An Introduction to Buying and Installing BR111 Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

BR111 Brazilian Cherry comes to you from the largest exotic wood flooring manufacturer in the country. This particular flooring option is solid and is part of the Indusparquet line available in different thicknesses. These items are also popular because they are very smooth and look very velvety in appearance.

The Brazilian cherry BR111 is precisely designed and will prove to be very sophisticated and will also provide a very shiny appearance to your rooms and home. You have the choice between two different entry level products which are very solid and also perfectly designed. If you go with the thinnest version available with sixteenths of an inch thickness, you will not be able to refine it and therefore it is worth checking the Triangulo variety which is more solid and which also provides the right amount of thickness.

The Brazilian cherry BR111 is an exotic variety and faces the competition of the Teak finish and also of the Santos mahogany versions. In most cases, these items are solid and even a bit more expensive, although you can choose to buy the thinner versions that also provide as much uniqueness as the more solid ones.

Before purchasing these hardwood floors, you must first navigate through a lot of information, including price information. In fact, when looking at prices, it is easy to get confused because stores generally do not provide list prices due to the fact that these prices change very often.

The bottom line is that when you buy Brazilian cherry, you may be confused by the square footage which represents only the actual amount of hardware flooring material you will need to purchase. There are also other prices that need to be taken into consideration, such as the stapling and / or nailing costs that are often needed when having wood subfloors.

Another concern for you in creating Brazilian cherry wood floors is if you can perform the installation work yourself or if it requires professional installation. If you go online to buy Brazilian cherry wood floors, you may have the impression that you can install it yourself.

This is true to a certain extent because if you plan to use wood flooring in one room, installation is easy on your own. However, when it comes to installing hardwood floors throughout the home, it will be quite difficult to do it yourself. So, you should be a little careful about all the hype that is spread by the online sites that just want you to buy their products and therefore they will make you believe that there is nothing to do the installation yourself.

The best option is to allow a professional to install your expensive Brazilian cherry wood floor. This way you are assured that the difficult part can be managed professionally and you will be spared some breaking efforts.


by Marco Bryne

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