Allopathy: weight reduction technique

Allopathy: weight reduction technique

weight lose techniqueThere are many options available for reducing the weight. One can choose any suitable method for reducing weight according to his/ her wish and of course which suits them best. Three things are common in all the weight reduction regimes and the success path of weight loss cannot be achieved without following them. Those things include three changes in lifestyle, exercise and diet control. Different medicines are advised in different techniques, but minimum 45 minute workout and diet control is a must for gaining fitness.

Under allopathy medicines are usually prescribed to a fat person, but to an obese person surgery is suggested by the experts. These medicines attack on the hunger chemical present in the brain and the person don’t feel hungry any more.

Medicines prescribed under do show some side effects like depression, constipation, vomiting and weakness. This medicine contains harmful things which affect the kidney and liver as well. That’s why these medicines should not be consumed without consulting the doctor. For reducing weight the machines are also used which helps in increasing muscle activities, enhance blood circulation and the elasticity of the body. Your doctor is your best consultant in this matter.

Machines which help in treating under this therapy area:-

  • Vibration-vibrations are sent in the body through machines which helps in increasing the muscle activity and helps in burning fat at a much faster pace.
  • Heat therapy-Another is heat therapy in which the heat is given to the body by wrapping it with a pad. This helps in increasing body temperature, which results in an increase in metabolic rate. By adopting these methods the skin tends to get loose that’s why massage is recommended. Usually there are 10-15 sittings, which help in shedding 5 kg weight. The approximate expenditure on the treatment through heat therapy is Rs 2000 to 5000.
  • Lipo-R -This therapy is useful in reducing weight from a certain part of the body. For example, if there are more fats on stomach, then it immediately reduces 1-2 inches. 3 inch reduction in one month time. Every sitting is for one hour and 2-3 sittings are more than enough. There is no cut or any surgery performed in this. It cost about 10000-15000. In addition 8-10 kg weight can be reduced through this therapy. Those aiming at reducing few kilograms can choose this option to reduce weight.

weight reduction techniqueOne of its best advantages is that it is a prompt method of fat reduction. Moreover the fat can be reduced from any part of the body. The major drawback of this treatment is that the medicines given under this treatment tend to have side effects. Apart from this the machines leads to loosening of skin. To tighten up the skin the massage is recommended. Massages also help in breaking the fast and then heat given after massages tends to melt the fats, which is accumulated in the body of fat person.

Apart from removing fats this therapy aims at controlling the hunger. But obvious less calorie intake will force the body to burn the fat deposits and as a result the person starts loosing the weight. In an effort to loose weight cut down your calorie intake and increase your workouts.

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