Adventure Travel Destinations in United States

Adventure Travel Destinations in the United States

The U.S is full of forest, mountains and glaciers. Enjoy your thrills in this vastly diverse country where limited time and money are non-issues.

There’s no denying that the United States is a minefield for experiences. Adventure enthusiast will be spoilt for choice with its wide array of hiking, skiing, fishing, mountain climbing, diving and surfing activities. Then there are a lot of national parks and beaches. If looking for your ultimate thrill list for your upcoming trip? Here is our pick of some of the nation’s best adventure hot spots.

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Maui Hawaii:

From towering waterfalls to bamboo forests and world-class surfing the gorgeous island of Maui has the ingredients for an unforgettable adventure vacation.  You can ride a bike down a volcano then zip line through the jungle or paddle into the creek at Lahaina with a private surfing instructor.

Maui Hawaii USA
Maui Hawaii USA

Las Vegas Nevada:

Not every adrenaline-fuelled adventure trip is about great outdoors and Las Vegas is ground zero for some seriously heart-pounding experiences. If you’ve got the nerve, challenge yourself to jump from the Stratosphere Tower, race exotic cars, go skydiving or try land sailing, streaking across the desert.

Las Vegas Nevada
Las Vegas Nevada

Vail Colorado is one of the most popular winter sports destinations in the country, starting from Gore Mountain Range in the north to the Sawatch Range in South. There’s something for summer lizards too. Go to Holy Cross wilderness for enjoyable hiking, boating and wildlife spotting. You can photograph fabulous pictures too.

Boulder, Colorado is famous for the Flatirons. Boulder is a prime destination for avid hikers and rock climbers. Thrill seekers and sight seeker both appreciate Chautauqua Park, which offers vast green space as well as easy walking trails and rock climbing. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, head to Eldorado Canyon state park. It’s 885 acres offering ample opportunities to rock, Kayak, horseback ride and hike.

Juneau Alaska:

This is the furthest American frontier you can access, which make Juneau so exciting and action packed. Among the tumbling glaciers, you can spot a plethora of wildlife creatures such as eagles, spot bears, seals and several other indigenous Arctic wildlife. The best place to see them is Tracy Arm Fjord which is a waterway encircled by imposed sharp, jagged cliffs. Dog sledding and hiking on Mendenhall Glacier or go rafting on the popular Mendenhall lake. Enjoy a tour of Alaska often neglected rainforests with a trip to Glacier Gardens.

Juneau Alaska
Juneau Alaska

Nashville Tennessee:

Adventure travellers can skip the whiskey for a day on the river. Nashville is a destination for kayaking and canoeing along the many waterways.

Adirondacks: from the speedy bobsled runs at the Olympic Sports Complex to the fresh powder on Whiteface Mountain to the hiking trails on High Peaks to the Kayak friendly waters at the St. Regis Canoe Area, the Adirondacks have something for every adventure seeker. To take in all of the sights at once book a scenic aerial tour of the lakes, peaks and Olympics venues that make this area in New York so special. No matter the season you decide to visit, rustic log cabins and picturesque natural scenery will be there to welcome you to the area.

Kayaking in Lake Powell:

The man-made reservoir is the second largest in the states. It is sprawled between Utah and Arizona. The destination attracts 2 million visitors every year. The recreation centre was established to make use of the lake’s benefits. It provides a great kayaking experience since it boasts a lot of twists and turns to make the experience never boring. Besides kayaking the site provides a variety of activities like swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing and hiking. In addition to this, the sites are stunning and can be explored by a boat or a plane tour.

Kayaking in Lake Powell
Kayaking in Lake Powell

Have a dip in Hamilton Pool Texas:

Created by the collapse of the ground today the natural pool is a favourite attraction surrounded with limestone walls. The pool features a waterfall and plunging down from the ceiling. Visitors reach the stair by completing a picturesque trail and then have a dip.

Hamilton Pool Texas

Kauai, Hi is every Instagrammer’s dream come true. It has lush jungles, postcard, perfect beaches and endless sunshine which means you can make your friends even more jealous. The beauty alone makes it an idyllic vacation spot. But Kauai is more than just a pretty face. Kauai is filled with adventure activities from the formidable Kalalau Hike. It’s a 22 mile round trip to the trek to the Waimea Canyon lookout point. Thrill seekers, there’s something for you. It goes by the name of the Koloa Zipline. This zip line will take you racing at high speeds over the treetops attached by just a harness. You can take in panoramic vistas of the forests that cover the island and get your heartbeat racing simultaneously.

Virginia Beach, Virginia:

You can kayak or take a jet ski around Rudee Inlet during a trip to Virginia Beach or have a more literal adventure at the Adventure Park which offers obstacles courses and zip lining along with other thrills.

Biking in Moab Utah is a fun activity in the state of Utah.  Mountain biker gets great opportunities to flex their muscles. There are various rock formations providing steep, slick, dangerous yet exciting trails. Slick rock Bike Trail is a challenging route which is recommended for the professionals only.

Honolulu Hawaii:

When in Hawaii one must surf on Waikiki beach. East of the city you’ll find the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve where you can snorkel among the vibrant fish. And if you want to windsurf, parasail or kayak follow the locals to Kailua Beach Park.

Honolulu Hawaii

Hike Angel’s landings in Zion: this the most exciting trail in Zion National park. A narrow route stretches throughout the precipitous cliffs where a deep abyss opens from both sides. Although the cliff it is quite dangerous and scary no other trail can compete with it. At the end of the path, breathtaking views to a valley open. The hike is strenuous but can be completed with no special equipment or much experience. It is open from April to November and can be reached by car or shuttle bus. So there is easy and direct access.

Fasten your belts, enjoy the ride of a lifetime while capturing unforgettable memories.

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