8 Amazing landscape destinations Photographer should visit

8 Amazing landscape destinations Photographer should visit

Amazing landscape destinations: Every travel photographer has his or her bucket list of locations they dream of photographing one day. For some the list is five places, for others there are hundreds of places. Even though you’re after the landscape, animals or culture, there are plenty of stunning and inspirational destinations all over the world just waiting to be explored and captured. Landscape photography can be very rewarding if you’re willing to travel and to hike to the right place.

Some of the amazing destinations are:

El Chalten, Argentina is famous for lakes, rivers, mountains, glaciers and much more. This landscape is a paradise for every photographer. No wonder photographer from all over the world keeps visiting this location over and over again.

Amazing landscape destinations
Amazing landscape destinations

Iceland is a place which having mild temperatures for its latitude, realty’s untouched landscape and a small population. You won’t have to go far to find open spaces since Iceland is the perfect environment for taking great photos.

White Sands National Monument:

This unique place feature sand dunes composed of Gypsum crystals, giving it the white appearance.  Plan your shoot accordingly as this place closes anytime because of the testing of the missile.

Antelope canyon, USA:

Tts incredible how powerful nature is and what it can create. Antelope Canyon is situated in Arizona is one of the most spectacular clot canyons of the world. The colours and the shape of this place are unbelievable and it offers many photos opportunities.

Paulose is an agricultural land with rolling hills and fields that are constantly changing colours through four distinct seasons and great weather provide incredible picture opportunities around south-eastern Washington and North Idaho. Popular spots include Steptoe Buttle and Palouse falls.

The Falkland Island British overseas territory:

Barren island, rugged terrain with the cliff lined coast and in spite of this uninviting description, the Falkland Island is teeming with abundant wildlife and it has its own charm where you can experience a personal encounter with a small colon of breeding king penguins.

Boab Tree, Kimberly, Australia:

Unusual, striking shapes draped with brilliant green colour during the wet season stark leafless branches during the dry harsh summers. This iconic Boab tree in Kimberley is one of the most visited destinations in Australia.

Gasadalur, Faroe Islands:

At the edge of a tall cliff overlooking the sea there are many tiny village of Gasadalur. Of all the waterfalls this one is definitely one of the most stunning. The place is breathtaking and extremely photogenic.

Oregon coast:

A beautiful coastline with temperamental weather. You’ll find great beaches and photographic locations like Haystack rock for amazing sunset photos and seascapes.

 Mt. Cook New Zealand

Mt. Cook New Zealand is the highest mountain and a great location for landscape photographer. The whole drive to get there is pretty scenic but when you reach it and get on the trails more wonders awaits you.

Great Wall of China

There’s a reason the Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Pictures don’t give it enough justice. This site is something beyond expectations. There are many pathways you can choose from to photograph. The Jinshanling section is one of the best. Don’t miss the beautiful site of the sunrise on top of the wall. It’s a quiet and lovely moment for pictures as well as a life changing experience.

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Lysefjorden, Norway

Lysefjorden, Norway is famous for Preikestolen a steep flat cliff, looking down the abyss created by the fjord. It attracts thousands of visitors who want to take some impressive breathtaking pictures.

If there’s never been a better time to acquire a few photography skills. Here a selection of the most exciting photographic tours to help upgrade your holiday photos from commonplace to conversation pieces.

Amazing landscape destinations

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