Ancient structures and treasures in Turkey

Ancient structures and treasures in Turkey

There could be many things in the world around that will fascinate you. However, looking at what Turkey has to offer, especially on the world of architecture. There is nothing as intriguing as what you are about to learn from this rich in culture central European country. To that end, there are a number fascinating structures that have seen many visitors come to this highly diversified country. You too will be moved to see these treasures:

Celsus Library:

  • This is one of the moving structures ever constructed in history. The library was put up in memory of the then Roman senator Julius Celsus.
  • The senator later died and was buried beneath the library just at the doorstep. It was believed that the construction of the structure started at around 117 AD, and it took about 20 years for completion.
  • Initially, it was scheduled to accommodate approximately 12,000 scrolls. The library was put up in memory of the then Roman senator Julius Celsus.
  • Though in later years following the construction, a fire broke out in the area and destroyed the interior of the library leaving it with no book.
  • The library rebuilt later and now, the interior part can always remind you of ancient

Bookkeeping technology.

Ancient structures and treasures in Turkey
Ancient structures and treasures in Turkey

St. Peter’s Castle:

  • This is a monument of its own.This structure put up many years ago will always remain to be the tourist attraction of the Turkish people.
  • When contemplating where to visit this holiday, give your priority to this castle that has long been associated with income generating spot to the natives.
  • Besides, it can give you a chance to explore what happens in and around where it sits. There are many stores around the castle sell jewelry.

Amphitheater in Miletus:

  • This is 25,000-seat amphitheaters that have rested here over time. Since the beginning of 2nd century BC, the theater has been hosting major events both local and international.
  • Turkish and Greek scholars have given their talks and public speeches from a podium in this theater. It is one of the structures you cannot miss seeing during your visit to Turkey.
  • The beautiful serene of Aegean coast where the theater lies is so comfortable and attractive for many who visit Miletus.

 Basilica cistern:

  • In the whole of Constantinople, now Istanbul, Basilica cistern is the largest built in what was originally called the Sarayburnu Peninsula, the cistern design is amazing.
  • The place in which then cistern now sits is said to have contained beautiful gardens. That supplied food and vegetables to the king and the rest of his palace members. So, the cistern was used as a manner to filter water for the king and his servants.
  • The construction of Basilica cistern, involved around 7,000 slaves as directed by the king. In later years, Emperor Justinian enlarged the cistern to accommodate more water.

White Bridge:

This 4th-century bridge constructed by Romans will remain to be a perfect reminder of the ancient technology. The bridge crosses over River Granicus and connects the road to Gallipoli in Mysia town.

Visitors from other European countries come here using a Turkey visa to see this bridge.

Of course, there are other bridges in the whole of Turkey built with the same high-quality standards.

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