Andy Murray predicts tennis will be ‘one of the last sports to get back to normality’

Andy Murray predicts tennis will be ‘one of the last sports to get back to normality’

The tennis schedule has been severely disrupted by the spread of Covid-19, with Wimbledon canceled, the French Open postponed to September and US Open officials “monitoring the situation”.

International travel has stopped to slow the spread of the virus and due to the global footprint of the industry, Murray, triple grand slam winner, thinks that tennis fans will have to wait to watch their beloved sport.

Andy Murray predicts tennis will be
Andy Murray predicts tennis will be
“If you took the French Open, let’s say things have improved in Europe, but there are some countries that may still have problems,” Murray told CNN. Christina Macfarlane.

“Let’s say it was still a problem in South America, for example, and that France did not allow flights from South America or certain countries.

“And then you have a tournament where people or players from a certain continent or country are not allowed to participate. I think the tournament loses.”

Murray added that we must feel as if “the whole world is functioning normally and traveling normally” again before tennis can return, “especially the big competitions.”

Do more

Having observed the speed with which the virus spread in Great Britain without being able to test all the cases, Murray is not sure that he too was infected.

“I was a little sick for two or three days about four weeks ago. So in fact, before the quarantine started, I was sort of isolating for four or five days” explained Murray.

“Most of the people I’ve talked to have had symptoms and felt a little sick, but it’s pretty hard to tell if you actually got the virus or not. And, obviously, the test should be kept for people who are in serious situations and the front line workers of the NHS in this country. ”

In the absence of competitions, the athletes’ income was affected. Georgian tennis player Sofia Shapatava recently launched an online petition requesting financial assistance from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for players who are struggling to pay the bills, which more than 2,000 people have signed up for.

While admitting that “the best 60-70s in the world will be fine”, Murray believes that the distribution of funds to help players who are struggling should be “examined”.

“The players ranked 250-300 around the world, it’s going to be really, really difficult for them,” said Murray, who is currently ranked 129. “And I think in the past few years there have been improvements and changes, but probably not enough.

“Sometimes you see the price check for the Grand Slam winner. And it’s like, I don’t know what it is exactly, but something like $ 4 million. And could that money be better used and spent elsewhere in previous rounds or qualifying draws or perhaps used to develop some of the smaller events? ”

Frustrating moment

A hip problem forced Murray to miss nearly a year, and in January 2019 the Scotsman cried at a press conference when he said he intended to retire because of the injury, to play doubles at Wimbledon later that same year.

The former No. 1 world goal was to return to the Miami Open in March before it was canceled.

“I was training to prepare for this and it was going to be a good test. I was in good shape and I felt pretty strong,” said Murray.

In the absence of tennis, Murray isolated himself in Surrey, near London, with his wife and three children.

In addition to making calls on Instagram live with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, the double winner of Wimbledon makes up for the experiences he missed during his trips to international tennis tournaments.

“When you travel, you often miss (events) like the first time your children walk, crawl and things like that,” he said. “We had bikes for our kids and they basically rode bikes for the first time on their own.

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“They did a little swimming without hanging on to their mom or dad for the first time and things like that which, they may seem like little things, but for a parent, they are not. ”

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