What Makes an Air Purifier a Necessity For Indian Homes?

What Makes an Air Purifier a Necessity For Indian Homes?

Air purifier could make a real difference in your home. Air Purifier is a particular type of small appliance that keeps the air in your home clean. It takes in many allergens that get into your air and clears them out with care.

Air purifier

Considering the risk of pollution in many parts of India, an air purifier can make a real difference in your home. It is especially a necessity if you have allergies and need assistance with keeping the air in your home clean.

What a Purifier Does For the Home

An air purifier takes in harmful allergens inside your home and clears them out with care. Considering the cleaning vapors, cooking fumes and pet dander that can get into your home, the air inside your home might be harmful.

If anything, it could be more polluted than the air immediately outside your home. The human-made pollutants you generate come from many s that combine to be dangerous if not handled right.

Essential Parts of an Air Purifier To See

How the power is generated usually

Feature Function Measurement
Coverage The amount of space that a purifier can clear air from Square feet
Filter type The material used to take in particles in the air HEPA, Ionic or other option
Battery in mAh or how casually generated many models don’t need batteries
Settings How you can adjust the purifier Settings based on the intensity of the particles or the speed of a fan
Fan speed How quickly the fan inside a purifier works Rotations per minute


What Will It Trap?

Get an air purifier for your home and start trapping many allergens inside your home:

  • Pet dander can be very small in size. It is often left around your home after pets shed. Sometimes it might come from outside things that a pet brings into your home.
  • Dust mites and various dust particles can build up in your home. These particles appear on surfaces that haven’t been touched in a while. It only takes a moment for dust particles to be airborne.
  • Smoke from any hurts people all around a home. Whether it’s from smoking or from appliances, smoke will linger in a home for a while after it is produced. That smell of the smoke can be bothersome after a while too.
  • Household odors and gases come from chemical cleaners, litter and many items in your kitchen. These will persist in your home well after you are done cleaning and can be a real problem if not handled right.

These problems will get into your home and directly influence the quality of the air that you breathe. These will hurt anyone that they get in contact with but that doesn’t mean you have to bear with serious problems for too long. By using an air purifier, your home will become cleaner and easier to breathe in. This comes from the strong effort used by your purifier to keep harmful air compounds from being more of a threat than necessary.

How Does a Purifier Work?

Air purifiers work with simple bodies that take in harmful compounds in your home. In particular, your purifier will come with one of many great filters.

As you turn on your purifier, it starts running with a filter that suctions in many particles. It absorbs gases and odours that come around it as well.

The type of filter that comes with your purifier will clearly vary. Here’s a look at some of the more popular choices:

  • HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters are the most popular ones to find. These take in very small particles including ones about 0.3 microns in size. It can work well but a larger model will take in more particles. Also, you will have to clean out such a filter regularly.
  • Activated carbon filters use a mix of carbon and oxygen gases to absorb and break down harmful particles. It uses a larger surface area regardless of the size of the purifier, thus taking in more items. Purifier doesn’t have to be cleaned out but it should be monitored regularly to see if it’s actually working. It will have to be replaced when it stops taking in allergens.
  • Ion generators create charged particles and then release them into the air. These ions will collect harmful particles and keep them from moving around. These help to neutralize such particles as they will no longer be harmful but they can leave a mess around the generator.

Check carefully to see how any air purifier you’re looking for works

Air purifier

What Makes It So Beneficial?

By using an air purifier, your home will become easier for you to breathe in. A purifier will collect harmful particles and keep them from moving around the air as much as they normally would. These work around the clock when activated as well.

The best part is that such a purifier can be moved to any spot in your home. Purifiers are typically light in weight and can operate out of a typical wall outlet. Some models are battery-powered too and can last for a while before having to be recharged.

In addition, a purifier will do wonders for homes with people who have breathing issues. Conditions like recurring allergies or asthma can be dangerous if the air in a home is dirty. A purifier helps to keep the air in the home safe and protected.

Where Would You Put It?

Air purifiers don’t weigh far too much and are easy to set up and move into many spots in your home. You should look around your home to see what spots are great for you to add it in.

It is often better to place it in a wide open space where air moves well. This is to help you get more air to move around in the purifier so it will stay healthy and functional.

Try and keep your purifier at least twenty inches from any walls or other surfaces when you get one. It should not be tough to move one of these lightweight models around.

How Big Should It Be?

Don’t forget to look at how big the purifier is in terms of how much air it can cover. A purifier will be measured by the square footage that it will clear out. The square footage is based heavily on an eight-foot ceiling so take that into consideration when seeing its rating. Anything that works with a larger room is great but do think about the specific demands you hold for it.


Your home in India will feel its best when you have an air purifier inside of it. Cleaning out the air in your home has never been easier thanks to an air purifier. Do check on your home and your requirements first though. Our Home Decor Online Tips will help you a lot.

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