Anybody who wishes to live a happy life

Anybody who wishes to live a happy life

Happy HouseThere is no set formula for positivity; it’s just the need of hour. Anybody who wishes to live a happy life will definitely find out s of positivity. Positivity is not a medicine which a human being can buy from out s. It lies in between us. In short keep looking at the brighter sides and never give up. God always hold something good for you. Just wait for the right time.

Hopefulness starts with the rising sun which imparts the meaning of life and charging people with enough strength and courage to perform their day to day activities. There was a time when I felt heart broken after a bad day in the office. How can I forget when all my work went wrong starting from the beginning of the day?

How can I forget that day when I went to catch my office cab at the nearest designated place? I waited for few minutes and then I realized that my cab has left before I reached there. Hurriedly I catch an autoricshaw who charged me double than the usual fare. That was quite annoying, but I have no choice. Some how I managed to reach office on time.

 That was not the end of my bad fate rather it was a beginning. I was suddenly called up by my boss into his cabin. He needed explanation of all the wrong work I did the day before. I was speechless as according to me my work was accurate, but in fact it was not. I started feeling pain in my head and apologized for my work. I assured my boss to rectify the errors by mid day and went back to my seat.

 My boss gave me the deadline till the lunch break. I couldn’t cope up with the errors due to that severe headache. At the lunch time my boss enquired about the task and I was again thunderstruck. I wished the day to end up early but neither my work now day favor me that day. Both were trying their best to over rule me. When I couldn’t work out I planned to leave the office.

 I left office with anger and scolding and reached home where my two toddlers were anxiously waiting for me. As soon as I reached home they rushed towards me and encircled me with their tiny and thin arms. They planted a kiss on my cheeks and that was enough for me to relieve from my whole day sufferings.

 That moment I realized that work is not the only aim of the life. There is much more in life which we need to cherish and enjoy. Innocent children offered me food with their tiny hands and their act filled my eyes with tears. I thanked God for blessing me with cute and innocent children. They bring back ray of hope in my life.

 To further calm down my day’s suffering, children told me funny fables which brought smile to my face and undoubtedly I began laughing with them which took away the turmoil of my hard day. Soon I forget my hard day. All those tiny acts filled me with more enthusiasm for the days to come in life.

 Their smile appeared just like a rainbow after a hard and troublesome rainfall. I forget my entire day of suffering and get filled up with more enthusiasm and energy for the next day. Needless to say I was more recharged next day ready enough to face the difficult situation and challenges of the life.

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