Are you struggling with that extra fat on your belly?

Are you struggling with that extra fat on your belly?

Extra fat Weight gain not only increases the body weight but also give rise to many health problems. Weight reduction is often misunderstood with inch loss. Both are different things and affect the body differently. People who are overweight face problems like depression, cancer, diabetes and heart problems. All these health problems leave a negative effect on our body and mind both.

Extra belly fat

The weight of the person should be according to his/ her height and fall under the BMI. If sometimes the person is unable to lose weight, they should try to shed inches from the entire body to stay fit and enjoy healthy life. Those tyre muscles not only give the plumpy look, but are also responsible for health tribulations. Follow these simple yet effective rules to shed off those extra inches resting on the stomach’s surface.

To start up with inch loss one should mentally prepare himself and follow the plan strictly. No health workouts are effective until and unless followed regularly and strictly according to the advisory. This will help in reducing 2 inches from your thighs, belly and hips, if followed strictly for 6 weeks. No worries of those tight jeans now. Shape your body accordingly and fit yourself into those tight, but slim jeans.

Sit on your heels.

Hold a weight approximately 1 kg in your both hands. Stretch your arms in front and sit on your heels for a few minutes or till you can easily sit. In starting don’t try to over burden yourself. Start with easy and comfortable way, but increase the time slowly and gradually.


Leg lifts:

Put your hand down and balance your body weight on arms and knees. Hold the similar weight in your left hand and move it sideways and at the same time lift your right leg at the level of your torso. Keep it these for a few seconds and then return the leg and arm to their normal position. Repeat with the other hand and opposite leg. 20 repeats are advisable to gain the maximum benefit from these workouts.


Grab weight.

Stand in a position where the left foot is slightly in front of right foot. Grasp 3- pound weight in both hands, arms at your side and palms facing forward. Drop your right foot towards the floor and front knee slightly over the ankle. Bend your shoulders up and down, holding weight and keep your arms at 90-degree angle. Return to the original position. After 20 repeats turn to other sides and repeat the exercise.


Balance your body at T.

Stretch your arms sideways while holding 3-pound weight in both hands. Tilt your body forward while slowly lifting your left leg in such a way that it is parallel to the ground and arms hanging towards the floor. Stay in the position for 5 seconds. Then, raise arms sideways to the shoulder height. Stay there for 5 seconds and slowly return to original position. 6 repeats are advisable and then follow the entire workout with the other leg.


Stretch your arms:

Stand straight with a 3-pound weight in both hands. Lift your arms up at your shoulder level with a left leg slightly at the back of the right leg. Bring your arms down at 90 degrees again stretching it straight. Repeat the workout by changing the leg. Repeat 10 times.

Last, by no means the least, these effective workouts difficult in the beginning, but once you make up your mind to strictly follow them no wonder, soon you will be able to shrink yourself to get fit into your desired jeans.

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