Amazon gives front-line workers a $300 holiday bonus

An amazon warehouse

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Amazon announced on Thursday that “at the peak of the holiday season”, is offering one-time bonuses to front-line workers for sharing its appreciation for its work.

In a blog post, Amazon’s senior vice president of retail operations Dave Clarke said full-time operational employees who are employed by the company from December 1 to December 31 will receive a $ 300 bonus. Part-time workers working within the same timeframe will receive a $ 150 bonus.

“I’ve been on Amazon for 22 holiday seasons and it’s definitely unique,” Clarke said. “I am grateful to our teams, who play an important role in serving their communities.”

Amazon said it would spend more than $ 500 million on one-time vacation payments. In June, Amazon spent $ 500 million on a “Thank You” bonus for front-line employees who continued to operate amid the coronovirus epidemic.

The company has spent billions of dollars since March on coronovirus-related investments, including pay raises, safety gear and enhanced cleaning measures, as well as building testing capabilities. Amazon released temporary overtime pay and double overtime pay at the height of the epidemic, but both of those incentives expire in June.

Since then, warehouse workers have expressed disappointment that their dangerous pay cuts are being made as the epidemic persists and they still face health and safety risks in the workplace. In October, Amazon revealed that more than 19,000 of its front-line workers in the US contracted coronaviruses between March 1 and September 19.

Amazon defended its decision to phase out pay increases and double overtime pay, saying these payments were announced by premium online orders to “help meet the increased demand”, which has since stabilized .

Retailers, including Walmart and Target, have also paid bonuses to their employees, as the holiday shopping season progresses.

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