path toward recovery, one of these Christian programs may be right for you.

Overcoming an addiction to drugs and alcohol is difficult for anyone. When you realize that you need help and want to draw on your Christian faith, you may find it better to enter a faith-based rehabilitation service. You will receive medical and therapeutic care for your physical and emotional drug and alcohol use side effects. You also will spend time with others who share your Christian beliefs. These programs are accredited, licensed, and capable of helping you achieve sobriety.

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