Antivirus masks: fashion runs to production

Antivirus masks: fashion runs to production

Gucci, Prada and many others are the companies that have taken steps to produce antivirus masks. Also, protective gowns, intended for healthcare facilities engaged in the fight against coronavirus.

Among the first to mobilize the company Miroglio, which already a week ago had announced the conversion of a part of the production to new use, to make the notorious masks, essential to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Antivirus masks: fashion runs to production
Antivirus masks: fashion runs to production

In response to the appeal of the Tuscany Region, Gucci which announced the supply of 1,100,000 masks and 55,000 gowns made by its supply chain. To the same announcement, he replied Prada, which will provide 110,000 masks and 80,000 gowns to healthcare personnel by April 6, with daily delivery directly from the Perugia factory, temporarily converted to the production of support for the fight against coronavirus.

The production of masks in Italy

Baldinini has decided to make its contribution by converting part of its production plants to the realization of surgical masks. The protection devices, in line with the indications contained in the government decree “Cura Italia”, will be donated, first of all, to employees and their families, and then to the police, in the municipalities of San Mauro Pascoli and Savignano sul Rubicone , committed to the front line to guarantee social containment measures.

Starting on Monday 23 March, Calzedonia has converted some of its factories to the production of masks and gowns. The conversion was possible through the purchase of special machinery for the creation of a semi-automatic line, and by training the staplers to the new type of production. This new structure will allow the production of 10,000 masks per day in the initial phase, with the possibility of an increase in the coming weeks.
The first masks were donated to the Verona hospital and to the municipality of Verona.

Carlo Pignatelli it has taken steps to make its contribution to support the health system and has decided to convert part of its production network for the creation of protective masks, essential to avoid the spread of Covid-19. The protective devices, made in the tailor’s shop in Turin, will be donated free of charge to local bodies that can distribute them to the community of the Piedmontese capital.

Fabi, historic Marche shoe factory founded in 1965, has always had a strong with the territory and in these days of health emergency has decided to convert a business branch to create protective masks, reusable after disinfection, and donate them to the community. A message that demonstrates how the Italian footwear sector is also at the forefront of this emergency through concrete help to the Marche, one of the most affected regions of central Italy.

Hide & Jack has made 10,000 disposable filter masks available, available free of charge on the brand’s website. “The situation is still critical at the moment and for this reason we have decided to help as much as we can by giving a now fundamental support in daily life”, said brothers Alberto and Nicola Franceschi.

HUI has donated 10,000 face masks and 200 protective face shields to the Civil Protection Department of the Municipality of Milan to support doctors, nurses, researchers and volunteers committed to fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Les Copains he responded to the appeal of the institutions by making available the company’s plants and res in the production of filter masks inside the production plant in Bologna. Made of washable fabric, they are intended for companies in the Emilia region that carry out basic necessities, such as food and pharmacies.

Moorer has supplied over 1.5 million masks, including the ffp2, ffp3 and surgical types, as well as 250,000 disposable gowns and 15,000 waterproof coveralls cleared through customs by a long list of Italian public utility bodies. The brand has converted the entire production of the Jan Mayen line in China and part of the MooRER production center in Italy in the creation of protective devices. Among the beneficiaries of the donation: Ats Bergamo and Brescia, Italian Red Cross, several Lombard municipalities, rest homes, hospitals and pharmacological and research institutes.

Pellemoda is Hostage have started the production of 100,000 masks and gowns intended for health associations of the Municipality of Empoli, including the S. Giuseppe Hospital and the Civil Protection of Empoli. The Tuscan company says it is ready to make masks and gowns for anyone who requests it at this time of national urgency.

The Paduan group Plissè, has decided to make its res available in the production of operating theater masks and gowns. It is estimated that in the first week the company will be able to donate about 15,000 masks and 1,000 gowns to the local ASL and has already accepted many requests from local companies, which will be able to buy the products at cost price.

Redstone, the Chinese luxury group, responded to the request of the Santarelli Foundation in Rome by bringing 20,000 masks from China, with the help of the Italian Civil Protection. In addition, with the coordination of the Italian Consulate in China, Redstone continues to send thousands of masks (so far 100,000) to Italy, intended for the Italian Red Cross and partly for the employees of the group brands: Curiel, Gabriele Colangelo, Giada.

Safilo launches a global initiative to respond to the Covid-19 emergency in the countries where the Group operates, including Italy. The factories of Santa Maria di Sala and Bergamo have been partially converted to the production of protective masks and face shields intended for Italian hospitals in difficulty. The first batch of 10,000 pieces will be distributed among the structures of Bergamo, Seriate, Padua, Latina and Brescia. The Italian initiative bears the colors of Carrera, in the elastic band of the protection masks. Similar actions were carried out in Spain with eyewear Polaroid and, in the United States, with the brand Smith.

Stefano Ricci he donated 1 million surgical masks and 10 respirators to Italian hospitals. Thanks to the collaboration with the Lyu family and the logistical support of Apogeo, the Florentine company is supporting the health structures involved in the fight against Covid-19 in Italy and in other countries around the world.

UNIQLO donated 1 million masks to the municipality of Milan and 400 ULD duvets to volunteers who serve in the city. The donation is aimed at hospitals, municipal operators and volunteers active in the area. “We want to return the warm welcome and support that the Milanese have shown at UNIQLO in its first year in Milan, and express our gratitude by helping the city,” said Kohsuke Kobayashi, Chief Operating Officer of UNIQLO Italy.

