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An analysis of Indian women’s health

Indian Women’s Health: We all are aware of the fact that how important is health for everybody. If wealth is lost nothing is lost, but if, health is lost everything is lost. Search for the hard truth which lies behind this old belief.  Is health that important? This weighty question has many replies as the health means differently to everybody. To some it may be a zero size figure or to others it might be staying fit and active. Reason can be any, but the fact remains the same.

Indian Women's Health
Indian Women’s Health

How does a female feel when she falls ill? Nobody realizes the hidden truth, the endless sufferings which a female undergoes, all the work comes to an end, and she is the only one who knows where the shoe pinches. That endless suffering we feel to our pulses when we fall ill. At that time she feels isolated, depressed and being a human being, she suffers a lot. That is the dangerous time which tells her that she should do something about her health and as far as her fitness track is concerned, it’s almost negligible.

Reasons for not doing a regular exercise

Household works

Her life revolves around her family and children. She will do anything and everything for her family even at the cost of her health. Her household works will keep her whole occupied day long without giving a minute for herself. Precisely a specimen of a devoted lady born to serve husband and children


The cause of this negligence somewhat exists in her house itself. She never saw her mother taking care of herself. Past research will show that mothers hardly got time for their own, as the maximum part of the day are spent on the taking care of children, in-laws and husband. They say a child learns at home, then how a girl will learn exercising when she has not seen her mother doing so. So infused with simple attachment the health importance takes a back seat.


Apart from the household atmosphere, laziness is another factor which stops her from getting involved in regular workouts. To her sitting in front of a TV appears more enjoyable than doing physical exercises. After all, those dramas are so full of lavish clothes and jewelry. She can’t resist the charm of such attractive makeup, jewelry or beautiful actress working in the serials.


Physical or mental illness is good enough to keep her away from exercise. If she is not physically well, then she can’t think of doing yoga.

Dual responsibility

If the Indian woman is working in the office, you can’t expect her to do a regular exercise. As she totaly tired at the end of the day, so she hardly left with any energy to do yoga.


The kind of a circle, a woman, lives in very many effects her training plan out. The personal opinions of the family members and friends act as a hindrance in her path of gaining total fitness. These kinds of peoples do not do any exercise and keep de-motivating the females who even wish to do so.


There is a perfect example which Indian women should keep in her mind is that, stay with the people you want to become like. If she wants to gain fitness, then she should make friends of her likings. Mostly fitness seekers should form a priority on her friend’s list. They will help her in getting back not only into the track of total fitness but will also help her with their workouts and diet plans.

Presently when an Indian woman has unleashed the cover of housewife and emerging in a new avatar of homemaker has indeed doubled her responsibilities. Education had played a vital role in her life and helped her to find the pathway to living happy and healthy life. She is getting aware of her individuality and shedding the old rituals to adapt new environment. She is trying to break out that stereotype image of herself and emerging as a new transformed character which is different from the past.

There are few lifestyles diseases which come across her way in the path of life. To name some are

High blood pressure

Blood pressure is commonly known as BP is a common health problem with which a maximum number of people fights women especially. Blood pressure is the diseases which she suffers from in her mid-age. 80/120 is average BP of all the people but any rise above then this is regarded as hypertension. 90/130 is the state of prehypertension and crossing this deadline, is like an alarming sound which is telling her to take care of it.

Type 2 diabetes

Out every three women, one is suffering from this diseases. Type 2 diabetes is the condition in which the body is not able to utilize the carbohydrates. It gives rise to heart disease, organ damage and she may become a victim of some other dangerous conditions.

High cholesterol

In this health problem the blood of the victim thickens, and ultimately heart has to work out to pump the blood. It overloads the heart with increased pumping. Female suffering from cholesterol is at risk of developing heart diseases along with a heart attack.


Negligence in the health insurance eventually results in acquiring fats on the body. The excess weight than normal BMI is considered as overweight. She should keep her weight under the standard BMI which can be calculated with the help of a simple formula = weight/height squared in meters. Any woman whose BMI falls under 25, she is regarded as fit and BMI ranging between 25-29 is overweight and crossing the limit of 30 will make her belong to the category of overweight (Obese).

Hormonal disbalance

This is another health problem with which almost every woman struggles with. The symptoms are hot flashes, irregular periods, excessive blood flow and mood swing.

These are few lifestyles diseases from which an Indian woman suffers. At first instance, it comes to her as a shocking wave, shatters her down when she falls ill. The life is not the same always. It is not a bed of roses. It shows many ups and downs to everybody and even teaches lessons. If women keep ignoring her health problems, she will soon fall seriously ill. The children and husband busy in their lives are unable to look after her. Most probably even she won’t prefer a disturbed life because of her sickness.

