All about Backpacking through Europe by Tips Clear

All about Backpacking through Europe by Tips Clear

Backpacking through Europe: Europe is all about lakes, beaches, mountains, promenades, boulevards with stretching cities and old –fashioned villages. There are no limitations of words to describe the numerous places which are exactly what you have thought them to look like and Europe, of course, has it all. Venice will steal your heart with its bright and enticing night life. Whereas Paris is exactly what you can call as lover’s paradise.

Though the appearance of Oxford colleges may give an impression of Hollywood movies. The architecture of the place will meet your modern taste of class. If all this is in your mind for this vacation, then backpacking through Europe is exactly what you are thinking of.

Though planning a visit to any place calls for the road marking on the map. All the places to visit to make it linger in mind for years to come and for the comfortable and enjoyable trip. But with following the additional information, you may get best out of everything this holidays. It’s planned program for Europe, so all set for Europe? Keep these points in mind before you leave your house-

Backpacking through Europe
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  • Plan your visit according to the most favourable season

  • Every place has its pros and cons attached to its season. Visiting the place in extreme cold or hot season would not your cup of tea. Then what you should keep in mind while backpacking is the season. And where to start exploring Europe for getting the best values for the penny spend? Winters are marked with much fun and frolic with Christmas and New year parties. Snow to chill you off with skiing, if that interests you. Otherwise, if your heart is looking for some beautiful long days and that too at the affordable price. Then spring in the Netherlands, France and Scandinavian countries should be on your hit list.
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  • Choose your accommodation before hand

  • Accommodation is another backpack essential which you should consider before leaving your house. Try to find out cheap and best hotels in Europe to stay within your budget I am sure you can very well do this, after all, it is Elegant Europe in mind and one time visit is not enough to the place. Search for an affordable residing place and head towards it as soon as possible don’t forget its Europe calling.
  • Use local transport system- If you want to explore the area, then you should try to study the place with its local transport system. It can be either through trains or buses or even a walk to nearby places will help backpackers to avail maximum out of their trip. Choosing a budget flight with the clubbed InterRail Global pass is something you should not miss it. It’s like getting more out of your money where you enjoy sight scenes along with close observation of the nearby places.
  • The Festival is another feather in the cap– Europe is a land of ample events and mesmerising events and what your backpacking checklist should include is the update information on these festivals apart from your medical and needful accessories. St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, Glastonbury’s Scandinavian rival, the bizarre battle of the oranges are some handful festivals which you can’t afford to miss while backpacking essentials.
  • Enjoy historical cuisines-the moment you decided to explore Europe; you must have filled your bag with backpacking If yes, then keep it for emergency and short time hunger. When you are in Europe trying its local cuisine after all you are here to enjoy and explore the culture of the place. But don’t forget to start with small portions first and then reach out for an open sandwich with smoored bread in Denmark and oven fresh croissant that may linger your tongue for long.
  • Search for freebies-While backpacking Europe in budgeted price what you need the most is to find freebies. Grab free city walking tours, don’t miss free museums in London and eat the food that is cooked with local ingredients as this will be cheap and best and don’t steal your pocket as well. Scotland with its subtle taste of wine, cakes and bread will keep your tongue lingered for days.
  • For a nature lover and adventurous person like you– Spend your time outdoors and explore the beautiful weather and scenery around you while you can go for an adventurous horse riding in Bulgaria, Rila mountains, skiing in Norway and not-to-mention doesn’t miss Swedish “Mother Nature’s greatest show”.
  • Look out for some odd residing places backpackers while backpacking. Adventure by selecting a different private hostel room or a boutique hotel or gorging yourself with pasta in Rome and pamper yourself with water sport in Croatia. All to make your backpacking Europe an exciting and memorable experience.
  • Forget “early to bed and early to rise” rule–  There are needless reasons to stay awake till late night during your visit. Then keep your childhood practice” early to bed, early to rise” at a side and enjoy London and Berlin hipster dives, Budapest’s ruin bars, Italy’s wine industry are no doubt are some of the worth trying reasons to forbid goodbye to your early childhood rules. Wake up till late to enjoy the beauty of the place and experiment with its ideas as to what makes them so enticing?
  • Don’t miss beaches– your backpacking list remains incomplete if beaches are not included in your itinerary? If you are looking for quieter and wider beaches, then visit Fermenters beaches along with Ibiza whereas if your heart goes round for sand, then Croatia and Italy have beautiful stretches of sand exactly for your eyes.
  • If in search of peace– If you are looking for some peaceful area to enjoy your visit then select places away from well-worn routes. Olomouc in the Czech Republic, Beret beautiful Albanian town, Ottoman buildings are the few names which will help you finalise your backpack list of travelling Europe with the primary target of exploring most of it within your budget, likings and taste.
  • Stay safely– Safety is the matter of concern for all persons going out for fun filled vacations and adventurous trips. While making your backpacking list exclude all expensive items like camera, smart phone or any other expensive gadget. Keep a regular check on your bag. Reside safely at the place and take necessary precaution while exploring different areas.

This journal will no doubt help you get the best out of your trip and hard earned money while backpacking in Europe, but apart from these backpacking essentials, keep these backpacking tips at your fingertips-

backpacking essentials
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  1. Do not carry more cash as it may hinder with your safety. Send money through various modes like credit cards, international ATM cards, pay U money, mo Bik Wik, etc.
  2. Apart from carrying all necessary documents dot miss to their copy safe on the internet so that you can get them at the time of need.
  3. Don’t forget to get complete knowledge of all safety rules regarding the place in Europe you are visiting.
  4. To attract more tourists, some exclusive discounts and offers are made available to foreigners. Search these offers beforehand to save last minute chaos. Like in London, visitors are paid back the taxes which they incurred on the shopping they did in the city.
  5. Your backpacking essentials should include an international mobile card so that you remain in touch with your family members while you are in different places in Europe. They can also quickly approach you during hours of the emergency.
  6. Different places have different souvenirs to display their country’s culture and art, and it’s better to buy these momentous from these shops to get gifts within your budget for your friends and family.
  7. Keep yourself protected from different scams of the nation. It will be a wise advice to go through all necessary precautions to avoid problems in the future and while travelling.
  8. It’s better to contact reputed travel agencies while planning your trips; they will provide you with better information about the Europe and best offers and discounts to add icing on your journey cake.
  9. Don’t forget to carry your backpacking gears like camera, handset, digital camera and yes fitness and if you are a health conscious person.
  10. Last but not the least make your backpacking at least as possible because it’s your entertainment trip and you are moving to the place for a few days and not for years. A small backpack will help you get the most out of your trip and save unnecessary expenditure on the boarding and lodging luggage.

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