The group Zegna has started production of 280,000 protective gowns for medical and hospital staff. A part of the production lines of the group’s factories has been converted to produce 250,000 gowns for the Piedmont Region and 30,000 gowns for the Canton of Ticino, to respond to the urgency. The operation was possible thanks to the collaboration between the Zegna Group, the Zegna Foundation, the Piedmont Region and the Canton of Ticino. The non-woven fabric used for the coats was produced by Pratrivero SpA, a company based in Biella.

Companies engaged in the world

Balenciaga is Saint Laurent, of the Kering group, have announced that they will produce 3 million masks for the French; another 40 million have been promised by the luxury giant LVMH (10 million per week).

Also Burberry joins the global effort to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, dedicating its res to supporting people affected by the disease and preventing new infections. Leveraging its global supply chain, it works to facilitate the delivery of surgical masks, protective masks and gowns to medical staff and patients in the UK. In addition, it is converting the factory that produces trench coats in Castleford, Yorkshire to produce clothing and protective masks for patients. In parallel, it is funding the research for a single-dose vaccine developed by the University of Oxford.

Chanel e Dior, both engaged in the production of masks. The maison headed by Maria Grazia Chiuri has announced that it has reopened the Redon ateliers thanks to a team of volunteer seamstresses involved in the production of new masks. According to the New York Times, Chanel he would have started the production of masks and gowns for healthcare personnel in France.

The promise made by H & M, which to help tackle the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, is reorganizing its entire supply chain to produce personal protective equipment for hospitals and healthcare professionals around the world.

Alpargatas has temporarily converted the factories Havaianas to produce 250,000 N95 masks to donate to public health personnel in Brazil. In addition, the company will donate 18,000 pairs of shoes, suitable for hospital environments, to São Paulo health workers, made in the Havaianas factories. In Italy Alpargatas has announced its participation in the “stronger TOGETHER” fundraising activated by the Sant’Orsola Foundation in Bologna, in support of health workers and hospitals in the city.

HUGO BOSS it has dedicated its production facilities in Germany to the manufacture of face masks and has also converted its conference rooms into workshops with sewing machines and related equipment. The brand has made it known that it will also soon start producing protective clothing to further support the fight against the pandemic. The items produced will be donated to public facilities in the coming weeks.

LOEWE he donated 100,000 surgical masks to the Spanish Red Cross. At the same time, the brand has converted part of its production to create non-surgical masks for the community: primarily for LOEWE volunteers and employees. In addition, with a donation of € 500,000, the brand is supporting the development of educational projects for children and adolescents in Spain through Plataforma de Infancia; an additional € 40 will be added to the initial donation for each purchase made on from May to August 2020.

Thanks to volunteer craftsmen Louis Vuitton announces the reopening of the French ateliers converted to the production of hundreds of thousands of non-surgical protective masks. The masks will be donated to healthcare professionals involved in the management of the coronavirus emergency in France.

Mango announced the donation of 2 million masks to Spanish hospitals. The distribution, following the directions of the Ministry of Health, will be done through the brand’s logistics network to reach the structures most committed to fighting coronavirus throughout Spain.

Miss Sixty is supporting the health emergency in Italy and a first batch of 10,000 KN95 masks have already been sent directly from the Miss Sixty headquarters in Guangzhou, China. Once arrived in Italy, they will be distributed to the Italian Civil Protection to try to stem the infections and help fight the spread of the virus.

New Balance has converted part of its production to the development of general purpose masks. The goal is to create up to 100,000 pieces per week in the brand’s factories in the USA. In progress with production, the company is improving the design and materials used to meet the requirements of the FDA and to create a product that can also be used by medical personnel deployed on the front line. In addition, the brand’s research and development team is studying protective equipment such as clothes and shoe linings.

A team of volunteers Petit Bateau – of the Rocher Group – in coordination with other textile industrial activities in the French department of Aube, it is manufacturing protective masks for the health authority that supervises regional needs. Weekly production has reached 5,000 masks per day.

Europe and the United States are at the heart of the initiative launched by Sandro. The company is producing 10,000 washable and reusable masks for non-medical hospital staff: agents, technical service workers and administrative and social staff. In addition, in collaboration with local health authorities, every Friday Sandro will offer a breakfast to the hospital staff of the most affected structures in Madrid, Paris, London, Berlin and New York.

Supima decided to offer its contribution to deal with the COVID-19 emergency, distributing fabrics to students who participated in the various editions of the SUPIMA DESIGN COMPETITION, to sew disposable masks and gowns intended for health workers and organizations engaged in the front line in New York.

From the beginning of March Wolford it has arrived in the production of masks for its employees and consumers. The masks are washable and therefore reusable over and over again, made of high-quality, double-layer breathable fabric with a water-repellent “anti-drop” finish. Most of the masks will be distributed free of charge to employees in the areas most affected by the pandemic, a limited number can be purchased on Wolford’s e-commerce and the proceeds will be donated to the local health structures of each purchasing market. Together with a task force formed by several textile companies in Vorarlberg in Austria, the brand is also active in the production of 200,000 masks for hospitals and medical offices. Furthermore, as a brand of Fosun International Limited, Wolford is involved in the Global Anti-virus Relief Scheme, for the distribution and donation of medical supplies to many countries in the world including Italy.

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