Analyze these points while choosing your life partner

Analyse these points while choosing your life partner.

Choosing Life Partner When two people meet they are strangers but when they interact with each other, they become friends. Sometimes their friendship converts into a relationship. Thus, they decide to get married but before jumping into the decision of marriage one should keep these tips in mind.

Choosing Life Partner

of income

We need money in all aspects of life to meet necessary requirements, so it’s necessary to know the income your partner is earning. Moreover, he/she should have complete knowledge of his/her workplace, his designation and his further chances of promotion. If he is into a business, then you should know whether it’s a joint business or he is the sole owner. What are his rights and responsibilities as a businessman?



Another major factor which one should consider before jumping into the decision of getting married is to check the age –gap. The mental level of the person concerned should adequately meet. This doesn’t mean that they both should be of the same age. Whereas 3-5 years gap is the most appropriate between the partners. If the age difference is more than ten years, then the partners tend to face many health problems in future.


wedlock is a responsibility and not an entertainment

On a wedding day, two people turn out into matured individuals overnight. Marriage calls for sharing of responsibilities. With so many things attached to the wedding and of course two families are involved too. Partners have expectations from each other and besides enjoying married life they have to take up many responsibilities which come across on the path of living together. Choice of the partner must depend on how responsible a person is.


Traditional values.

Though your partner is going to stay with you for rest of life it is necessary that you should know about his/her family rituals. Their family backs ground and their future consideration. All these things help them in settling and adjusting in their respective families.


Health and fitness.

All the people presently search for necessary requirements in their partners. The issue of health is ignored altogether. Whereas being practical and go for necessary medical examination of the partners, for example, blood test and test for HIV before fastening into everlasting wedlock. This will very much help the partners to live a happy married life.



It is another factor which the people should look upon. There is much cause which brims up to a clash after marriage. To avoid many things, both of them should know each other’s lifestyle. As to what your partner thinks about the woman and elder people? Does he respect them? What are his plans for children? How serious is he about his career? So on and so forth. At first instance, it may not matter but once they get married all these things becomes major issues.



Besides these points, one should know that how mature your partner is. There are always rumors about the extra-marital affairs. Mature partner will definitely try to find the truth behind such rumors. He will never judge his/her partner with other’s point of view. They will try to find the truth patiently.

Needless to say these useful guidelines are not enough. But one has to go through all those points which often results in breakups. Take your time in choosing a right partner in your life and live a happy life. Though to err is human and to forgive is humanity.

There is no set rule for successful wedding life. Although, love, faith and understanding can make two different people live happily ever after.

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