These are the Amazing Summer Holiday Destinations in 2018

Amazing Summer Holiday Destinations in 2018

Amazing Summer Holiday Destinations: Summer vacations are long, hot, and humid. No wonder no one likes the summers. With the sun beating down on you, and the constant sweating, why would you like the summer vacations anyway? But, now, you have a reason to look forward to your summer vacations. Why not go to some hill station and stave off the summer heat? Sounds cool, right? Well, it is cool. The cool breezes will soothe your burning skin and feel like nirvana to you. We have compiled a list of the seven best places to visit this summer. Do check them out and try to ascertain which one will best suit you. Hope you have a non-sweaty summer!

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  1. The Manali Trance

Wrapped up in the arms of Himachal Pradesh, this city is the favourite of honeymooners and backpackers alike. Cocooned between the PirPanjal and Dhauladhar Range of the mighty Himalayas, this tiny city is the perfect destination to cool off during the summers. The exciting adventure activities, coupled with the hot water springs will compel you to book one of the numerous Manali tour packages available. So get ready to fall into a deep stupor of Manali Trance, and hurry up before the Manali tour packages run out!

  1. Mussoorie Heights

Famous for its numerous peaks and hills, Mussoorie gives you a dizzying relief from the summer heat. Surrounded by mountain ranges, hills, and waterfalls, this shimmering beauty will take away your breath in a cloud of white fog. The lush green valleys will enchant you make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. So, pack your bag, keep a few sweatshirts and get ready to go to the Mussoorie Heights!

  1. Nymphs of Pachmarhi

A Mahabharata-level of interesting sites can be toured in this lesser-known hill-station of Madhya Pradesh. The alleged caves in which the Pandavas lived, the DraupadiKund, and the most famous, Apsara Falls, will keep you away from the summer heat, and keep your interest piqued. So, get ready to glimpse the nymphs of Pachmarhi!

  1. Mallu Munnar

Situated in Kerala, Munnar is known for its lush green hills, tea plantations and salubrious climate. Stay in a tree house, and experience the wonders of Munnar. Sip chai and relax, while the cool breeze rustles your clothes. This ultimate rejuvenating experience will fill your summer days with bliss. So, pack your bags, board the train which will whistle you away to this cool summer retreat, and enjoy.

  1. Noddy’s Ooty

Chuk-chuk-chuk…Ooty is one of the few toy train cities of India. This cute little city is absolutely picture-perfect. Being a small hill station, it also gives you the much-needed respite from the heat of the summer. Nestled between the Nilgiri mountain range, this city has a nice army cantonment which you can visit. It also has a plethora of adventure activities to offer to the tourists. Board a bus straight to Ooty and feel the serenity of Ooty seep into your soul.

  1. Lusty Ladakh

The wonderful weather, along with the high mountain peaks, makes Ladakh the best summer destination of all times. With mountain climbing, ropeway, and many other adventurous activities, Ladakh is the best vacation spot till date. The lush, green valleys, covered with a bed of flowers is a sight for sore eyes. The hot chai and the local delicacies will warm you up instantly in the cold weather of Ladakh. With numerous tourists flocking to Ladakh every summer, you might find it difficult to find serenity, but with the help of the locals, you’ll be able to find the perfect spots for appreciating Ladakh’s beauty.

  1. Kodaikanal- Bangalore’s Paradise

It’s quite difficult for people in Bangalore to find a place to escape the sticky heat of summer. Kodaikanal, the Princess of Hill Stations, is the perfect place to go if you want to escape the summer heat. With its meadows and waterfalls, and trekking paths, this is a famous haunt for college students and families alike. Go for soothing boat rides, ride bicycles, and practice yoga when visiting this beautiful hill station. Vendors selling local delicacies are spread all over, and you’ll not find yourself wanting anything. So, what are you waiting for? This summer, book your tickets for Kodaikanal!

Amazing summer destinations

Summers are everyone’s favorite time to let off steam. So, why not go to these amazing summer destinations and do the exact same thing that you planned? Many online holiday apps have interesting tour packages for these destinations. Choose any one, or multiple, whatever catches your eye and escape the summer sun. Spending a small amount on summer vacation won’t harm anyone, but rather give you relief. Make sure you get your friends and family, because, haven’t you heard the age-old adage- the more, the merrier? Well then, get going. You have your train to catch, right?

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