There are many minor steps which Indian women can adapt to keep her fit and healthy. To start with –

Be your boss

There are numerous household works which she can do personally without looking for help from the maids. After all, maids are human beings like her, and just a single thought about these maids can motivate females to work independently? If a maid can do your work, then why can’t you? A true reply will undoubtedly, inspire every woman to start working.

Not-to-mention, an Indian woman who fails to perform household works, tends to fall ill as compared to the ladies who play their household works. The ladies who work at home has shown the decreased ratio of falling ill. Doing household work is not for saving money, but it is essentials for their physical health maintenance.

Most of the Indian women fall ill during their mid-age, i.e., in the age slot of 35-50. The reason behind this is due to hormonal disbalance. In other words, you may refer it as awakening call from the God informing her that she should now get serious about her health.

Plan your work

Planning plays a significant role in organizing different tasks. If the Indian woman plans her daily household chores and finishes them on time then no wonder she will be able to steal few minutes for herself. She can utilize this time in doing some healthy exercises.

Take help

Like all other human beings, she is also a living being who gets tired and need some rest. For this, she should try to distribute the household work among the family members. She assigns the small tasks like watering plants to the children and asking in laws to fetch a child from the school or buy vegetables and grocery items from the market. Assigning bill payments to the husband is another good option in squeezing spare time for herself.


Like exercise is necessary for the physical health; meditation is good for mental health. She should meditate daily for grabbing positivity in the life. Undoubtedly meditation will help her to remain calm under stressful situations as well.

Develop a hobby

Hobby plays a significant role in cracking down the boredom of the life. Life is short no wonder, but it does give you time to spend doing works of your choice. Firstly steal some time from your busy schedule with the help of proper planning and coordination. Engage yourself in enjoying any of your hobbies. Best of all is the reading which provides enough information and motivates people to get aware of the health and their fitness level.

By following these few tricks, Indian women can keep her free from diseases and can look after her family more efficiently. Needless to say that if Indian women follow a fitness track, most of these problems and diseases can be controlled or easily look after. Her fitness track should include a combination of cardio and other exercises.  Not-to-mention that before starting any exercises it’s better to consult a doctor.

Here are few tips that would keep her healthy and fit


Simply walking can help in keeping many health problems aside. Brisk walking and running will assist in keeping her weight under control. She should walk 80 steps in a minute to grab the benefit of walking. This will undoubtedly keep her more energetic and active during the whole day if she goes for a walk daily early morning.


Even Yoga plays a significant role in keeping Indian women fit and beautiful. There are many asanas which are helping Indian woman to procure their beauty and health. Yoga has helped the famous Bollywood actress to maintain their beauty and fitness.

Herbal tea

Mostly people fall ill when the toxins get deposited in their body. India enriched with so many herbs and medicinal plants where there is the abundance of natural things which facilitates the health then why should not they think of adding them to their daily life. Green tea is an excellent example of detoxifying the body from harmful radicals.

Breathing techniques

There are many breathing techniques which help to maintain the healthy life and keeping Indian women free from diseases. Anuloam- Siloam, Kapalbhati, are two standard breathing techniques which assist in maintaining weight and blood pressure under control.

Looking after herself

It is another positive step which she can invest in her family look after. If she is healthy, then she will be able to take care of her family and children more actively. She will not need anybody’s help in looking after her because she will seldom fall ill. Moreover, her children will learn this fitness mantra from her.

Healthy diet

Apart from all things mentioned above, she should give equal importance to her food. She should eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables, roughage and fibers. Drinking toned milk is another good option which will meet her calcium requirement and will assist in her weight loss program as well.

Best of all is the combo of healthy diet and half an hour exercise 5 days a week. This much is enough to keep an Indian lady fit and beautiful. To follow a fitness track, it’s not at all necessary that she should go to the Gym and perform those heavy workouts there. She should understand the simple phenomena of keeping her weight under control because increased pressure is the cause of all health problems.

To gain fitness, she should know how much calories she should consume and how much calories she should burn while aiming the target of complete fitness. The easiest way of calculating a correct amount of calories intake is to multiply the age by 30. That is the daily calorie requirement of a woman. With the aim of shedding extra calories, she should cut down her calorie intake and should do workouts to drop further the tag of being fat.

The fitness mantra for Indian women starts with 3…2…1. Where three stands for three meals, two stands for healthy snacks in between the meals and one is for water requirement.

It may appear hard at first instance but believe me follow it regularly for 21 days and soon you will develop it as a habit. Now No looking back, grab that fitness which you deserve and is waiting for you in the years to come. Stay focus, determined and stick to the target. Soon the positive signs will become visible transforming a female into new smart Indian women, where there is no place for extra fat deposits and diseases.

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