All about the home giveaway

Home giveaway: It is that time of the year when you can enter your name and win home giveaways. This festive season try your luck and grab that house that you always dreamed of.

Home giveaway

How to choose a home giveaway

There are several steps to select a right place to participate. One of the best ways you can do this is by following these steps –

  1. Research online: For choosing the right home giveaway you will have to do some research online. Another tip: look at the second and third pages on search engines like Google. Usually, the first few pages are the ones that people flock to. This is why there are some entries there. If you go to a few pages behind you will find that you have less competition. Albeit this means a higher probability for you to win the home giveaway.
  2. Look at testimonials: while you are at it make sure to look at the testimonials. Do they see genuine or fake? One way to look at genuine testimonials is to watch out for the reviews on the forums. The online forums will give you an idea about which giveaway to enter and which one to not choose. There are always brands that are giving away as a part of the promotion. But there are also fakes and frauds in the market.This is why it is always recommended to do your research before entering a draw competition.
  3. Look at full page information: Usually, you will need about $20 to enter these competitions and sweepstakes. But the giveaway organizers will be transparent to you about why they need the money. It should be written in bold on their page why they need to giveaway.

Now that you have understood how to keep yourself safe from the scams in the market, it is time to look at the types.

Types of home giveaway

There are several types of the home giveaway. In fact, there are several types of homes. There is one particular kind that is seen to become increasingly popular.

Everyone likes something they can get for a surprise. But there are so many kinds of home giveaways out there. Choose the ones that you want to participate in.

  • Combo – House, car, cashIn this type of giveaway, you get a car and cash along with homes. There are online portals that give you this along with many others. You can win prizes up to 3 million dollars worth total. However, these types of draws come only once a year, and if you are lucky, you might end up winning one for yourself.
  • House on wheels giveawayThere are two types of giveaways under this – one if the RV and another is a smaller version of it. The RVs sell like hot cakes. Those who already have their picket fence, dream about having a house on wheels. These types of draws fulfill their dreams. In fact, it is one of the best ways to travel around for the elderly. This is why there are so many such kinds to travel around with. You can find RV giveaways that are free also.

So these are the two basic types of homes you may find.

How to enter the giveaway?

Typically, these home giveaways are open to the residents of United States only. But you can also search some of its same kind in your area. The minimum age requirement to enter such a giveaway is 21 years.

To enter this giveaway, you can enter sweepstakes every day – on some online platforms. On others, you may have to pay $20 to come – which is why perhaps you cannot enter every day.

It depends on from one website to another. Some will allow you to enter your name twice for referring friends and for coming through partner websites, etc. However, you must remember that there are changes in the rules every year. So every year before entering the giveaway, you must check out the rules.

Although it might sound like an excellent way to enter more than once, it could also be a scam to begin this way.

Tabular overview

Serial No. Type 1 Type 2
1 Home+car+cash Home
2 Free entry Paid entry
3 Multiple entries Single entry


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